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Jim Toner & His Successful Real Estate Investment Methods

The real estate industry can lead you to a life of financial freedom if you know what you are doing. Unfortunately, there are a plethora of schemes and scams that are waiting to take you down. Having the ability to navigate this field takes knowledge and education. If something is too good to be true, then it most certainly is a fraud. Jim Toner, an accomplished entrepreneur, has been giving away his secrets to real estate investing success. The guy literally travels around the nation to provide vital information for aspiring individuals. His wealth-building programs may cost between $2,000 – $15,000, but they’re priceless.

This accomplished real estate investor has up to 25 years of experience, and he has become somewhat of a guru. “I’m no Donald Trump,” said Toner. Thanks to his huge success, he has become somewhat of a media sensation as he has provided some of the best tip and techniques in the game. He has appeared on numerous television networks, including CNN, and he is a motivational speaker. Making money in real estate can be tough. Aspiring individuals will need to know the best places for spotting deals. In the beginning of his ascend to the top, Toner was taken for quite a bit of money. He would soon leave the industry shortly after that, but he made a return after a friend urged him to come back.

According to, after putting in copious amounts of research, Toner began his journey to financial freedom. “Send In The Wolves” was his first best-selling book, but he would go on to write other successful publications. Unlike most real estate gurus, Toner believes in giving his trainees a first-hand approach. This approach has led to many success stories over the years. All in all, Jim Toner epitomizes real estate investing success to the highest degree. Also know how Jim Toner went from zero to millions.

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Ryan Seacrest Does not Slow Down

Ryan Seacrest born as Ryan John Seacrest on December 24, 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia is a well – known American radio personality, television host, and producer. From an early age Ryan was interested in journalism. According to an interview that his mother, Connie Seacrest conducted with the Atlanta Journal – Constitution she stated “Instead of playing with G.I. Joes or Cowboys and Indians, Ryan would always have a little microphone and do shows in the house.” While attending Dunwoody high school at the age of 16 Ryan won an internship at WSTR – FM also known as “Star 94.1”. Ryan was trained by Tom Sullivan in grasping several aspects of radio. He continued to work at WSTR – FM until graduating Dunwoody High School where Ryan then attended the University of Georgia to study journalism. At 19 Ryan jump started his broadcasting career by making the erratic decision to move to Hollywood.

In 2002 the first season of American Idol, a American competitive television series that discovers and launches the careers of talented singers was hosted by Ryan Seacrest. Soon the show increased in popularity and was being seen by 26 million views a weekly, because of this Ryan became well known around the world and he started to branch into other forms of entertainment.

Ryan, the owner of Distinction, started On Air with Ryan Seacrest originally in 2004 but was not syndicated until 2008. Broadcast syndication is the license to broadcast television and radio programs by multiple television and radio stations. On Air with Ryan soon became a nationally syndicated Top 40 radio show. The next year Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF) a non – profit organization thats main goal is to inspire today’s youth through entertainment and education.The first step that RSF took towards their goal was to build broadcast media centers, Seacrest Studios in pediatric hospitals to explore different aspects of radio, TV, and news media.

Ryan Seacrest just does not stop creating, in 2014 he opened a menswear collection that is sold exclusively in Macy’s. Ryan also began a men’s skincare line, Polished in partnership with the famed global dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer. One of Ryan’s most recent projects in Live with Kelly and Ryan is an American talk show hosted by Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. Kelly and Ryan updated the shows look by with a modern logo, modifications in the studio, and a new show opener. Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) is a creative entrepreneur that has several positions as host and does not seem to be slowing down.

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Bruce Levenson Hits it Big with the Hawks’ Sale

NBA teams are characterized by buys and sells. The role of the owners is always kept in the minimum as long as they are satisfied with the performance of the teams and continue receiving the intended benefits. A good number of the owners purchase the teams as a potential source of publicity, an issue that can boost their other business. The NBA in America is the most common sport, and many people adore the game. At the professional level, the game attracts millions of dollars, thus the serious way it is run.

