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Barbara Stokes and Comprehensive Engineering Work

Barbara Stokes is located in the Huntsville, Alabama region. She’s GSH of Alabama, LLC’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer). She’s an esteemed professional who has a strong understanding of all subjects that fall under the government contracting umbrella. Her expertise in industrial and mechanical engineering concepts is peerless. Stokes knows so much about disaster relief construction consulting and how it operates. That’s the reason she’s such an indispensable part of GSH of Alabama’s leadership division. GSH of Alabama specializes in modular and mobile residential and commercial buildings. It focuses on residential and commercial buildings in all different parts of the North American continent. The company designs and constructs them. It even provides on-site project management assistance. The staff members at GSH of Alabama are all well-versed in residential and commercial buildings and assessments, installations, development, foundation and planning work. Read more at Business Insider.

Stokes has been the head of GSH of Alabama since 2011. She’s a graduate of Mercer University located in Macon, Georgia. This educational institution has the distinction of being the oldest private school in the entire state of Georgia. Stokes studied medical and biomedical engineering at Mercer University. She went to the school between the years of 1996 and 2000. Stokes possesses many diverse and invaluable skills that enable her to shine in her career. Some prominent examples of these skills are project engineering, manufacturing, construction, government contracting and project management. She’s a person who can easily talk to other people about subjects such as physics, structures, technical communication, thermodynamics and more.

Barbara Stokes has made a fine addition to the staff at GSH of Alabama. Her work with companies like Boeing and the Pisces Corporation helped prepare her for full success with GSH of Alabama. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

This businesswoman simply adores taking on volunteer work in locations all throughout vast Huntsville. She handles all kinds of volunteer tasks in the city on a routine basis. That’s not all she does when she’s not handling her job at GSH of Alabama, either. Stokes is a dedicated mother who is constantly busy rearing three incredible young children. She’s married as well.

GSH of Alabama is a company that accommodates all kinds of needs that involve logistics services. The GSH of Alabama crew helps people with warehousing, fleet upkeep and administration logistics matters. The crew assists people with many things that relate to federal contracts, too. They understand proprietary designs and temporary housing units in significant detail.