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Mikhail Blagosklonny and His Dedication on Making Cancer Treatment Available To Everyone

We all know that getting treatment for cancer, even for the most basic ones and the most necessary ones like chemotherapy costs a fortune. With that sad reality that the healthcare industry is facing today, chances are, if you get cancer either you will be buried in debt, or you will spend a lot of money treating the disease. Read more about Mikhail on Crunchbase.

The scary thing about cancer is that it is one of the deadliest diseases in the world and that goes for everyone, be it rich or poor. Cancer can kill even the richest of us. But, at least, for the rich, they will have more options, and even if they do succumb to the disease, they will have something to leave their family. But what about the poor?

This terrifying reality is why Mikhail Blagosklonny has spent his life researching cures or treatment for cancer that are both effective and affordable to everyone. This represents both his passion as one of the top oncologists in the world, and his philanthropic work.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s work is known for his research on Rapamycin which is now considered a wonder drug, a term utilized by medicine to describe a drug that has multiple uses that are beneficial to our organism in treatments and therapies. Rapamycin helps in cancer treatment in two ways: immunosuppression and anti-proliferation.

Rapamycin has already been proven to prevent cancers cells from spreading to the other tissues or organs of the body. Is it already the approved primary drug for curing Lymphangioleiomyomatosis or LAM. Rapamycin’s immunosuppression properties is also a big help in organ transplant. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar.

There are times when cancer has already spread so much in a patient’s organ that a transplant is required to save the patient. The problem is, the body’s immune system always responds to fight off foreign objects that it detects, and in most cases, the body’s immune system would try to ‘fight off’ an organ that doesn’t belong to the original body. And that is where Rapamycin comes into play. It suppresses that ‘organ rejection’ response of the immune system.

In the industry of medicine, the field that has specialized in cancer therapy would not be the same today without the work of Mikhail, as the wonder drug, which he has put extended hours studying and developing theories on how to use it in healthcare, has become an essential part of more than half of the treatments available worldwide.


Eric Lefkofsky Turns His Talents to Fighting Cancer

Recently Eric Lefkofsky, one of the co-founders of Groupon, had a personal experience that has motivated him to start another company dedicated to providing data to doctors who are fighting the battle against cancer. After his wife received a diagnosed for breast cancer, he soon realized that data regarding this disease was not readily available. Mr. Eric stated it seemed to him that many times truck drivers had more data available about how to do their jobs than was available to oncologists.

The new startup is Tempus and Eric is the CEO. There is lots of data out there; the problem is doctors need data about several things, Tempus is going to combine data about both genomic information with therapeutic data. Eric notes, gathering molecular data is fine, but the physician also has to have clinical data, as well as therapeutic and outcome response data. Besides knowing about a patient’s DNA and RNA makeup, clinicians should have information about what treatments the patient is on and how well they are responding to current treatment.

As an example, Eric explains, when a researcher is studying a group of breast cancer patients taking Herceptin, why are some of the group experiencing a much higher success rate than others. Questions like, are they diabetics? Or what other medications are they taking? Rather than spend months and a lot of money responding to these issues Tempus is designed to provide this information between researchers, physicians, and others quickly. This data is used to develop a treatment plan for each patient that will lead to better results.

Eric Lefkofsky is perhaps best known as the co-founder of Groupon, but he has also launched several other highly successful companies. Eric is a founding partner in Lightbank, a fund investing in disruptive technologies, Echo Global Logistics, transportation, and logistics outsourcing firm, and InnerWorkings, a worldwide provider of print and promotional solutions, to mention only a few.

Eric studied at the University of Michigan; he received a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. Besides his well-known business accomplishments, Eric Lefkofsky is very involved in initiatives that better the lives of people living in the communities served. In 2006 Eric and his wife Liz founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, he is a trustee on several organizations that serve the Chicago area, including The Museum of Science and Industry.

