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Dr. Mark McKenna and the OVME concept

Dr. Mark McKenna is a professional in the healthcare sector who has found a way of bringing services delivery closer to the people. He runs a company known as OVME which is an aesthetics company that connects patients and professional service care providers. The company applies technology as one of the key methods through which one will be able to accomplish the mission on the table. Dr. Mark McKenna holds a degree in medicine from Tulane University., New Orleans. He was insured by his father who was also a doctor to join this profession. However, he was not just someone to follow one line of success.

While Dr. Mark McKenna was still in his early stages of medical practice, he established a real estate business that offered real estate development services in New Orleans. The company performed very well but was one day brought to an end by Hurricane Katrina. It wiped out all the projects e had done leaving him with no other option to quit. He had also realized that the real estate industry was tough to navigate since it was highly affected by external financial factors which would lead to a mortgage crisis.

Dr. Mark McKenna made a comeback in the medical career. But before he made the switch, he rebuilds his infrastructure in New Orleans. Back in the medical sector, he saw some good opportunities that he could take and make them some great entrepreneurship opportunities. Due to the technological revolution which was taking place in the medical sector, he saw this as a great opportunity to come up with a technology application that would bring better services delivery in the industry.

After leaving the real estate business, he was inspired by Uber and Bloomberg which had taken advantage of the technological advancements to create products that had a global appeal. These companies had identified the needs of the people and then used technology to fulfill these needs. As we talk, there are some of the greatest companies in the world. With this in mind, he decided to make a move that would bring the same concept to the medical industry. That is how the idea of OVME was born.

Introducing Vijay Eswaran; Gifted Author and Successful Business Manager

Vijay Eswaran was born on 7th October, in 1960 in Penang. In 1984.He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in socio-economic in London School of Economics. He later lived in Europe where he worked as a constructor and later in France as a grape harvester. While in the United Kingdom he learned to binary system marketing and later obtained a CIMA certificate. Later in 1986, he got a Master’s degree in the Southern Illinois University.


During this period he was working as a part-time worker in The United States in Synaptics Company and in a Multilevel marketing company. He also worked as an information systems engineer in North America and Asia. After 13 years he returned to Malaysia where he started working as a multilevel marketer when he was approached by COSWAY Group when it was launching its business in the Philippines.

Vijay together with others founded a multilevel marketing company QI Group that serves around 10 countries and has several offices in Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore The QI Group offers various services and products like, luxury products, telecommunication, media, corporate investments, training among others.

Books Authored

Dr.Vijay Eswaran is a prominent entrepreneur, a humanitarian, an inspirational books author and a renowned motivational speaker. He is a professional economist and the founder of QI Group Company in Asia. In his writings, he covers topics on management of life, personal growth, business development, and governance. In his book” In the Sphere of Silence”, 2005 it entails information about the philosophy of life management and his routine on how he starts his day.

“In The Alley Watch,” he speaks about stages of change, where it begins, and the results of change and about the things that are never meant to change in one’s life.

Recently, the talented author, Vijay, launched an amazing new book entitled “Two Minutes from Abyss “where he delves into the 11 rules of confrontation and how pride can deter one from gaining new knowledge.

“Three Ways Fear Drives Success” in turn, is all about how things that don’t break or destroy a person in life helps motivate them in growth and how fear and uncertainty motivates someone’s growth. Vijay’s other best-sellers include, “In the Thinking Zone”, and “On the Wings of Thought. ”


Mr. Vijay Eswaran started up a charity foundation named after his dear father Vijayaratnam Malaysia. That foundation is part of the QI Group.

Malcolm CasSelle Invigorates the Virtual Market

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur who has been involved in several inventive companies in the video game industry. Some of his former companies include SeaChange International, NetNoir, Xfire, Mediapass, Timeline Labs, and tronc Inc. CasSelle is currently the President of the Worldwide Asset eXchange(WAX) and the CIO of OpSkins. Aside from these hands-on ventures he has also invested his money into tech giants such a Facebook and Zynga.

