Addison Duling

Enhancing Organizational Success through Cloud Technology Solutions

Cloud technologies are becoming popular among the contemporary manufacturing organizations. They are seen as an enhancement to organizational success in these businesses. Some manufacturers are still using the on-premises identity management, but there are several challenges associated with manufacturing organizations as of now. Inefficiency within the chain of supply has brought lost productivity and lost competitive advantage as a result of using old and systems and tools. Manufacturers handle sensitive data, and this makes them prone to compromise and breaches. As a result, they are seeking to ensure access to sensitive data is done through secure apps. Manufacturing organizations are a composition of different parts, and as such, problems like the overly complex identity management system, disparate directories, and complicated app rollout often come up.

Solution to the Challenges

The Cloud-Based Identity and Access Management can deal with the challenges mentioned above. OneLogin offers a wide range of services that include sign-on, multi-factor authentication and active real-time directory integration. It has a pre-integration of 5000 apps that include G Suite, Oracle, SAP and Office 365. OneLogin guarantees to increase user productivity through Single Sign-On Portal which centralizes every employee’s apps in a single location. This ensures easy access and a password that is secure. User onboarding and off-boarding is also streamlined. OneLogin’s HR-System smoothens the process of hiring new employees.

OneLogin also guarantees the Adaptive Authentication that is meant to prevent access to corporate data through personal devices of employees outside the company’s firewall. It also helps in simplifying the process of moving away from legacy infrastructure through OneLogin Web Access Management. It integrates with your web servers and connects to the OneLogin Cloud Directory that contains every feature of Cloud IAM.

OneLogin Inc.

The company was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing identity access management and selling to organizations and businesses. OneLogin is a cloud-based company that uses IAM to cut on the IT time on user Onboarding and Off-boarding as well as securing access to applications and devices. They also seek to use single sign-on to increase the productivity of the end user.