Addison Duling

Logan Stout and the Wellness World

Logan Stout is a man who has many positions in this life. He’s IDLife, LLC’s Chief Executive Officer and founder, first and foremost. This is a wellness and health company that’s Logan in business since the spring of 2014. It has some prominent partners to its credit as well. These include Darwin Deason, Jen Widerstrom and even Troy Aikman. Deason is a trusted businessman. Widerstrom is a fitness trainer who works alongside many famous faces. Aikman, last but certainly not least, is a legendary football quarterback of decades past. Stout enjoys the process of owning and running a business. He also enjoys tackling his many other big duties in life. He likes assisting people who want to excel in the leadership realm. He’s also a keynote speaker, author and philanthropist. Stout is so eager about aiding people who want to thrive in leadership that he actually penned a whole book about the topic. He wrote “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams” back in 2013. The aim behind this book was to motivate people. Many trusted entrepreneurs backed Stout Advice as well. These include both Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran.

Logan Stout has a big presence with the media. That’s the reason people can often spot him on their television screens. They can often pick up on his presence at live events and even on the radio. Stout has been seen in credible publications like the New York Times, Philadelphia Life Magazine and the Dallas Morning News. Philadelphia Life Magazine has been so enthusiastic about Stout and about all of his work that its staff went to the trouble of giving him its desired “Man of the Year” title. People who pay attention to Fox, the Ticket, the Fan and CBS Radio may be aware of Stout and all that he does and more

This professional is married to a lady by the name of Haley. He’s a Frisco, Texas resident who has a pair of sons. They give their time to a number of charitable groups around them. Some examples are Youth Athletes Foundation, the American Heart Association of North Texas and the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County. Logan Stout is a methodical individual and because of that likes to organize his time in a highly efficient manner. He enjoys a shake from IDLife not long after rising in the A.M. He adores assessing the newspaper as well.