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Dr. Mark McKenna and the OVME concept

Dr. Mark McKenna is a professional in the healthcare sector who has found a way of bringing services delivery closer to the people. He runs a company known as OVME which is an aesthetics company that connects patients and professional service care providers. The company applies technology as one of the key methods through which one will be able to accomplish the mission on the table. Dr. Mark McKenna holds a degree in medicine from Tulane University., New Orleans. He was insured by his father who was also a doctor to join this profession. However, he was not just someone to follow one line of success.

While Dr. Mark McKenna was still in his early stages of medical practice, he established a real estate business that offered real estate development services in New Orleans. The company performed very well but was one day brought to an end by Hurricane Katrina. It wiped out all the projects e had done leaving him with no other option to quit. He had also realized that the real estate industry was tough to navigate since it was highly affected by external financial factors which would lead to a mortgage crisis.

Dr. Mark McKenna made a comeback in the medical career. But before he made the switch, he rebuilds his infrastructure in New Orleans. Back in the medical sector, he saw some good opportunities that he could take and make them some great entrepreneurship opportunities. Due to the technological revolution which was taking place in the medical sector, he saw this as a great opportunity to come up with a technology application that would bring better services delivery in the industry.

After leaving the real estate business, he was inspired by Uber and Bloomberg which had taken advantage of the technological advancements to create products that had a global appeal. These companies had identified the needs of the people and then used technology to fulfill these needs. As we talk, there are some of the greatest companies in the world. With this in mind, he decided to make a move that would bring the same concept to the medical industry. That is how the idea of OVME was born.

About MB2 expects Jackson Hildebrand to manage end-to-end financial

MB2 Executive Committee recently released a statement that highlighted the appointment of Jackson Hildebrand as the new Chief Finance Officer. As the new CFO, Jackson Hildebrand is tasked with the responsibility of managing and overseeing daily financial and accounting operations including the other 91 MB2 facilities. Additionally, Jackson Hildebrand is expected to report his operation to the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Chris Villanueva. The management board of MB2 expects Jackson Hildebrand to manage end-to-end financial and accounting services.

Before Hildebrand was appointed the CFO of MB, he served as the financial director of TPG Capital. Here, he was able to portray communication and leadership skills. Additionally, he was responsible for managing all the accounting and financial operations. His roles at TPG Capital equipped him with skills that make him one of the best financial operators around. Jackson Hildebrand has also worked at KPMG where he learned financial and accounting skills.

Dr. Chris Villanueva, CEO MB2, stated that Jackson Hildebrand is a qualified candidate who has vast skills and experiences in the field of finance and accounting. He believes his experiences in the private equity and financial sectors will be of great use at MB2 Dental Solutions. Dr. Chris Villanueva adds that MB2 is a company that focuses on the investments from dentists and thus needs close financial monitoring so that they can register growth and expansion.

The newly appointed CFO stated that he was more belated and thrilled to be considered for the position. He added that he always had a great desire to joining a portfolio-based firm where he could run daily operations. Throughout his career, Jackson Hildebrand has been operating in the private equity sector as the financial manager. He believes that his skills and knowledge in finance and accounting would be of great significance to the performance of MB2 Dental Solutions.

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Dr Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden: A Women Who Does It All

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an aesthetic plastic surgeon located in Austin, Texas. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas in Biology. She received her MD from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Walden was awarded an aesthetic surgery fellowship from the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She continued to work at the hospital for almost eight years.

However, when her twin boys, Houston and Rex, were born, that changed things for Walden. The boys were conceived through IVF and it was not an easy journey for Walden. Wanting her boys to be close to family, she decided to return to Texas.

Dr. Walden is one of only a few women who practice plastic surgery in Texas. She is also an entrepreneur. She opened the Medspa Walden Cosmetic Surgery Laser Center in Texas, which is a fully accredited facility. Surgeries performed at the center include face, nose, breast, and genitals. Walden’s staff is made up of women who help to provide assistance and non-judgemental support to their patients. Walden loves the fact that her business is filled with strong women helping strong women to feel and look their best.

