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What Alex Hern is Planning for Tsunami

Alex Hern, the CEO and Co-Founder of Tsunami VR Inc., and has served in various positions within the field of technology, as well as military commercial technologies. As a member of the Board of Directors for Silicon Valley Internet Capital, he was also the acting Vice President. Mr. Hern is known for working in various capacities, well-respected and regarded for his dedication to the path for success. Learn more about Alex at

Tsunami Ventures is known for its software development, as well as create solutions for those who are seeking to utilize virtual reality. Located in Greater Los Angeles, Tsunami aids in the development and delivering of some of the most innovative applications today. These applications are known for being interactive as well as for being some of the best and most useful applications in the world. The main purpose of Tsunami VR is to:

  • Explaining analytical data
  • Crack the case on operational effiiciency
  • Service some of the most complex programs around

The leading companies make use of the products put out by using them to raise the bar on their training, as well as their quality control. As a leader in hardware and software, any company would be wise to choose Tsunami VR as their go to solution for all things technology related. One of the primary things this company takes pride in is their ability to improve security, digital media, software as a service, mobility, and various other forms of communicating through technology. In the near future, virtual reality will be at the forefront of everything, making Tsunami VR a great choice for any company. Follow Alex Hern on

Milan Kordestani: Honest Business Owner, Professional Writer, Skilled Equestrian

Milan Kordestani is an equestrian, a business owner, a student, and an employee.

Many 19 year olds would find it difficult to juggle all of these roles, but Milan does it with ease.

Riding horses is a passion of his and something that he has been doing since the age of 10.

When Milan first boarded a horse, he was thrown off. The horse went wild and ran away.

However, Milan went after the horse. He chased it, caught up with it, and climbed right back on it.

His father, Omid Kordestani, found this to be very impressive for a 10 year old, as many children Milan’s age would have been frightened if in this situation.

Since that encounter, Milan has grown into a champion equestrian, ranking in many competitions.

His highest rank today is 2nd place, which he was rewarded when competing in the 2016 World’s Champion Horse Show.

When Milan isn’t riding horses, much of his time is spent at the Huffington Post where he writes about politics, agriculture, and mental health.

When he isn’t writing for the Post, he is attending college in his hometown of California or working on his farm.

Kordestani started Milan Farms when he was only 16 years old. On his farm, he grows eggs, mint, and saffron.

Milan currently has three farms on which he grows eggs. These eggs are 100& organic and are shipped to customers all over the west coast.

He ships his saffron and mint worldwide, making his business international.

Although Milan believes in the traditional way of doing things, he also believes in innovation.

Because he believes so strongly in finding new ways of doing things, he has been researching how to grow saffron hydroponically.

He has seen much success in his research and experimentation but is not yet ready to begin growing 100% of his saffron hydroponically.

Milan enjoys taking the time to speak to his customers and to answer any questions they may have.

He says that being honest is the only way to do business and feels that business owners should keep no secrets from their customers.

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Vijay Eswaran Talks about the Qualities of a Good Leader

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman with the net worth of over $500 million. As per Forbes, Vijay Eswaran is the 50th richest men in Malaysia. As a founder as well as Chief Executive Officer of QI Group, Vijay Eswaran is highly popular in Malaysia and is an inspiration to many young people in the country. The popularity of QI Group and its products and services have reached in many different countries today. QI Group’s headquarter is in Hong Kong, but it has regional offices in many different countries, including in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

During an interview, Vijay Eswaran mentioned that when he started his company, he faces many challenges. Since he did not have any connections, he was unable to get any funding for his business. Also, during that time, Asia was undergoing an economic crisis. But, he found partners that believed in him, and he wanted to earn for himself rather than for someone else. He wants to generate awareness about direct selling businesses so that more people can benefit from it. For him, his company is like a professional sports team and for it to work well; he has ensured that he not only has the best players but that they also work hard to achieve the best. For a business to be successful, it should have employees with the right attitude, and then there will be nothing that can stop them from succeeding.

Being a leader, Vijay Eswaran believes that a real leader is someone who serves and not just tells people what they need to do. These kinds of leaders are the best and are called the servant leaders. They are much better than other leaders that you might find. They care more about their subordinates and that in return allows them to take care of their customers. Servant leaders also know their objectives clearly, and their subordinates have full confidence in them knowing that their leaders are taking them in the right path. Vijay Eswaran is committed to growth, and for him, investment in the right people is worth every risk as they offer significant returns.Find out more about Vijay Eswaran:

Anthony Petrello Contributes His Own Funds To Hurricane Harvey Rescues

Tony Petrello is one of Houston’s top executives as CEO of one of the world’s largest oil drilling companies, Nabors Industries. But he’s also given millions of dollars to charities and humanitarian aid organizations including the Red Cross and local shelter groups that were key in assisting victims of hurricane Harvey. This hurricane, one of the deadliest in history left over $100 billion in damages, and Petrello and other executives at Nabors Industries decided to pitch in and help both financially and by devoting support on the ground. Company workers who volunteered time to help the rescue and cleanup agencies were paid for their time to do it, and there were many who help bring the victims to sheltered areas and prepared hot meals for them. Petrello raised just over $176 in his fundraiser and contributed a matching donation to that.

