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Desiree Perez Is The Rock in ROC Nation

Des Perez, as she is widely referred, is the chief operations officer at ROC Nation, a post she has held since 2009,she is involved with ROC Nations publishing and labeling operations, as well as management of its activities. She has been the right hand man for Jay Z,ROC Nations head and is known to be a tough negotiator reputed to drive hard bargains for her boss and the Roc nation entity.

Samsung Deal with Rihanna on her Anti album.

She has recently been involved in closing the deal for Rihanna’s 2016 album,Anti, with technology giant company Samsung, a deal worth $25 million and will have the company pay for Rihanna’s upcoming tour to promote the album, which was certified platinum within 14 hours of it being released for online download. The deal has also had Samsung do a lot of commercial advertising to promote the album, include a dedicated website.

Live Nation and ROC Nation 360 deal

Back in 2008, Universal music group signed a ten year deal with ROC Nations head Jay Z, worth $150 million. The deal is due to expire next year andcan trigger a buy-sell option which will have either ROC Nation or the universal music group subsidiary buy a stake into or entirely buy out the others business. Sources say Perez and Jay Z met with UMG chairman and chief executive officer, Sir. Graingein his California offices; which has fueled speculation of UMG buying a stake into ROC Nation. and more information click here


If it beomes a reality, the deal will give Jay Z more resources with which to nurture new artists, it would also mean that UMG own a larger stake of the ROC Nations artists, though insider sources have said Live Nation is not interested in buying recorded music. Perez is said to have had UMG sign a music distribution deal with ROC Nation. and Follow him

Giving Stories through Music, Greyhound Diaries- Doug Levitt

They say music is food to they soul and it can also be used in many ways to c convey a different message to the world. Music can be used to give stories, counsel the young generation and also as a symbol to unite the people. For an extended period artist and song, writers have been using songs to express their feeling and also te4ach and remind the young generation of the; past including the people who struggled for their countries independent.

Greyhound Diaries is among the projects that Doug Levitt has been passing his message to the United States of America citizens and the world as a whole. Greyhound Diaries has followed in the footsteps of the who were before him in the entertainment industry. Greyhound Diaries project combines the broad range of exploration of the United States, and poverty creates them in the form of music, novel, and graphic design. The combination of all type of music and books is then presented in the form of storytelling, songs, personal experience, and graphic projected in shows that are organized by Doug. Greyhound Diaries events are held all over the world.

Doug Levitt was lucky to grow up in a family that gave him the opportunity to enjoy life as he wanted. Levitt grew up in Washington DC. After his high school graduation, Levitt attended Cornell University. His mother became a council member for Washington D.C a position that gave Mr. Doug to study in different areas of education and later settling for a career as a journalist working with CCN. Doug moved to the United Kingdom, and while there he decided to get on his career as an artist.

Doug Levitt says growing up in Washington DC gave him an opportunity to understand the life of the lower class people in the society across the world. Doug got another chance to know more about poverty and the people who are struggling in the community when he lived and worked in London. The explicit knowledge that Doug gained led him to change his career path and focus on music where he has been touching on the stories of those struggling in the society through his project The Greyhound Diaries. Doug Levitt has been touring the United States and exploring the areas that many people do not know. Levitt has used millions of money for his project.


MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Makes You Feel Something

Impersonator Sergio Cortes has become one of the best to give a tribute show for the late great Michael Jackson. He has done everything in his power to provide a show that seems rather authentic. He is the performer that people have started to praise.

The impersonating business has a lot of ups and downs. People have put a lot of time into watching entertainers impersonate their favorite artists. In most cases people are entertained, but they are disengaged in most instants. They may be impressive with the vocal or dance ability of an impersonator, but most cases – at best – are just mildly amused. Impersonators don’t stir up any feelings on the inside. That was how it has always been. Then came Sergio Cortes.

The fans of Michael Jackson that come to see Sergio Cortes on the stage cannot help but to move. They cannot sit in their seats while Cortes gives his all of the stage. They have to get up and sing along. They have to move with the rest of the crowd. Fans have to dance with the background dancers on the stage. Sergio makes people feel something. That is claim to impersonation fame. He is the entertainer that knows how to put the crowd into it. As noted on the R7 website, this impersonations of Michael Jackson have had a very big impact for Sergio Cortes. Network executives in different countries have been asking him to appear on stages. He has fans in different parts of the world. Cortes feels like he has to give back in a major way.