Upon Bruce Levenson selling, the new owners were seen to be very optimistic that they would get substantial profits by running the business. Due to the lack of basketball management experience, they have a team of managers and coaches that play a key role in organizing and running team operations. In the Hawks case, Tony Ressler, the new owners, did not bother with changing management. The CEO and Coach continue to serve in their normal positions for the team to guarantee results and avoid the shock that could be sent to the players. Changing the coach would adjust the atmosphere and some players would need time to adjust to the demands of the new coach. On the same note, the coach would equally need time to understand the players’ personal abilities, for him to form his formidable team. The case could not be handled as the team was already preparing for another match in the bid to win the championship.

The billionaires have made buying and selling of clubs a game that makes them big money. In fact, money is the ultimate goal, and if it makes money, then it makes sense. For a typical billionaire, acquiring a club in the NBA is not much hassle, but it should be evaluated and debated by the board before a decision to buy or sell is rolled into play. The role of the board should not be underrated as it is what helps the billionaire from panic buying or selling. One may decide to sell off the club for the reason that would later reveal nothing serious. Therefore, by having a board that runs major decisions, the billionaire is safe from the chances of losing millions or even billions in a short period.

Bruce Levenson is a typical billionaire that has owned several clubs over the years. His appetite for clubs grew at a young age and when he put his hands on money, he went for the Atlanta Hawks, the Thrashers and the playground, Philips Arena. It was a good investment as the whole value of purchase for the three was $250,000. Back then in 2004, it was a fair sum as the clubs were not very successful as it is today. The club was later sold for $730 million, an amount that analysts term real money. Levenson’s role in the NBA is easy to see and he has built a name for himself and the Atlanta Hawks. He has inspired and offered all the support the team needed to succeed.

Alan Taylor Was Not Thrilled About Terminator: Genisys Spoilers

To the chagrin of many fans of The Terminator franchise, a huge plot twist was given away in the advertising campaign for the film. Instead of sitting in the theater and being surprised, shocked, and amazed upon discovering a “corrupted” John Connor becomes the film’s villain, fans learned all this by watching the trailer. The director of Terminator: Genisys, Alan Taylor, has noted he never approved of such a reveal.

He probably did not have much of a choice in the matter.

The first trailer for Terminator: Genisys was a confusing dud. Instead of getting old fans psyched and new fans interested, the trailers did little more than befuddle people. The buzz on the film was negative so the studio opted to hit the panic button. The plot twist was revealed for marketing purposes.

Taylor was probably very unhappy a major creative point in the film was given away in such a manner. This is understandable. What should also be understandable is no one benefits from a film with a negative buzz. Things had to be smoothed over with confused fans.

Have all the plot twists in the movie been given away? That we do not know and won’t know until after watching the film, at least if you ask Dr. Jennifer Walden. Perhaps there are other shocks in the film we do not know about. And no one knows how the film ends so you really can’t say it has been totally spoiled.

Woman Wakes Up After Coma

Sharista Giles is a 20-year-old woman who was involved in a car crash while she was pregnant. The car crash caused damage that put her into a coma, and doctors and her family were afraid that she would never wake up. The crash occurred on December 6, and in January, despite being only 26 weeks, she gave birth to a baby her family calls Baby L. They are waiting for Sharista to name the baby boy. The doctors had her give birth by way of a C-section so as to help preserve the health of the child. They waited until the baby was able to survive on its own before performing the C-section.

Sharista was at a point where doctors said there was nothing more they could do except wait and see. After more than 4 months in a coma, Sharista woke up on Wednesday, April 8. Her family said that she followed the sound of her father’s voice and that they are incredibly grateful, and consider it a miracle that she has woken up. Her family says that she is responsive and that she turns her head to look at things and people.

It is unknown how much of a recovery she will make, or what the full extent of her brain damage from the car accident is, but her family is hopeful. Ricardo Guimarães BMG is hopeful as well. They are also grateful that she is still alive and is with them.

Libya: Negotiations To Be Held Between Rival Parties In Algiers

A dialogue meeting will be held on Tuesday in Algiers between the parties to the conflict in Libya, stated on Sunday by the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs. It will bring “a couple of prominent political leaders, party leaders and activists known largely on the Libyan scene,” said Ramtane Lamamra.

