Addison Duling

Equities First Holdings: The Financial Tycoon

Equities First Holdings is an LLC known to be a global lender and leader in shareholdings. They very recently (2016) moved their Melbourne, Australia office into the heart of Melbourne itself. They did this because they wanted to have more room for their clients, as well as be more easily accessible. They also plan on expanding staff in the near future, and needed more office space in preparation of that. The companies headquarters resides in the United States of America, but they also have offices located all over the world in places like Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and others.

Equities First Holdings specializes in supplying capital against stocks that are traded publicly, and helps all of their clients meet their goals, whether it be for professional or even personal use. Because they operate globally, they are able to reach out to many clients. They offer non purpose financing and are unique in the way they do it, which has led to them making over seven hundred successful transactions. The unique and distinct way that they do their financing has also offered their clients lower cost of capital and better terms for the financing than more of the traditional financing companies may offer.

Equities First Holdings offers an easy way to liquidate if it is needed. Their staff is more than happy to go over the details of the contracts with the clients, and make it as seamless and easy as possible. Their main target market is businesses and people who have a high net-worth and are looking to receive non-purpose capital.

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