The people behind OpSkins have now launched a new blockchain platform for video game currency and item trading. The platform, WAX, offers its users a safe and secure channel to conduct their virtual asset trading. Gamers who choose to trade directly with one another run the risk of being a victim of scammers and con-artists: they could lose everything they worked for.

Wax itself is a widget that has the capability of running over the game you are running. With the widget you will be able to buy and sell virtual goods without ever leaving your game screen. The streamlined service brings great innovation to the alternative video game asset trading community.

About Malcolm CasSelle

Mr. Malcolm CasSelle holds two degrees, one from MIT and one from Stanford, both in computer science. Soon after graduating he became an entrepreneur; in 1995 he co-founded Netnoir, a media production company. In 2012 he was named CEO of Xfire, an innovative program that combined social networking with video games. In 2016, Mr. CasSelle was named CTO of new ventures at tronc, a newspaper print and online publishing company in Chicago.

His biggest business is done in the world of virtual asset trading. OpSkins are one of the leading names in Skin Trading in games like CS:GO. His new company intends to expand further into the virtual goods trading business.

Malcolm CasSelle’s newest project, WAX, is a platform that provides security for those wishing to enter into the virtual market place. Trader will make use of if its own blockchain cryptocurrency, WAX Tokens, and offer them to traders who then exchange them for other currencies. With WAX, CasSelle is offering individuals a chance to start their own virtual trade stores.


Meet the President of TDL Ventures: Todd Lubar

The only way we can make it in the entrepreneurship world as the young businessperson is through reading about the investors who began before us. By so doing we can know what to expect and how to deal with challenges when they swing in at the worst time possible. We also learn that they were not extraordinary individuals but perseverant and diligent persons who could not give up.

Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Ventures. Todd was triggered to begin his business by his compassion to help people. This is why he began a program that ensures that there is nothing blocking individuals from getting loans. He explains that he earns by being able to identify the people who are willing to actualize their dreams.

Lubar’s journey has not been easy. It has been filled with multiple challenges. He says that they are a time he double guessed his validity in the investment field. This was after one major deal failed and he had to begin again from scratch. Todd Lubar says that the mistake that many investors do is dwelling so much on the downfall. It is only wise to get up and approach the issue from a different angle. When he had to start over again, he simply woke up the following day and bounced back to business with more energy.

Todd Lubar says that the secret behind his company’s success is his ability to monitor everything that happens at every level of his business. This helps him avoid minor setbacks and make informed decisions concerning the firm. Check out to see more.

The best moments of Todd Lubar is when he satisfies the need of his clients, and they leave his firm happy. However, his greatest joy is when he can help individuals build their dream ventures from scratch and see them thriving in their industries. It is this joy that motivates him to keep doing his job every day. Check out Medium to see more.

Todd Lubar says that the toughest decision he has had to make in his career is on time management. This is in incidences when he has to choose between going to a business trip and spending time with his loved ones. Todd says both are vital and one has to balance their time to attend to them.


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What We Can Learn From The History Of George Soros

George Soros is one of the most acclaimed humanitarians in the globe. His work in the fields of financial services and philanthropy has seen him receive global recognition from reputable institutions and other world leaders. Thanks to his resilience and hard work, George Soros has managed to carve out a niche for himself in the corporate world. Some of the factors that helped shape George Soros include his encounter with hostility when he was young. George Soros’ hometown was affected by the Nazi Occupation, and it’s by luck that his family survived. The experience though chilling helped shape Soros’ dreams. At the moment, the leader is extensively involved with programs that seek to achieve justice and freedom for all and read full artilce.

When George Soros was able to break free from his war-stricken homeland, he proceeded to the UK and enrolled into the London School of Economics. Soros had to overcome a lot of challenges before he could graduate from the institution. The entrepreneur undertook menial jobs to fend for himself. It was also during this time that he met Professor Karl Popper who instilled discipline and liberal ideologies in him. To date, George Soros lives by the philosophies of Karl Popper. Some of the lessons George Soros took from Karl Popper include the view of open societies, communities that are built on the values of openness, justice, transparency, and accountability. George Soros’ businesses and philanthropies are built with these principles in mind. The businessman has a longstanding history of activism and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros’s character that makes him outstanding is that he likes being part of charitable initiatives. During the period of apartheid in South Africa, George Soros was at the forefront in agitating for the rights of black students. The billionaire set aside funds which were channeled into scholarships that helped black students get a quality education.

Whenever George Soros spots an individual of integrity, he never stops to support them get a leadership position so that they can impact on the society. During the past American general elections, the billionaire has been involved in fundraisers for campaigns of different presidential hopefuls including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In 2012, George Soros gave out over $1 million to the re-election campaign of Barack Obama. The billionaire was also involved with the presidential bid of Hillary Clinton and learn more about George Soros.

The philanthropies that George Soros manages are under the umbrella of Open Societies Foundations. Through OSF, George Soros has touched the lives of countless individuals who are either oppressed or marginalized. His advocacy for democratic and transparent governments knows no boundaries. The businessman believes that the only way the world will become better is through the concerted efforts of everyone to ensure that open, just and accountable governments are installed and Follow his Twitter.

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Sheldon Lavin Continues to Thrive with OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the industry leaders in food and meat services and today, Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and Chief Executive of the industry titan. Although he is well-known within the meat and food services industry, inspiring a myriad of entrepreneurs set on following in his footsteps, he got his initial start in an entirely different industry. Prior to domination the meat and food services industry with OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin was the head of his own financial consultancy firm, as well as an executive and investor in the banking industry. Due to his unique expertise, in 1970, Mr. Lavin was asked by the bank to help secure funding in an upcoming deal with meat processing company, Otto and Son’s. The heads at Otto and Son’s were seeking financing that would help them to complete a new meat processing facility in the midwestern United States. This new meat processing facility would allow Otto and Son’s to become the major supplier of meats for McDonald’s Corporation, thus taking the company to an entirely new level. During the deal, Mr. Lavin was also asked to come aboard at Otto and Son’s in order make the deal run smoothly. Although Mr. Lavin initially declined to come aboard at Otto and Son’s, he chose to stay on as a consultant, seeing the enormous potential that the company had. He also included a caveat that stated that if he were to ever desire to become more involved with Otto and Son’s, the initial deal presented to him would still be available. This proved to be a key move in Mr. Lavin’s role as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. By the middle of the decade, Mr. Lavin had become substantially more involved with the business operations at Otto and Son’s, eventually choosing to take a full-time role. By the start of the 1980’s, Mr. Lavin held an executive role at Otto and Son’s, which had now become OSI Group, LLC. The 1980’s was a time of rapid expansion for OSI Group, as they established offices in places such as Australia, South Africa, Japan, and the Philippines. Today OSI Group has locations in 60 countries around the world and employs over 20,000 people, many of which have been longtime employees. At the age of 81, Mr. Lavin is still very involved with the company and continues to employ his family-oriented philosophy.

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Eric Pulier Has Many Startup Ideas

There are many things that have contributed to the success that Eric Pulier has experienced in his life. He is a brilliant man that has shown many times why he is considered one of the greatest tech minds in Silicon Valley. Pulier is known mostly because of all the incredibly profitable startups that he has been responsible for creating over the years. Obviously, the first step to creating a startup is to think of an idea for a company. For many people, this is the most difficult part of the entire process. Eric does not seem to have a problem thinking of ideas that will catch on with the public. In fact, just the opposite is true. He has more ideas than he knows what to do with.