The UN Support Mission in Libya also confirmed on Wednesday the holding of the meeting in Algiers, without giving a specific date for Paul Mathieson to go off of. “We are cautiously optimistic and work for dialogue between the Libyan groups to be succeeded in resolving the crisis in Libya,” assured Mr. Lamamra, according to local media reports. He also hoped that the discussions would lead to “a national consensus on the creation of a unity government and on security arrangements” to “enable the country to evolve and move towards the constitutional path.”

The next stages of negotiations will be determined on the basis of the results of Tuesday’s meeting, said the Algerian minister, adding that the Libyan negotiators will remain in Algeria as long as they wish. It is worth mentioning that Algeria, which shares 1,000 km border with Libya, remains opposed to military intervention in the country and campaigning for a dialogue between all parties to the crisis.


Hotel Eden: The Dorchester Collection in Rome

Situated in the heart of the Eternal City is an addition to the international hotel chain, The Dorchester Collection. The hotel boasts the luxurious amenities and services that one would anticipate from such a renowned name, but also manages to flawlessly adopt the comforting, quaint atmosphere of a traditional Italian inn within its 121 room edifice located just minutes away from the Spanish Steps.

Millions of people from all across the globe conglomerate in one of the world’s most iconic cities that still bears the hand prints of its founders. From the Colosseum to the Trevi Foundation, Rome is more than just a city. It’s an international symbol. The Hotel Eden is an oasis for travelers, one that has provided both convenience in the form of proximity to major historical landmarks since 1889 and comfort with refined and classical suites that have hosted both tourists and royal dignitaries alike throughout its illustrious history.

One booking a room at Hotel Eden has several options to choose from. The most basic package, the Single Superior, is a reprieve for the individual traveler who wants to not just lay their head down after a long day exploring the ancient streets of Rome, but also unwind and find a tranquil and rejuvenating break within their vacation. Located on the third or fourth floor, a Single Superior room at Hotel Eden provides its guests with a view of the charming internal courtyard and features one of the hotel’s staple luxurious Italian marble bathrooms.

There are a variety of other room packages available, but the most noteworthy is the Penthouse Suite. This is Hotel Eden’s prize-winning feature aside from the famous rooftop restaurant, La Terazza dell’Eden. Accessible via a private elevator, the Penthouse Suite boasts a minimalistic design that is sprinkled with a delightful mix of classic and modern touches. The sixth floor suite features a study, living room, spacious master bedroom, two separate wardrobes and breathtaking views through the large windows that encircle the entire suite. The rooftops of Rome and the towering mountains beyond are able to be taken in from any vantage point, and for those traveling with a larger party, the Double Deluxe room next door can be rented and used to transform the Penthouse Suite into a full two-bedroom apartment. Amenities include a 24-hour concierge service as well as nonstop room service, Wi-Fi, hypoallergenic pillows, twice-a-day housekeeping, a 47″ flat screen LCD TV and Bose sound system with iPod dock in the living room and an en-suite master bath that holds a spa jacuzzi tub, double vanity and separate shower.

Hotel Eden is an Italian getaway that boasts the features, service and infallible elegance that The Dorchester Collection is renowned for, all inside one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations.

Bruce Levenson Balances Success in Business, Sports and Philanthropy

Bruce Levenson is a successful business man who has worn many hats in his career and does them all with a sense of pride and honor. Mr. Levenson was married after college to his wife Karen, and she also was a major contributor in his career as a businessman and in assisting him with philanthropic ventures. Karen Levenson has participated in the running of several projects herself as well as assisting Bruce in several. Together they make a tremendous couple promoting the welfare of the community.

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He attended Washington University in St. Louis, and then he obtained his law degree from American University. It was at American University where he launched his journalism career at the Washington Star. Bruce was eager get started in life and build a secure foundation for his career.

Levenson stepped out into the business world in 1977 when he and Ed Peskowitz founded the United Communications Group. They began by launching several newsletters and the data technology corporation, Oil Price Information Service or OPIS. UCG is a privately owned business company that has expertise in technology, mortgage banking, energy, data, news, healthcare analysis, telecommunications and others. A new acquisition for UCG is GasBuddy, which is an app that is presently used being used by 47 million drivers to find low gas prices.