He continues to make the most of his time as an impersonator that is bound to push the boundaries. This isn’t that entertainer that is just linked to a local audience. To the contrary, more and more people are seeing what he is doing on the web. That makes the fan base expand. Cortes has become the mouthpiece for those fans that just can’t get enough to the timeless Michael Jackson hits.

When MJ sang with his brothers he was providing fans with a heartthrob that is often the focus of so many teenage groups. As he got older and decided to go solo he would continue to be the heartthrob for an older generation of fans. Sergio also makes sure that he keeps this aspect of entertaining in place too. Sergio looks just like Michael so it makes sense to him for the ladies to think of him as a heartthrob. He takes this all in stride as he constantly poses for pictures with fans. Many of the photos that he has taken over the years can be seen on his Facebook page.

About Sergio Cortes: MJ’s Impersonator

For one to be a successful impersonator, he/she must have specific features that are similar to the superstar being impersonated. Sergio Cortes has managed to impersonate the late Michael Jackson very successfully. His clothes, voice, walking style and the way he dance are very similar to what MJ used to do. Sergio Cortes has become very famous, especially after the death of Michael because he has managed to keep alive his legacy. Cortes is reported to be a highly talented singer, dancer and a composer.
According to Sergio, it is a privilege to look like MJ because it has earned him a career. Some people who watch him perform for the first time may think that the pop idol has emerged from the ashes. Sergio Cortes is a Spaniard born 44 years ago, is considered the best American singer impersonator who left us in 2009. Sergio recalls that his mother used to remind him about Michael Jackson when he was a child. This inspired Sergio and he began admiring the young singer who was part of the Jackson 5 group. He was the lead singer and also the youngest member of the group. Sergio Cortes watched with interests how Michael was singing, dancing, and how he acted in front of the press and his fans.
Sergio’s analysis of MJ, though he was still young later served with information he wanted to know about MJ. During his teenage years, a journalist requested him to dress like Michael and be photographed, and that was the time when everything changed in his life. After the pictures were posted they went viral, attracting thousands of fans across the globe. Entertainment firms took advantage of this opportunity and they sent invitations to Sergio Cortes to perform in their shows. It was through his passion that he was able to achieve his dreams.
Today, Sergio Cortes is regarded as the best impersonator of MJ, doing it perfectly that everybody in the entertainment industry. He has been performing in several countries where the late MJ’s fans are entertained and they appreciate him for that. Sergio’s Facebook page has over 16,000 followers and also on his Twitter. You will be able to chat with Sergio and also watch his videos and shows he has done. Fans can also propose new shows the Sergio on his social network accounts.

Source: noticias.r7

About Sergio Cortes: His Career as MJ Impersonator

Sergio Cortes is one of the best impersonators of the legendary pop star, Michael Jackson. His clothes, voice, moves are very similar to those of Michael to an extent that his videos are confused to be of the real MJ. Sergio has taken his talents and skills as his career so that he can keep MJ’s fan entertained even after he passed on. In an interview published through, Sergio is reported to be a very talented artist in composing, singing, as well as dancing. Indeed, it’s not easy to copy a famous artist like MJ and be very successful the way Sergio has done.
Those fans who have never heard of Sergio are amazed and mesmerized by his talents when they watch him perform. Cortes says that it’s a privilege to have similar characters like those of MJ, and you will be left wondering whether the pop idol has re-surfaced from the ashes. Today, Sergio is regarded as the number one impersonator of Michael Jackson, who died in 2009. Sergio was born in Spain, 43 years ago, is being recognized as a celeb in Brazil, his home country. His interest in impersonating MJ started way back when Michael had just began his career in the Jackson 5 group.
Sergio started to pay attention to MJ as he sang, danced, and way he approach his fans. When he was still a teenager, a local journalist invited him to pose for photos while dressed like MJ. When the photos were posted, they went viral and he started receiving invitations to perform like Michael in many countries. Today, Sergio’s resemblance to MJ has earned him several performance invitations, and also attracting huge number of followers on his social media accounts. If you are interested to know more about Sergio, you can follow him on his Facebook his Twitter account.

Through his social media accounts, Sergio has managed to receive proposals for new shows, and also chatting with his fans. After the death of Michael Jackson in 2009, Sergio admits that he was greatly affected and saddened by that unexpected event. Through his skills, Sergio has managed to keep MJ’s fans entertained and also helping them to overcome the loss of their entertainer. In fact, several people have tried to impersonate Michael Jackson, but Sergio has done it excellently to emerge as the favorite.