Addison Duling

Ressler And Goldenberg’s Digital Fashion Powerhouse Techstyle

The digital, excellent adventure of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg has led them to become e-commerce giants. What they lacked in knowledge of fashion, they made up for with motivation and the undeniable comprehension of what digital shoppers want. Developing the ideal shopping experience for the shoppers of JustFab is prized success of TechStyle. Ressler and Goldenberg met when their paths crossed and Intermix Media.

Starting his tech mogul career path at 15 with Gamers Alliance, Goldenberg sold his first company to Intermix Media. He then became a high school dropout in order to become Vice President of Strategic Planning and eventually Chief Operating Officer of Intermix Media. A not shabby, yet hair-raising story for a then 20-year-old. Ressler sold his successful fitness website to Intermix Media in 2011 and had proven results in raising capital for numerous e-businesses.

Goldenberg and Ressler developed a friendship and shared many of the same online concept ideas. They were both aware of the increase in the trend of online shopping and decided to start Intelligent Beauty. After continuing to create success with more e-commerce brands, the creation of JustFab was a combination of all of the valuable e-commerce knowledge and optimal functionality that was acquired by the partners over the course of their tech careers.

JustFab was the answer to what Ressler and Goldenberg knew computer-savvy people wanted. JustFab is an e-commerce store that offers customers membership perks along with switchable outfit selections and personalization. Matrix Partners invested funding into JustFab and Intelligent Beauty. Ressler and Goldenberg decided in 2016 that merging the two companies and rebranding would be the most effective. That resulted in the launch of Techstyle.

“Fashion Avenue meets Silicon Valley” is how many describe the fashion company. The business duo has not forgotten about their community, and the efforts they could make to better someone else’s life. Clothing and monetary donations are made to charitable organizations to benefit those in need. The Cinderella Project is an event that offers prom dresses to low-income teenagers who want to attend their own prom, but can not afford the expense of a dress. Helping out in community gardens, and making contributions to society are activities that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg feel are important regardless of how much success they reach. Techstyle is a fashion company that offers the hottest trends at affordable prices.

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