Walden credits technological advances for enabling her business to advance. Her patients are able to see what their body is going to look like after surgery thanks to 3D imaging technology. She was one of the first doctors to use diVA laser and thermal radio frequency to perform vaginal rejuvenation procedures. She was also one of the first doctors to perform hair transplantation by using the SmartGraft device. For fat reduction, she relies on SculpSure and was the first surgeon to do so.

Dr. Walden often speaks at conferences about the latest technology used the plastic surgery field. She also serves on the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Walden also finds time to give back to her community and supports many charities and organizations.

USHEALTH Group; Providing Innovative Healthcare

USHEALTH Group is an insurance provider. It is based in Fort Worth, Texas. It is made up of two subsidiary companies known as National Foundation Life Insurance Company and the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The insurance provider offers several insurance packages including dental coverage, short-term disability income, critical illness, and life insurance. USHEALTH Group has fifty years of experience in the healthcare industry. They have served millions of customers. They understand what it takes to provide good services. This has helped them to tailor their products according to the needs of different customers. The company was started to address the healthcare needs of small business owners.

Their clients include entrepreneurs, business owners, and their families. USHEALTH Group is dedicated to providing affordable health care by using innovative solutions. The insurance provider has a team of agents who are ready to help clients from anywhere. Finding an agent is as easy as entering your zip code on their site. You will then be paired with the agent who is closest to you who will give you more information. The agents receive training on the different products and must have certain certifications. USHEALTH has PPO networks all over the country. This assures the client that they will be able to receive medical care from any place. Read more about USHealth.

Their extensive product offering allows them to cater to different types of customers. Clients have access to products that guarantee that they will receive benefits from their insurance plan. This is important in the case where they have to pay premiums each month. USHEALTH provides a package where the coverage grows as the needs of the clients grow. This can go on for up to five years. Members can log into their accounts to see the personalized information. One is able to view their treatment cost estimates, drug costs, and the benefits of their cover. They offer free quotes to first-time clients who want to know how much they will be charged.

USHEALTH Group has partnerships with several providers including Devon Health Services, Cigna, CVS, and Mississippi Health Partners. Troy McQuagge is the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group. He is responsible for the success of USHEALTH Group. They have won several awards due to their satisfactory services over the years. They won the gold award at the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards and the Stevie Awards in 2016. They were recognized as one of the top 50 call centers in North America in 2013. This was as a result of their short payment cycles and their efficient claim processing. The Better Business Bureau gave them an A+ rating for their customer care services. A high score means that a company is dedicated to listening to the queries that their clients have.


USHEALTH Group Prides Itself in Ensuring Clients Receive Quality Medical Services

If you are wondering about the right place to get quality and affordable coverage in medical insurance, seek no more because USHEALTH is your best option.

The USHEALTH Group Inc. is a group of companies that works towards selling individual health insurance policies and related products to small-scale business owners and employed persons in the United States. Formerly known as Ascent Assurance, the company was renamed USHEALTH Group, Inc on March 2005. The USHEALTH Group offers fixed indemnity medical insurance, accident, and income protection solutions among others.

The company is headed by Mr. Benjamin M. Cutler who is the CEO and his assistant Ms. Cynthia B. Koening, the senior vice president who doubles up as the Chief Financial Officer. The USHEALTH Group has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and is committed to satisfying its clients’ insurance need. Apart from insurance, the company is also involved in helping people to purchase their Short Term Medical-surgical Expense plan. It also comes along with Optional Guaranteed Short Term Insurability Rider.

Keeping in mind that health coverage is a vital entity in a person’s life, the USHEALTH Group strives to help people every day and provide quality services. They brilliantly spearhead their success by ensuring that their services are affordable and reliable. They offer covers ranging from everyday medical costs to extended medical events. The company boasts of over 15 million clients in a period of 50 years in the industry.

Together with its family of organizations, the USHEALTH Group offers a platform for their customers’ needs. Its commitment to delivering unparalleled services has raised its rank to be among the best medical insurance organizations in America. The CEO and President of USHEALTH, on behalf of the organization, said that he is proud of their constant recognition in the most prestigious business awards; the Stevie Awards. He further adds that this is evidence of the business excellence that is not just automatic but rather has to be earned.