Eric has a method that he uses to come up with startup ideas. He is very logical in the way that he goes about his business. He takes a look at what is going on in the world around him. What are some of the latest advances in technology? What types of products are consumers and businesses in need of? The answer to these questions has allowed Eric to come up with some of his very best ideas. For example, cloud technology was newly available in the marketplace. Many business owners were not sure of what the cloud was or how it could be applied to their company. Eric realized this and decided to create a startup called ServiceMesh. The entire purpose of this company was to teach business owners how to integrate the new cloud technology into their daily activities. Basically, the company provided training courses in how to use the cloud. It was a smashing success.


Akana, Desktone and many of Eric’s other startup creations were born from the same methodology. This has served Eric very well over the years. Therefore, he shows no signs of changing his ways. He has a steady stream of startup ideas that are constantly being put inside his computer until he has enough time to work on them. Eric has no shortage of future projects.


Alternative Loans Offered by Equities First Holdings

A lot has changed in the financial industry since the 2007-2008 economic meltdown. For instance, the banks have come up with stringent measures making it difficult to borrow money for the common person. To ensure that they only deal with people who can pay their loans back, banks have resulted to desperate measures such as tightening loan qualifications procedures while at the same time increasing their interests rates. They also require collateral and rates can even change. For conventional credit-based loans, they must be used for the purpose for which they were borrowed for. This has resulted to an individual being unable to fulfill his financial goals and obligations.

Where such rules prevail, innovation comes to the rescue of borrowers. A man named Al Christy established a company called Equities First Holding with the aim of offering loans that use stocks as collateral. With this type of loans, Equities First Holdings does not require prequalifications. They also have small and fixed interest’s rates. The loans acquired from Equities First Holdings can be used for whatever venture. The interest rate is as low as 4 percent compared to that of banks that scales at 13-15 percent. Another thing that is noticeable with stock-based loans is that they have a non-recourse feature. This feature means that the client can walk away from the loan without any further commitments.

Equities First Holding maintains transparency and integrity in an industry that is marked by bad deals. The customer is guaranteed that they will receive their stocks back upon the maturation of the deal. Since the year 2002, Equities first holding has made a revenue of over $1.4 billion from over 650 transactions. The company is still based in Indianapolis, Indiana but has offices elsewhere. For instance, Equities First Holdings Australia, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong, and Equities First Holdings London are some of the subsidiaries of the firm.


Chris Burch on Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

Chris Burch is a United States-based serial entrepreneur. For more than four decades, he has gained experience in founding and selling numerous companies and businesses. In the recent past, he has found his passion resting in the fashion industry. Chris has worked with his innovative models to develop companies in various sectors. In the financial world, he has founded more than 15 businesses that work to determine the economic status of the country. Chris Burch is also a philanthropist. He has had a close involvement in the philanthropic world in the recent past. When it comes to success, we can afford to lend him a listening ear.

According to Chris, he considers the fashion industry connected with the technological industry. For this reason, he feels that the two industries have worked for the benefit of each other. While they are different entities in the eyes of many, there are many other things which make them work together. Over the years, the fashion industry has shared many common things. As a matter of fact, the two industries have grown together to form a better innovation technique. With time, fashion has evolved to worked to grow about the two industries. For this reason, we are here to make sure the industries have developed a higher sense of innovation.

There is always one constant thing about the two industries. They have always grown together no matter how they have kept apart. For a long period, technology has grown to become one of the most popular entities. In this case, technology has grown to become fashionable. Therefore, there is one question which remains in our minds forever. The fascinating part of this story is how they have managed to keep growing together. For whatever lies in the future, a glimpse of the past and present events must be known to the people.

During the 70s, the technological industry had the boom box to present to the generation. This is one of the most exciting technologies of that time. Because it allowed an individual to walk around with their favorite stations and tunes, it was adopted on a massive scale by those who would afford it. The technology came about with the inclusion of two cassettes, while you would use one side to listen to music, the other side could be used to record the same music played on the other side. This technology was considered as fashionable.