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Dr. Mark McKenna and the OVME concept

Dr. Mark McKenna is a professional in the healthcare sector who has found a way of bringing services delivery closer to the people. He runs a company known as OVME which is an aesthetics company that connects patients and professional service care providers. The company applies technology as one of the key methods through which one will be able to accomplish the mission on the table. Dr. Mark McKenna holds a degree in medicine from Tulane University., New Orleans. He was insured by his father who was also a doctor to join this profession. However, he was not just someone to follow one line of success.

While Dr. Mark McKenna was still in his early stages of medical practice, he established a real estate business that offered real estate development services in New Orleans. The company performed very well but was one day brought to an end by Hurricane Katrina. It wiped out all the projects e had done leaving him with no other option to quit. He had also realized that the real estate industry was tough to navigate since it was highly affected by external financial factors which would lead to a mortgage crisis.

Dr. Mark McKenna made a comeback in the medical career. But before he made the switch, he rebuilds his infrastructure in New Orleans. Back in the medical sector, he saw some good opportunities that he could take and make them some great entrepreneurship opportunities. Due to the technological revolution which was taking place in the medical sector, he saw this as a great opportunity to come up with a technology application that would bring better services delivery in the industry.

After leaving the real estate business, he was inspired by Uber and Bloomberg which had taken advantage of the technological advancements to create products that had a global appeal. These companies had identified the needs of the people and then used technology to fulfill these needs. As we talk, there are some of the greatest companies in the world. With this in mind, he decided to make a move that would bring the same concept to the medical industry. That is how the idea of OVME was born.

The Success of Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden

Beauty, brains and an ambitious heart describes Jennifer Walden. She is one of the most ambitious plastic surgeons on the planet, and she has a huge resume to back up all claims. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, she is the daughter of a surgical nurse and the daughter of a dentist. After graduating from Anderson High School, Walden would attend the University of Texas as well as the University of Texas Medical Branch. At these two extraordinary institutions, she would obtain an undergraduate degree in Biology as well as an M.D. with the highest honors in her class. After college, Dr. Jennifer Walden would move to New York City to obtain her fellowship from the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital.

For the next seven years, she would continue to work at this prestigious hospital as well as work on the city’s Upper East Side. Walden played a key role in the reintroduction of silicone breast implants thanks to the clinical trials that she participated in. In December 2011, she would return back to her hometown of Austin, Texas, following the birth of her twin boys. Here is where she would begin with her very own plastic surgery practice.  This includes laser skin resurfacing, liposuction, chemical peel, breast augmentation, breast reduction, cheek implants, lip augmentation and winkle reduction by injection and more

Walden has also implemented some of the some of the highest forms of technological features such as Vectra 3-D Imaging and ThermiVa rejuvenation. Jennifer Walden and the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center is leading by example, and it is laying down a blueprint to success.

The Accomplishments Of Jennifer Walden and Her Sons

The medical society is pleased to notice one of their own for several awards. Jennifer Walden, well known cosmetic surgeon, has won the American Women’s Association Award and she has also won the American Society of Plastic Surgery award. Jennifer began her education choices when she was in the eighth grade. She made the decisions to go to school to become a surgeon and proceeded with meeting the criteria.


The first thing Jennifer Walden did was to go to the University of Texas for her medical degree. After completing college, Jennifer took a position working with one of the world’s best ear, eye, and throat surgeons in New York. She followed him around for a while and seemed to take flight on her own. She began giving lectures, teaching classes, and exercising her rights as a surgeon. In 2011, Jennifer made the decision to move back home to Texas where she could continue her medical career.


Another fantastic accomplishment of Jennifer’s is her family. Jennifer was not married but she still wanted children. She completed her schooling and began her career before making the choice to become pregnant. Her twin boys were born and she was very excited. Her parents, in Austin Texas, are happy they all decided to move back so they could be close to the family.


Jennifer Walden enjoyed sports as a teenager. She played soccer and won an all-state soccer award. She enjoys attending the sporting events that her sons are a part of. She makes time to attend their games as well as taking them to professional or college type sporting events. Jennifer loves to spend time with her sons and hopes they enjoy the same.


Finally, Jennifer Walden is taking the world by storm. She is doing talk shows such as the ones on ABC. She has been on shows such as Dr. Oz talking about wrinkles and Botox. She has a piece in the American Airlines Magazine and She has appeared in the Vibe Magazine. Dr.90210 is an important part of her life. She enjoys giving medical advice and helping people to improve the way they look without surgery. Check out the articles for helpful hints on wrinkle prevention.