Being a client of USHEALTH Group comes with numerous benefits. First, you will enjoy the first dollar benefits. This is where a client receives the first dollar charges for the expenses used up to the maximum benefits for the whole healthcare services. The plan is summarized in a general phrase, “if you don’t use your benefits, you don’t lose them.” This is extremely fair to the irregular customer! Another advantage is that there is no calendar year deductible to concur with it. The health benefits, though applicable only to clients who have been members for at least a year, offers supplementary and essential health benefits plan. Click here to know more.

Considering that the decision to seek out health insurance is personal and of free will, the USHEALTH Group has agents that are best trained to guide customers in choosing the suitable coverage. Therefore, USHEALTH Group gives everyone a chance to acquire affordable and quality medical insurance.

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Eric Lefofsky is More than Just Groupon

Quite a few years ago, Eric Lefofsky helped to get Groupon off of the ground. He created techniques in marketing that nobody had ever seen before and it was something that allowed him the chance to captivate the market. He was able to be really successful with Groupon and that allowed him the chance to make a lot of money. He retired early and was living off of the retirement plan that he had created for himself. It was something that he was comfortable with and confident in because of the way that it works when someone is able to get more out of a company. Doing things with Groupon allowed Mr Eric Lefofsky to make more money and to be able to do more with the options that he had. It was something that he was confident in and comfortable with. This allowed him the chance to make sure that he was doing what he could for different people and in different situations.

Despite the fact that Eric had retired from the projects that he did with Groupon, he still felt like he needed to be active in a business. He didn’t really need to or want to make money from a business this time around but he did think that he could use the different things that he was doing to make a difference for people who were struggling with their lives and who did not have the options that he had. He wanted to do something but he just didn’t know what. Eric Lefofsky on Facebook.

The answer came when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Their lives were flipped upside down and they had to learn more about the different things that were going on in them. This was problematic and Lefofsky knew that he had to do something. His wife got better and he founded Tempus. This was a company that allowed people the chance to make sure that they were getting the care that they needed during cancer. Eric also enlisted a geneticist to help him come up with various cures and options for people who had been diagnosed.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has successfully founded and built a number of companies that have made a considerable impact in their respective industries. Lefkofsky is the co founder of a company called Tempus which is a technology firm that builds operating systems designed to fight cancer. This company has therefore been one of the more innovative organizations that has made a significant impact on the healthcare industry. Along with co founding Tempus, Eric is also the co founder and Managing Director of Lightbank which specializes in venture fund investing. During his career, he has also founded Groupon which has become a global leader in e commerce. With a number of successful businesses, Eric has established himself as one of the leading businesspeople in the United States.

As well as being a highly successful entrepreneur, Eric is also a well known philanthropist. He has provided a lot of support for a number of different causes in his community. He has founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which has been used to advance a number of high impact initiatives that help the communities it serves. Along with starting up his own charitable foundation, Eric also serves as a trustee of the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. He is also a trustee of the Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and the World Business Chicago. Lefkofsky is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppwenwolf Theatre Company.

The educational background of Eric is also quite impressive. He attended the University of Michigan where he completed a Bachelor’s degree. Eric would later go on to attend law school at the university and eventually earn his Juris Doctor degree. During his time studying at Michigan, Eric would gain an in depth knowledge of liberal arts as well as learning about the law. This would help him in his future endeavors during his career. As a highly educated individual, Eric Lefkofsky has been able to put himself in position to apply his knowledge to all areas of his professional career. It helped him with his entrepreneurship ventures as well as allowing him to gain insight on how to best benefit the charitable organizations he has been a part of.


It is the group that underwrites and sells supplementary products for self-employed individuals, health insurance plans, and small enterprise owners in the United States. It has the variety of products such as individual health insurance, fixed indemnity medical insurance, dental insurance, insurance for critical illness, accidents and income protection solutions. The company has to sell his products to the services of its agents.

