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Clayton Hutson Helps Artists See Their Potential

Even at the beginning of his career, Clayton Hutson knew there were things that would help him make the best choices. It was something he felt good about and something he continued doing so he had a chance to show other people they could experience more based on the things that were going on. It was his goal that enabled him to keep fighting for positive experiences no matter what. Since Clayton Hutson felt good about giving people the things they could use to their advantage, he was a great music producer. People began to see him that way and many others wanted to use him to help themselves succeed in the music industry.

As long as artists continue using Clayton Hutson, they can see the positive experiences that come from everything he has to offer. They can see that he’s working hard for success and not just his own. With his help, artists are able to propel to the top of their genre. He feels good about the experiences and doesn’t worry about what he’s going to do in the future. He believes in the right way of helping people and everything he does goes back to those experiences.

After Clayton Hutson started doing things the right way, he saw himself as someone who could continue getting better no matter what. He also saw the artists as projects he could continue working on to keep getting better. It made sense for Clayton Hutson to keep doing things right and doing the best for his clients. The artists he works with are important to him and he wants to see them succeed in their own careers. He also wants others to realize he’s doing a great job with the issues he has. He likes giving artists a positive experience.

For Clayton Hutson to do this, he has to continue pushing forward and giving others a chance at success. He likes helping artists learn more about their sound. Since he’s a sound producer, he can give them a better sound. He makes their music better. He doesn’t try to change anything about their music. Instead, he works to make sure he can show artists they have someone who cares about their music and isn’t afraid to enhance the sound so they have a better chance of making things easier. He also feels good about giving others the right experiences for their music.

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Clay Hutson Joins the Soul2Soul Tour

Based on an article posted on, Clay Hutson will be a tour rigger on the Soul2Soul: The World Tour. The tour, hosted by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, will be the first time Hustson will be working with them since 2007. The first leg of Soul2Soul occurred between April 2017 and December 2017. During that time 70 concerts that sold out within the first few days of tickets being available.


Due to its popularity, Soul2Soul has been extended. The second part of the tour will begin in Richmond, Virginia on May 31st. In addition to performances by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Caitlyn Smith Seth Ennis, Brothers Osborne, Midland, Devin Dawson, Margo Price, and NEEDTOBREATHE will also be playing. Clay Hutson is excited to be joining such a star-studded event and is honored to be joining the team. With decades of experience, Hutson plans to put a high amount of effort into rigging the equipment for each performance. He understands that the reputations of the musical artists can be determined by him and they appreciate the extra details. Hutson hopes that he will be known as the “hardest working guy in the room” and leave the tour with a whole lot of good memories.


Clay Hutson has always had a passion for music which pushed him into the role he has today. He became well-known in the performance business as a tour producer, sound engineer and stage manager. During his twenty years in the field he had worked alongside many big-name artists including P!nk, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Kid Rock, and Kelly Clarkson. After he gained experience with working during these live performances, and as the company he was working for began to struggle financially, Hutson made the choice to start his own company.


As his addition to the Soul2Soul tour would suggest, Clay Hutson’s business is doing well. He states that the reason for his success is the importance of checking one’s work and then checking it again. There is no reason for someone to slack off on their responsibilities when it comes to live performances where anything from lights, sound, and timing could go wrong. Hutson doesn’t want to give any performances that he works on a problem that could have easily been solved by checking one more time. His dedication of being a hard worker has spread throughout the industry and he hopes that the upcoming tour will be another example of his excellent services. Learn more: