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How Has Waiakea Water Committed To Environmental Conservation?

Waiakea bottled water has for more than three years featured among the top ten water brands across the world. The company was able to achieve this honourable fete partly because their water is wholly organic as well as due to their commitment to the conservation of the environment. This Hawaii volcanic water is drawn from pure water sources and passed through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock where it gets enriched with all the natural minerals needed by the body.

However, apart from its originality and philanthropic activities, Waiakea is best known for its dedication to the conservation of the environment. But what are some of the steps taken by the company geared towards the betterment of the environment?

  1. Use of low emission vehicles

Waiakea Company is much aware of the impact carbon emitted by vehicles plays in contributing to global warming. It, therefore, controls its carbon footprint during the supply of bottled water by ensuring that they only use low-emission vehicles for delivery of their products. This has seen the company earn the Carbon Neutral certification.

  1. Use of recyclable bottles

By the start of 2018, the company rolled out the world’s first degradable bottle program. This means that the company will be the first in the world to use a degradable and recyclable plastic bottle to pack its water. Such action isn’t just noble but also sets the pace for the rest of the bottled water industry.

  1. Support environment conservation causes

The Hawaii based water company has also received numerous accolades for its support to different environmental courses. You should note that Waiakea Water Company sets aside close to three percent of its annual revenue and donates them to various non-profit organizations committed to environmental conservation in the United States and across the world.

Bottom line

Waiakea proves to be more than just another top brand water company in that it doesn’t just bring the volcanic water benefits to the reach of many. It also joins the rest of the world in fighting against global warming by using low-emission vehicles and degradable plastic bottles as well as funding environmental conservation movements.

Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky’s Digital Revolution

When it comes to health records, many automatically assume that keeping up with them is a task in itself. Whether you are going on a simple visit to a local physician for a checkup, or the unfortunate trip to the emergency room, most know there is a bit of a hassle involved in keeping up with the paper trail. Eric Lefkofsky experienced this, but on a very personal and life threatening level when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Knowing how difficult it would be to get the best treatment while dealing with an ailing wife, Eric realized that something was amiss when it came to data gathering.

After his wife Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer, Eric would take his skill and technical know-how and apply it in forming the start up Tempus. The company strived to streamline and utilize artificial intelligence where data mining and mass information involving healthcare was an issue. There were many instances where Eric realized that the current system just was not up to par and not on a level to match current technologies available today. Free text fields are difficult to analyze and Tempus developed software to solve these problems. Currently those same text fields are transferred into structured data and that is used to improve cancer care and treatment.

Considering the cost involved and education necessary to delve into the world of medical records, Eric Lefkofsky was perfect for the job. His background in the tech sector as well as his many advancements in tech companies, he has been able to drive down the price of genome mapping. A very important aspect of cancer treatment, the benefits are definitely appreciated by the community at large. A philanthropist at heart, Eric and his wife Liz have many charitable organizations that they donate to regularly while simultaneously advancing the health care movement.


USHEALTH Advisors’ Contributions to the Health Insurance Industry

USHEALTH Advisors is an arm of the USHEALTH Group that specializes in marketing a portfolio of strong health plans. The health plans are usually underwritten and insured by the parent company, USHEALTH Group. The arm mainly targets small-scale business proprietors, individual Americans, self-employed entrepreneurs, and employees and their decedents. USHEALTH Advisors and its parent company have been in operation for more than 35 years, and they have specialized in catering to the various health needs. They provide products that are tailored to meet individual needs of their insurance buyers in this period where health costs are on the rise.

Company’s Brief on Performance

The company is based in Fort Worth Texas. They provide insurance solutions to innovative life, accidents, disabilities, specified disease, and sickness. Over the company’s lifetime, it has served more than 15 million customers with plans that are individually tailored for more than 50 collective years. The company has created a name for itself through establishing a long-term relationship with its clients and hence winning the loyalty of the customers.

The Role of USHEALTH Advisors

The health insurance industry has become very sophisticated; hence many customers cannot be able to figure their way out to the best insurance plan. The USHEALTH Advisors acts guides to the customers to ensure that they choose the right health insurance plan. The group is made up of licensed and trusted agents. These agents have to meet a detailed product training and certification standard to be allowed to serve in the in the USHEALTH Group.

USHEALTH Group is committed to recruiting the best advisors. This has made the USHEALTH Advisors recognized all over the world for their outstanding service in customer care innovation and business growth. Therefore, the consultants’ services are sought by thousands of clients day in day out.

Compensation Plans

The compensation of the USHEALTH Advisors is quite attractive; they are given a percentage of issued business first-year commission on a weekly basis. They are also given monthly commissions, vested renewals, and regular bonuses. The group also ensures a smooth flow of information between the sales agents and the leadership, which has contributed extensively to the achievement of the team.


It is the group that underwrites and sells supplementary products for self-employed individuals, health insurance plans, and small enterprise owners in the United States. It has the variety of products such as individual health insurance, fixed indemnity medical insurance, dental insurance, insurance for critical illness, accidents and income protection solutions. The company has to sell his products to the services of its agents.

USHEALTH Group was known as Ascent Assurance, Inc. and then changed its name to USHEALTH Group, Inc. in March 2005 that was incorporated in 1982. Its main purpose is to provide a complete portfolio of plans that let you knit health coverage to your important needs.

It has the experience over 50 years who has been proved the true innovators in the industry that offers flexible, affordable and perfect plans to you and your family to get success.

Main Features

USHEALTH Group offers quality services to our insured such as: disease, accident insurance, critical illness, life, dental coverage and short-term accidental disability and much more to serve the humanity. It has the basic aim to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

USHEALTH brings an unparalleled combination of experience and innovation to everything we want to do, or we do. Helping the other people at any time is the most followed plan of the staff of USHEALTH that has independently contracted agents and advisors. See also

At USHEALTH and families of the companies, we get to understand that it is the most important decision to take much care of your dear health. It is the innovative decision of the organization, and they are doing their best to meet their goals and demands. It has to satisfy your individual needs at any cost and have to take the best part of solving the problems you are facing.

It is the licensed through insurance companies and offers the most innovative coverage to the customers and meets their needs and requirements at any cost. The main purpose of USHEALTH Group is to give maximum protection and meet their needs and demands as per maximum level without any personal interest.


InnovaCare Provides Its Members With Excellent Service

InnovaCare Health care is truly an innovator when it comes to their Medicare advantage plans. InnovaCare healthcare has proven that Medicare advantage plans can be low cost and hassle free. InnovaCare health plans can reduce the cost and the hassle for senior patients who need at least three policies in order to be able to get comparative coverage. These coverages include the following: Traditional Medicare A, which covers hospital care; Medicare part B, which covers outpatient services; and a plan that can cover co-pays, drugs, and deductible’s. The InnovaCare advantage plan is like a one-stop shop for these Medicare patients.

Individuals who are looking for a healthcare management company are generally worried about their healthcare, and they want to be able to have a plan that they can afford. The InnovaCare Health plan is able to give their members the management that they need to have all of their basis covered, and at the same time they get affordable rates.

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InnovaCare is one of the leading Medicare advantage plans, because they have a commitment to giving the highest quality care at affordable price. InnovaCare Health operates with Medicare advantage plans in Puerto Rico and PMC Medicare Choice. The members of the InnovaCare amount to almost 200,000, and they have a network of more than 7500 providers.

Know more about the company at Business Wire.

InnovaCare wants to help their valuable members when it comes to the challenges of the healthcare setting. There are many things that an individual has to take into account when they are thinking about their health. They not only have to find providers, get medications, and find a reliable pharmacy, but they also have to worry about deductibles, copayments, and premiums. InnovaCare is a Medicare advantage plan that helps their patients when it comes to coordinating their care. InnovaCare is dedicated to redefining health care management, because they want to be able to meet with all the challenges that the healthcare environment can bring to senior patients.

InnovaCare has two Primary avenues of care and those are provider networks and Medicare advantage. The leadership team at InnovaCare is spearheaded by Rick Shinto, M.D. Who serves President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare. Penelope Kokkinides, serves as Chief Administrative Officer. InnovaCare is a healthcare management service that is dedicated to its mission, its vision, its values and its goals.

Fiber May Prevent Breast Cancer If Consumed As A Teen


A new study suggests that paying attention to a teenager’s diet is even more important now than ever because it may actually influence the risk of a young girl developing breast cancer in the future. The good news is that the right diet to help prevent breast cancer is probably not one that you are unfamiliar with. It turns out the healthiest diet includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains and a very low portion of red meat. The even better news is that this diet will even help those who have a family history of cancer.

The study was published this week in Pediatrics journal and included over 90,000 women. The women started the study in 1991 and averaged ages 27 to 44. They recorded their regular diet or the past year and then seven years later about half of them were asked to complete the same survey about what they consumed while in high school.

The study follow up by Sergio Cortes occurred in 2011 and found that out of the 44,000 a total of 2,800 was diagnosed with breast cancer. Out of these 1,100 filled out the high school diet part of the survey. The research looked at control factors such as age at onset of menstruation, family history of breast cancer, and smoking and still found that those with a higher intake of fiber while a teen had a much lower risk of breast cancer.

In fact, those that ate a high amount of fiber throughout their late teens and early twenties had a 19% lower risk of developing breast cancer compared to those that ate a small amount of fiber.