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Jeunesse Global: Evolution in Beauty Products

Jeunesse Global is a skincare and beauty products manufacturer. The company is focused on enhancing the beauty and healthy life for its customers. Jeunesse was launched in 2009 on September 9. The victory behind its start-up was the mind of Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray after their retirement from successful entrepreneurship. According to the two co-founders, the digit 9 (in the date and time) was a representation of durability and achievement for their company. Jeunesse is a manufacturer of youth enhancement products, an idea conceived in Randy’s and Wendy’s minds. This marked a rewarding compensation for the two after retirement in the direct sales business. Their approach is all tech based in providing and sharing new products, maintenance and training.


There is a wide range of enhancement products manufactured by Jeunesse. Each product has its purpose and specific places of the human body where it is applied. These innovative products help in retaining a young appearance for ageing people as well as body fitness. During a statement with BusinessWire, Scott Lewis said that the cosmetic industry represents a $62 billion in the United States alone. The Chief Visionary Officer expressed the company’s desire to expand its products distribution fast and effective using a new piece of tech.


Jeunesse has numerous products in its line. Instant ageless is micro cream that gives results in less than two minutes. The cream targets parts of the skin that have lost youthfulness causing a noticeably toned and lifted skin. Once applied, the effect lasts from six to nine hours unchanged. To help its customers in using their products well for the best results, Jeunesse offers application guidelines for the target spots. Instant ageless helps solve forehead wrinkles, facial pores, eyebrows, hooded eyes and under-eye bags. Each area has specifications on how to apply for best results.


Luminesce is another product by Jeunesse. It is an anti-ageing skincare. It reinstates youth liveliness and increasing skin radiance. The product also lessens the presence of wrinkles and fine lines illuminating an exceptional skin glow. The product has been developed by dermatologists with hydrating formulas consisting of an elite, registered APT-200. It is responsible for retaining a smoother, softer, and fresher skin appearance.

Upwork: Productivity Enhancement Tips

Upwork has recently posted on their blog several tips that will help you to use your to-do list better. It is well known that an organized to-do list is one of the most powerful tools you can use to enhance your personal productivity in the world. It is all too common that individuals create to-do lists and then disregard or mismanage their time and are unable to complete the tasks on their list.

Upwork states that you can start by creating an organized to-do list. Instead of beginning to write your to-do list in the morning whenever you wake up you should make a list in advance. Right your task list down before bed the night before. Whenever you wake up, you can then begin to work on your to-do list immediately. It is important that during the process of creating your list that you create a brain dump and list every possible task that you can think of. In this way, you can help to eliminate potential distracting thoughts by already having them down on paper. Once you have gotten all of your tasks on paper, you can then go through them and organize them.

Organize your tasks first by priority level. Decide which tasks are the most important to complete and rank them accordingly. In this way, you will know which tasks you need to accomplish first. After you have organized them by the level of priority, you can then go through and set time requirements for each task. This can be when you will start the task and how long it you will take on the task before you move on to the next one. This will help you to manage your time better.

After you have organized them in these ways, you can then go through and rank them by the level of energy that they were required to complete. This can help you to delegate the tasks to better match your personal energy levels throughout the day. It is more intelligent to work knowing your self, and how you work best, then it is to force yourself to power through tasks at times that are less than optimal.


Meet Bob Reina; the CEO of Talk Fusion

Technology has been simplifying many business operations and meetings. Technology firms are working hard to come up with more sophisticated software that comes with convenience and efficiency. Talk Fusion is one the companies that have been on the front line in developing software that makes meetings and presentations easy. Bob Reina is the CEO of the company, and recently he has announced that they have developed an improved version of Live Meeting.



Live meeting is a computer program that enhances sophisticated real-time communication. This application comes with an updated interface, and it uses the WebRTC system. It enables individuals to hold video based conferences as well as transmitting one-way videos. Bob said that this application supports 15 hosts and 500 participants maximumly. One just needs to use a tablet, smartphone or a pc to connect. The software has come with significant enhancements that make Talk Fusion remain on top when it comes to meeting and presentations software.



This new version comes with a recording technology that doesn’t need a separate download. This makes everything simple as users just need to access it through browsers. No plug-in for the software is required. Bob Reina has been very instrumental at Talk Fusion in employing strategies that make the company remain competitive in the industry. The company has applied new promotional methods to attract video suite and live meeting users.



Bob has confirmed that the new software comes with a lot of benefits. One of the benefits is that it offers clear audio as well as sharp video. Also, the new interface is well designed making it easy to use for new users. Talk Fusion software has been enabling commercial users to increase their revenue as well as retaining their loyal clients. Talk Fusion has also developed Video Chart software that even received a WebRTC award.



Bob Reina has come a long way. Reina received higher education at the University of South Florida and joined the police force where he served for some years. He was selling products at the commission, and after realizing his selling abilities, he left the police force. He focused on network marketing and developed an idea Talk Fusion in 2004. He launched the company after three years and started to build software products that benefit many businesses. Learn more: