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Equities First Holdings – Offering Non-Purpose Loans with Flexible Repayment Terms

The investors need the alternative financing solutions, institutional buyers, high net worth individuals, and middle market companies for various business purposes. In the world of corporate and parallel financing, one of the names that have been making waves since the time of its inception in 2002 is Equities First Holdings.

The company has its headquarters in Indianapolis, United States, but has regional offices in many other countries, including in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, China, Australia, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Equities First Holdings provides finance in return for the securities bonds, which helps the company to get the security it needs, while also ensuring that the borrower does not have to liquidate its investment for capital solutions.

Recently, Equities First Holdings relocated its Melbourne office to a much larger space and in a more convenient location in the city. The company believes that it would help in providing easy access to its clients, and also help in brand identity in the corporate sphere. Any and all business, irrespective of their scale of operation and business volume, need finance from time to time to keep up with the market trends and changing needs of the firm. It is also required for various business expansion activities. It is where the need for an alternative financial solution comes in.

The non-purpose loans provided by Equities First Holdings are highly useful for the middle market companies and small to medium sized businesses. These loans are easy to get and does not require as much as time or processing as the conventional loans provided by the bank. The rate of interest is also comfortable, and the repayment terms are flexible. It is what makes these loans so popular in the corporate world these days. Equities First Holdings believes in providing the best services and quick and easy financial solutions to its clients.

Equities First Holdings – Helping Small to Medium Sized Businesses Get Non-Purpose Loans with Ease

One of the leading names in the world of alternative financing in Australia is Equities First Holdings. The company started its operations in the year 2002, and since then has grown manifolds in sizes. The company has financed hundreds of small to medium sized companies and high net worth individuals with their non-purpose loans. It is important for the businesses to get liquidity from time to time to fund their expansion and business related ventures, and it is when the non-purpose loans provided by Equities First Holdings come into the picture. The non-purpose loans are much easily available in comparison to the conventional loans from banks, and it also ensures that the securities and investments of the company stay in holding positions without the need to liquidate it.

Equities First Holdings have offices in three key cities in Australia, including at Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. However, recently, the company moved its office to Melbourne to a much larger space in the heart of Melbourne. Moving to a new office can be seen as the sign of growth as the new office is much easily accessible to the customers and conveniently located in the heart of the Melbourne city. Apart from Australia, Equities First Holdings have offices in many overseas destinations as well, including in Thailand, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, and in the United States. It is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Click here to know more.

The alternative finance solutions provided by Equities First Holdings makes it easier for the small to medium-sized businesses to get the liquidity they require on a regular interval with ease. Till date, the company has provided non-purpose loans of over $1.4 Billion in the total 700 transactions that it has carried out till date, and the figure is constantly rising. Equities First Holdings is excited about its new address at Melbourne, and sincerely hopes it would add new customers to its business.