Tony Petrello first came to Nabors Industries in 1991 as Chief Operating Officer, and 20 years later he assumed the position as CEO and Chairman after Eugene Isenberg passed away. He earned a large compensation in 2013 as part of a shareholder renegotiation and that year earned $68.7 million ranging from base pay and stock and equity holdings in addition to bonuses. Before he came to Nabors Industries, he grew up in New Jersey and was a known math genius. He completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in advanced mathematics as a student at Yale University, but he went into law upon graduating and after completing his J.D. and the bar exam, he served for 13 years at Baker & McKenzie law firm. He had been elevated to partner of the firm prior to leaving for Nabors Industries.

Anthony Petrello married a former soap opera actress Cynthia Carrafa and together they’ve become parents to a young girl named Carena. Carena had an illness when she was born that caused periventricular leukomalacia, and one of the most difficult times in Petrello’s life was finding out how this disorder would permanently affect Carena’s life. But he did find out about a neurology research center at the Texas Children’s Hospital that Dan and Jan Duncan had given money to start, and upon meeting the Duncans Petrello told them he would be willing to do what it took to help research into a cure for PVL, cerebral palsy and many other childhood neurological disorders. The research institute has grown both in scope and technological tools available thanks to a $7 million contribution from Tony Petrello.

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These Are the Industries That Will See the Most Success In 2018 and Beyond, According to Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has an outstanding track record in the financial market. He has made one successful investment after another. This has nothing to do with luck. It is not magic. Paul has been able to pull this off because of the extensive research that he has done on trends in the marketplace. This helps him find investment opportunities that will be successful.

Paul Mampilly spends a lot of time researching his recommended stocks. He then spends hours just writing them down. No decision is made without extensive research on both sides of the issue.

Recently, Paul Mampilly made some recommendations about which stocks to invest in during the year 2018. Paul Mampilly believes that the food delivery industry is something that will continue to grow. Millennials are becoming more and more interested in services that deliver meal kits and healthy food. Plated and Blue Apron are just two examples. Millennials are not so excited about the big companies, like Coca Cola and General Mills. They are not so excited about large supermarkets and fast food, either. Instead, they just want healthy food. They are very well educated, so they know that unhealthy food is a bad choice. Food delivery services are convenient to them than shopping in large grocery stores.

Another prediction that Paul Mampilly has made is that there will be an iPhone moment in the car industry. An iPhone moment is a way of describing the way the cell phone industry was impacted by the release of the iPhone. Everyone has smartphones now, and nobody wants to buy a dumb phone. With the release of the Tesla Model 3, there will be an iPhone moment. You should stop investing in traditional cars such as Ford and Chrysler, and you should start investing in Tesla and other electric car stocks. He believes that the Tesla Model 3 will be a lot more popular than the Ford Model T was when it came out, especially since you can now use the internet to purchase your car. The Tesla Model 3 will be more convenient and will require less to maintain than a regular car.

Paul Mampilly explains that he follows a strategy that helps him even during market swings. It is based on solid buying and selling patterns. He shares his strategies to his subscribers through his Profits Unlimited newsletter.

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The CEO Behind USHealth’s Success Receives a Golden Award for His Dedication

Every American that is interested in the healthcare industry has already heard the famous name of the USHealth Group and their success at providing innovative health treatments that are award-winning and some of the best treatment methods in the market.

The triumph of USHealth would not be possible without the exceptional leadership of Troy McQuagge, the CEO of the company, who has been accompanying the group through their downfalls and successes for more than six years.

The inspiring leadership of Troy McQuagge was recognized this year when the executive received the Gold award as CEO of the year in the very prestigious One Planet Awards, a system that rewards entrepreneurs and company leaders with dedication and expertise at their areas.

Troy McQuagge is also the President of the USHealth Group and a member of the Board of Directors of the company. Before joining the central sector, he began his career with the group in 2010 as President & CEO of the USHealth Advisory office. The impressive work that he did at the firm earned him the spot in the central administration office that he has today.

The One Planet Awards are prestigious as many executives of the world are annually submitting their biographies and participating in the contest. The nominations are very competitive, and the Gold position shows the extreme passion that Mr. McQuagge has for his job in the USHealth firm.

Troy joined the team, and his first mission was to organize everything to set the company at its best working rate. By dedicating his time and effort in administrating the staff, educating the employees of the company and, more importantly, putting the customer above everything else, the CEO of the company has turned the slowly-growing company into a group that skyrocketed in reputation.

Positive feedback from clients of USHealh Group are usually complimenting the top notch treatments that are offered, but they also praise the administration staff for the impressive work that the team has put in updating the procedures in order to make them as customer-friendly as possible.

Troy McQuagge stated that he was incredibly honored in receiving the golden position of the One Planet Awards, and it meant a lot to the extreme dedication that he puts in delivering the best service, not only to the patients, who already know the man by heart but also in assisting the employees that also have extreme dedication in making everything work as optimally as possible.

One of the employees of USHealth spoke about his relationship with Troy and the administration team. According to him, Troy is always smiley and excited to talk to his employees at any given time. Without him, the company would not be as functional nor as exciting to work for.

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