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Dick Devos and the FAA

There are a lot of people who don’t know that Dick Devos is a pilot. In fact, he has a jet and helicopter that he pilots frequently. His work with the Grand Rapids airport has also been legendary, and it’s one of the reasons that he was recently appointed to help the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA set up the Management Advisory Council to give the FAA some guidance on what to do with policies, regulations, budgets, and future growth ideas.


While Dick Devos has never worked in the government before, he has been working in aviation with some partners. He has been partnering up with the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport as the two have been working on the growth of the airport since the 1990s. In fact, Devos has been improving Grand Rapids ever since he began Grand Action, a committee set up in the 1990s to help business leaders. The group has built several community buildings as well, including a Performing Arts Center and medical center.


The Devos’ have contributed much, but Dick Devos has gone above and beyond for the airport. He has worked with several airlines to help expand the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, even as he was running for governor in 2006 in Michigan. While he didn’t win that bid, he still had his sights on working with Washington and he supported his wife’s bid for US Education Secretary.


Now that she is in Washington, Dick Devos finds himself rubbing shoulders in the same meetings as he works with the FAA on new business ideas. A lot of people have criticized the FAA for their inability to help the airline industry out of previous slumps. The FAA has revealed new security regulations that are meant to help airports as well as make it easier for passengers to check-in to their flights and get through security.


If you have been to an airport recently, you know that there are a lot of different areas of the airport that are off-limits. However, much of the airports needs are catered to travelers, so Gerald R. Ford International Airport has recently expanded, leading a $45 million renovation that was paid for by other airlines. Devos was one of the reasons that this deal was made.


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Meet Michael Lacey; A Professor of Mathematics

Mathematics is among the most challenging subjects in the education sector. Few people have done excellently in the field. It requires severe research and commitment for you to be a scholar in mathematics. There are many areas that one can focus on in the wide mathematics field such as probability, harmonic analysis, ergodic theory and many others.

Michael Lacey is one of the experts who has done excellently in the mathematics field. At the Georgia Institute of Technology, Lacey is a professor of mathematics.

In 1959 Michael Lacey was born, and as a genius in mathematics, he always did well in his education. He earned a Ph.D. in 1987 from the University of Illinois based in Urbana-Champaign. His thesis focused on probability in Banach spaces.

He was a student of Walter Philips who supported him until he earned the Ph.D. As a great mathematician, Lacey also solved many mathematical problems like the law of iterated logarithm. As he progressed in his career, he also focused on teachings and studies of probability, harmonic analysis as well as ergodic theory.

Michael Lacey after receiving his doctorate he held positions at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Louisiana State University. At the University of North Carolina, Michael and Walter Philips; his instructor solved a mathematical theorem which is highly used in performing probabilities; central limit theorem. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

This great mathematician later worked at Indian university where he earned a postdoctoral fellowship from a United States government-owned firm; The National Science Foundation. This firm supports experts in mathematics, social sciences, computer science and economics fields.

Michael Lacey and Christoph Thiele received the Salem Prize for solving bilinear Hilbert transform. This award is given upcoming mathematicians who show tremendous work in Fourier series. Together with Xiaochun Li, they received Guggenheim Fellowship. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

This grant is awarded to hardworking as well as creative groups specifically in arts. He is a fellow in American Mathematical Society which he joined in 2012. American Mathematical Society is an association of mathematical specialists which offer grants and supports research in mathematics industry.

Rocketship Education – A Brief Rundown of this Nationwide, Top-Tier Line of Public Charter Schools

Low-income areas often don’t provide quality education to their students. Their schools often don’t receive funding from anything other than school boards, have to adhere to rules that fit other nearby schools, and don’t have enough money to pay for enough instruction. Children that attend such schools and hail from disadvantaged backgrounds are stripped of their career potential before they even begin kindergarten.

Preston Smith founded Rocketship Education, a nexus of charter schools located in low-income areas that are open to the public, in California in 2007. Rocketship Education is a nationwide leader in innovation, thanks to several core operations, ranging from finding teachers willing to stay late after regular hours to visiting the homes of students. Smith moved from California to North Carolina for college. He studied Latin American language and culture to better align himself with Hispanic students in his home state of California.

According to the Center for Research on Education Outcomes, a department of Stanford University, students that fluently speak and learn in English learn more than traditionally Spanish-speaking counterparts. Rocketship Education hires teachers from backgrounds similar to students at each individual location. In classrooms that speak Spanish, teachers speak both English and Spanish to help transition Hispanic students to fluently speaking the English language, effectively helping them learn more.

To facilitate the academic success of students hailing from low-income families, Preston Smith found it important to integrate parents into interviews, performance reviews, and other regular-yet-important happenings in school. In all 18 locations, ranging from Washington DC to twelve of these public charter schools in California, parents are asked to perform these functions to help their students succeed.

Rocketship Education and Preston Smith realize that parents must create more demand for high-quality educational institutions in low-income areas. Rocketship Education is able to thrive in markets where parents push for better schooling through starting their own facilities – Smith helped found an elementary school in San Jose in 2004 – and are willing to move their students to areas with better schools. Parents also need to be proud of being involved with public schools, something RSED encourages.

How Success Academy Works for Students

The public charter school system, Success Academy, has been seeing amazing results from the classes that it has for students. The school system works to make sure that they are providing the students with every opportunity to learn so that they will be able to find out more about life and what they can do to be successful adults. It is sometimes difficult to teach children how to live instead of just teaching them subjects in school but Success Academy is able to do that in nearly every situation. Despite the fact that Success Academy has not been operating for nearly as long as public schools, they are already performing better than what those schools do. They have been able to achieve in a few years what public schools were not able to achieve in decades of hard work and trying to test the students to get them to learn.

Success Academy works for students because they are a diverse system. They know that there is no single curriculum that is going to work for every student in the district. Instead of putting all of the students into the same learning program, they work to make sure that they are putting students in a class group that is going to work for their own learning style. By doing this, Success Academy ensures that students will be able to learn in an environment that works just for them. It is a way for the students to be able to learn more than what they would from a public school.

As Success Academy begins to grow, more people are seeing the results that can come from having a system dedicated to helping all students learn. The academy knows the right way to teach students and they continue to demonstrate that with their high test scores. The school has been successful at helping students learn and that has made it easier for them to continue to grow in the New York City area. They hope to one day go even further than that into other school districts and areas around the state and country.