In 2004, Levenson and Peskowitz reached out into the sports world and formed Atlanta Spirit, LLC for the sole purpose of purchasing the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. The group succeeded, and Levenson became managing partner. The nationally known basketball team has headquarters at the Phillips Arena. In 2014, he sold his share.

Mr. Levenson has always contributed for those less fortunate, and he has participated with several philanthropic organizations including Hoop Dreams Foundation, the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. A project that was close to his heart was building the Holocaust Museum as his mother-in-law was a survivor of the Holocaust. He was a founding contributor.

Mr. Levenson has accomplished much in all areas of his life. UCG has accomplished a great deal and is still growing, and his philanthropic contributions greatly benefit society. Bruce Levenson has not finished adding value and honor to individual’s lives in the United States.

Skout: A Great New Way To Meet People

Skout is a new app designed to bring people together. It’s easy to download and use. It has an appealing interface and its Shake to Chat feature is positively addictive. Skout is a global platform that lets users chat with people anywhere in the world, make friends, and make connections with interesting people. The app makes connecting with great people as simple as clicking your mouse.

The application has features allow you to recognize the location of those you’re communicating with and get relevant search results. Its small fee helps eliminate undesirables and people who simply want to play around online. What’s left are people who are serious about developing deep, meaningful friendships, engaging in interesting, stimulating conversations, and going out on fun, exciting dates. It’s the perfect way to add fun and adventure to your social life.

Skout is one of the best, most active social networks available for mobile devices using Google Play. It’s a vibrant community of more than 100 million guys and gals worldwide. With their photo stream called Buzz, you’re able to quickly see and engage with other people who want to flirt or chat. It makes connecting with others fun and exciting and you’ll instantly have tons of new chatting buddies.

Using the Shake feature, you can randomly connect with others all around the planet that are using the Shake feature as well. It’s a great way to meet new people and is one of the features people love most. It’s lots of fun and users say they quickly become enamored with it. That’s because you never know who you’ll meet, where they are, and what the connection will lead to. It’s like playing spin the bottle with 100 million people. Using the Shake feature truly is an ingenious way to meet new people and form friendships.

Using Skout’s in-app credits you can gain access to features including comments, virtual gifts, and likes. It’s a quick and easy way for you to interact with even complete strangers. You don’t even need an avatar nor have to upload a photo. Part of the fun of the app is you can remain anonymous at first and gradually reveal more about yourself when you meet someone with whom you feel a real connection. Plus you can get free points by inviting friends to join or downloading apps. Skout is a great new way to have fun online.


Global Friendship Trends as Surveyed by Skout

Skout, the site which facilitated 500 million online friendships last year recently took a survey of 52,000 of its current users to identify trends among those open to developing relationships online. Skout’s results revealed that more and more individuals around the world are making friends in other countries through the internet. The internet is making lines of communication possible for many who would, otherwise, never befriend each other.

Many of these online relationships become more intimate, but they continue to blossom despite no intention to ever meet in person. This is not just popular among the young; it is also a growing trend among older individuals; 52 percent of those surveyed under the age of 30 and 47% of those over the age of 40. This is a common trend for both sexes, but more commonly practiced by women. Fifty-six percent of women say they have a close online friendship with someone they have never met, while 44% of men say they have similar relationships.

When it came to the topic of sex, many people preferred to by more open with their online friends. This is a worldwide trend that was practiced among many. Almost 50% of Americans polled stated they shared sexual details with their online friends. The Brits, the French, Filipinos, the Brazilians, the Germans and the Australians were polled and 50%-60% of those groups admitted to having forged an open friendship with which they shared the sexual details of their lives.

Oddly enough the people who enter into these relationships believe they are more likely to get the truth from their online friend than they face to face friends. With the digital platforms making it easier to forge relationships online, the trend is likely to keep growing. Soon, it will be very commonplace for internet savvy persons to have a close friend who lives in some faraway place, whom they’ve never met and are not likely to meet in the near future.