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Paul Mampilly Is A Businessman Extraordinaire

Paul Mampilly is known for his knack of making accurate predictions about the stock market. He however does not depend on luck in his predictions but a matter of extensive and committed research. He has an impeccable record of success in the industry that made him one of the most popular personalities in the industry.

Paul Mampilly is a businessman who is also well known in the hedge fund investment industry and one that has been recognized for his business feats and who has won quite a number of awards. Perhaps, the most prestigious of them all is the award he received in the Templeton Foundation investment competition. He has featured prominently on several television broadcasts on CNBC, Bloomberg Television, and several other networks.

He is the Owner and Founder of Profits Unlimited which offer consultancy services on the best way to invest in the stock market. He has over a quarter of a century experience in business having started off early in life. He began his business career as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust rising through the ranks to become a well-known investor for companies worth millions of dollars. He later worked at Deutsche Bank in 1991, and has been able to manage funds for clients throughout his career. He has also worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland. In 2012, he was employed to head the Kinetics International Fund, a hedge fund firm.

Paul Mampilly has been in and out of business dealings that have raked in millions of dollars. He sold his drug company, Sarepta Therapeutics, for a 2,000 percent gain. He later invested in Netflix that he later sold at a handsome sum. Currently, his main job to give people investment ideas and in which companies to invest in and when. He also gives advice to potential investors on when to sell off their investments to make a profit. He retired at a young age of 42 to spend some time with his family. He is currently a research and investment analyst and has left the Wall Street industry to try and help others make some money too.

Madison Street Capital has Excellent Reputation in Service Delivery

The reputation of a firm has a direct impact on its performancet on its . This is a leading strategy in maintaining a firm’s revenue and client base. Such is the story of Madison Street Capital, a top notch banking investment firm that prides itself on being able to provide impeccable services to its clients. Madison Street Capital was established with the interests of various clients on mind. This company continues to thrive on its ability to deliver unparallel results when it comes to offering advice on investment and acquisition. With the focus on being able to serve investment the investment demands of several clients, Madison has garnered stellar reputation in financial industry. The integrity of the firm speaks volumes on its experience and expertise. Learn more:


Madison’s head office is in Chicago. Through a comprehensive understanding of the challenges of corporate finance, Madison ensures that all clients are covered through a detailed understanding of the demands, strengths as well as weaknesses. Madison Street Capital reputation stems from extensive track record of incorporating complicated contracts, generating safe exit formulas as well as unifying consumers with suppliers. Madison’s key areas of capitalization include acquisitions, mergers, tax compliance, corporate governance as well as private placement and valid advice on bankruptcy. Some of the clients Madison Street Capital has served include Fiber Science, Energy as well as Bond Medical Group. These are high ranking firms that Madison is proud to be associated with. Learn more:


When discussing Madison’s achievement in details, the firm recently acted as a financial advisor for DCG Software Value. This is a recognized firm that deals in software analytics. The company was in business with Spitfire Group. In the merger, Madison headed the business by offering valid advice. With its head office in Pennsylvania, the software company is internationally recognized as an industry leader. Since its establishment in 1994, DCG Software has been a committed service provider for software management services to many companies of different sizes. Having Spitfire Group for a partner was an added advantage because Spitfire Group is known for its commitment to technology and consultation. Located in Denver, Spitfire is set to heighten the worth and value of the two firms.

Company Profile

Madison Street Capital offers the following services according to the firm’s portfolio:


  • Acquisitions
  • Business valuations
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Investment banks
  • Private equity

In another scenario that involved achievement, Madison Street Capital was the sole financial advisor for a firm called Maintenance Systems Management. Being a leading service provider for contract custodial and janitorial services for companies, this was a high risk business venture that required the services of a trusted financial advisor like Madison. The successful history of Madison Street Capital continues to be told through different firms across the world. The firm is committed to improving people’s lives by service delivery.