USHEALTH Group was known as Ascent Assurance, Inc. and then changed its name to USHEALTH Group, Inc. in March 2005 that was incorporated in 1982. Its main purpose is to provide a complete portfolio of plans that let you knit health coverage to your important needs.

It has the experience over 50 years who has been proved the true innovators in the industry that offers flexible, affordable and perfect plans to you and your family to get success.

Main Features

USHEALTH Group offers quality services to our insured such as: disease, accident insurance, critical illness, life, dental coverage and short-term accidental disability and much more to serve the humanity. It has the basic aim to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

USHEALTH brings an unparalleled combination of experience and innovation to everything we want to do, or we do. Helping the other people at any time is the most followed plan of the staff of USHEALTH that has independently contracted agents and advisors. See also

At USHEALTH and families of the companies, we get to understand that it is the most important decision to take much care of your dear health. It is the innovative decision of the organization, and they are doing their best to meet their goals and demands. It has to satisfy your individual needs at any cost and have to take the best part of solving the problems you are facing.

It is the licensed through insurance companies and offers the most innovative coverage to the customers and meets their needs and requirements at any cost. The main purpose of USHEALTH Group is to give maximum protection and meet their needs and demands as per maximum level without any personal interest.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel, Dentist and Entrepreneur

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist and an entrepreneur whose goal is to help patients live quality lives. It started during his dental practice and with his interest in sleep. He combined both passions to help not only patients, but also the dentists and physicians that want to discover ways to help their patients. Dr. Avi Weisfogel DDS, opened his dental practice at Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey in 1999 to patients. During his 15 years of managing the office and caring for patients, he won laurels from the community, including being named “Best Dentist” on multiple years.

While managing his dental business, the doctor began exploring disorders of sleep and most importantly, looking for way in which dentists and physicians could help patients with sleep disorders. This led him to the establishment of Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010. The company advised physicians on the establishment and management of sleep labs.
In 2012, he opened Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient, a company which instructed dentists through lectures on how to increase and serve sleep patients.

In 2014 Dr Avi Weisfogel began a company called Dental Sleep Masters. It’s purpose, to help dentists identify patients who may have obstructive sleep apnea and then help secure the treatment they may need. Sleep apnea is a disorder in which an individual can have 30 or more pauses in breathing while sleeping during the night. The breathing pauses can last from seconds to minutes than normal breathing begins again with a snort or choking sound. These pauses in breathing may mean that the brain and body is not be getting enough oxygen.
Dr Avi Weisfogel holds a BA degree in biology and psychology from Rutgers University and a DDS in New York University College of Dentistry.

In High Demand

When looking to rejuvenate your face and body it is standard above all else to work with an impeccable doctor that can help you make the right choices for your plastic surgery. Exclusive doctors are not found in the yellow pages but from those closest to you, and those that run in the same social circles. Since 2012 1.6 million cosmetic surgeries have been performed, and that increases daily. The top requests for plastic surgery are; breast augmentations, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, liposuction and face-lifts. The need to look younger has never been more present than in todays day and age.

Texas plastic surgeons are in high demand. One of the most prominent surgeons is Doctor Jennifer L. Walden from Austin. She was named one of the best 24 surgeons in the US by Harper’s Bazaar. She is an award winning leading expert in her industry. Her portfolio boasts training with some of the best cosmetic surgeons in New York City. She had a longstanding practice in New York City before she decided to return to Austin, Texas her hometown, where she later opened up her very prominent practice.

Jennifer Walden was one of the only female surgeons to have served on the board of directors for ASAPS the Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is a published author who manages her life with great success as a mother and doctor. Her expertise continues to land her in prominent media publications and television shows. She has a long waiting list for patients. Dr. Jennifer Walden is also one of the doctors that provides labiaplasty alongside other face and body plastic surgeries.

Another great Texas surgeon and contender is Doctor Rod. J. Rohrich from Dallas Texas. His work is renowned for its subtle and elegant changes. Doctor Paul Vitenas is another doctor in the Texas area known for his natural results in patients. Texas continues to be a popular area for patients seeking youth attaining surgeries. Texas brings incredible experts. Texas doctors are renown and continue to make an impact on their patients.