Addison Duling

How ClassDojo is Using its Products to Create Positive Learning Cultures in Classrooms

Education technology start-ups are among the most exciting innovations in this century. These start-ups are expected to grow by over $1.4 billion in value before this year ends. However, concerns have been raised regarding the decision of the U.S. federal government to cut the education budget in 2018. In response to this move, education investors and entrepreneurs are cautiously proceeding with the start-ups.

Education technologies have common success stories. They have been tested inside and outside of classrooms. They make teaching easier for educators. They also bring out the fun of learning to kids. For education technopreneurs to succeed in the education market, they need to reach out to teachers. This is because teachers have diverse expectations with respect to the technologies.

According to a study done by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 59 percent of educators use tech to meet students’ needs. Technopreneurs should talk to educators about their classroom experiences and challenges. As an education tech start-up, ClassDojo focuses on solving teachers’ real needs. These needs include communicating the progress of students to their parents.

ClassDojo is a tested and proven communication platform used in over 90 percent of K-8 U.S.-based schools. The platform is geared towards establishing a teacher-parent-student connection. It is all about improving students’ learning experience as they are under the guidance of their teachers. ClassDojo supports teachers whenever they use its products in classrooms. It is also aimed at creating a positive learning culture in classrooms.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is on a mission to give students, educators, and parents the power to come up with incredible classrooms. As a communication app for classrooms, ClassDojo is working towards transforming education for every child across the globe. In order to achieve this goal, the communication app works with students, educators, and parents to bring great ideas to classes.

The ClassDojo app lets students, teachers, and parents who have downloaded it to share messages, videos, and photos. These individuals use the app to work collaboratively as a team and bring classroom ideas to reality. They also work together to make students’ time at school exciting and memorable.