Eric Lefofsky is More than Just Groupon

Quite a few years ago, Eric Lefofsky helped to get Groupon off of the ground. He created techniques in marketing that nobody had ever seen before and it was something that allowed him the chance to captivate the market. He was able to be really successful with Groupon and that allowed him the chance to make a lot of money. He retired early and was living off of the retirement plan that he had created for himself. It was something that he was comfortable with and confident in because of the way that it works when someone is able to get more out of a company. Doing things with Groupon allowed Mr Eric Lefofsky to make more money and to be able to do more with the options that he had. It was something that he was confident in and comfortable with. This allowed him the chance to make sure that he was doing what he could for different people and in different situations.

Despite the fact that Eric had retired from the projects that he did with Groupon, he still felt like he needed to be active in a business. He didn’t really need to or want to make money from a business this time around but he did think that he could use the different things that he was doing to make a difference for people who were struggling with their lives and who did not have the options that he had. He wanted to do something but he just didn’t know what. Eric Lefofsky on Facebook.

The answer came when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Their lives were flipped upside down and they had to learn more about the different things that were going on in them. This was problematic and Lefofsky knew that he had to do something. His wife got better and he founded Tempus. This was a company that allowed people the chance to make sure that they were getting the care that they needed during cancer. Eric also enlisted a geneticist to help him come up with various cures and options for people who had been diagnosed.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has successfully founded and built a number of companies that have made a considerable impact in their respective industries. Lefkofsky is the co founder of a company called Tempus which is a technology firm that builds operating systems designed to fight cancer. This company has therefore been one of the more innovative organizations that has made a significant impact on the healthcare industry. Along with co founding Tempus, Eric is also the co founder and Managing Director of Lightbank which specializes in venture fund investing. During his career, he has also founded Groupon which has become a global leader in e commerce. With a number of successful businesses, Eric has established himself as one of the leading businesspeople in the United States.

As well as being a highly successful entrepreneur, Eric is also a well known philanthropist. He has provided a lot of support for a number of different causes in his community. He has founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which has been used to advance a number of high impact initiatives that help the communities it serves. Along with starting up his own charitable foundation, Eric also serves as a trustee of the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. He is also a trustee of the Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and the World Business Chicago. Lefkofsky is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppwenwolf Theatre Company.

The educational background of Eric is also quite impressive. He attended the University of Michigan where he completed a Bachelor’s degree. Eric would later go on to attend law school at the university and eventually earn his Juris Doctor degree. During his time studying at Michigan, Eric would gain an in depth knowledge of liberal arts as well as learning about the law. This would help him in his future endeavors during his career. As a highly educated individual, Eric Lefkofsky has been able to put himself in position to apply his knowledge to all areas of his professional career. It helped him with his entrepreneurship ventures as well as allowing him to gain insight on how to best benefit the charitable organizations he has been a part of.

Clay Siegall And His Scientific Innovation

Many companies deal in cancer research. One of them is Seattle Genetics. It was founded in 1998 by Clay Siegall. His company is focused on scientific innovations as it works on cancer therapy. This is the reason why the stock prices of this company are constantly rising.

Seattle Genetics has a passion for helping people. It is focused on developing drugs that can help those who are suffering from cancer. Dr. Clay Siegall has been working in the field of biomedical science. He has been the chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics since 2002. This is the company he had co-founded in 1998.

Clay Siegall has worked tirelessly to take this company to the leadership position that it enjoys today. The company has come out with some ground-breaking therapies for the treatment of cancer patients.

Clay Siegall has a Ph.D. in Genetics. This he earned from the George Washington University. Hence he is fully qualified for this job. His list of professional accomplishments is long and extensive. He started his career as a Senior Research Investigator at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. This is where he was recognized for his achievements and got promoted as Principal Scientist. Then he became a Staff Fellow and Biotechnology Fellow at the National Cancer Institute. This was when he launched Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegall is deeply committed to implementing the latest in research developments. His true desire is to help patients as he is keen to alleviate their suffering. This passion, as well as drive, has helped him to take Seattle Genetics to great levels in terms of research in cancer therapy.

Under Clay Siegall’s leadership, the company developed its first antibody-drug conjugates. It was in 2011 that ADCETRIS® was able to get FDA approval. Now ADCETRIS® is going to make a global impact. Already it is helping patients suffering from cancer, in over 60 countries. Clay Siegall is an epitome of perseverance as well as dedication. This has led to the development of this ADC. Now it is being promoted so that it is made available to a large number of patients all around the world.