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Ryan Seacrest Hosting 2018 American Idol Article Summary

Ryan Seacrest is a national award winning celebrity who holds positions as a TV host and producer in nationally syndicated and local radio. This year he is only adding to the list by becoming the host of the iconic music competition American Idol.

Already being a host for multiple other areas such as “On Air With Ryan Seacrest,” his No. 1 nationally syndicated Los Angeles based drive-time show, Seacrest is also a co-host and executive producer on the Disney/ABC syndicated morning talk show “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” Which made him a perfect candidate for American Idol 2018.

He also owns his own Emmy-winning production company Ryan Seacrest Productions(RSP). RSP has already produced some hit shows such as the E! series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and its spin offs, as well as E! “Live from the Red Carpet,” award shows, Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset,” CMT’s “I Love Kellie Pickler” and YouTube’s “Best.Cover.Ever.” Also, RSP produces a few other series such as “Shades of Blue,” an NBC drama series starring Jennifer Lopez, and even “Insatiable,” for Netflix. Netflix is very widely known. The company also produced the Emmy Award-winning reality series “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.”

Seacrest also has his OWN menswear collection, Ryan Seacrest Distinction. Which is only sold at macy’s and a men’s skincare line. Which is polished by Dr. Lancer, in partnership with famed global dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer showing its reliability. He also has a endorsement with Coca-Cola and Ford.

Not only does he have all that going on he is also serving as chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation(RSF), the board Los Angeles County Museum of Art(LACMA) and as honorary chair of the Grammy Foundation.

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Louis Chenevert: The Guy Who Used to Work for United Technologies Corporation

It’s weird to think that some people aren’t allowed to move on with their lives. Louis Chenevert is one of those guys who worked for a brilliant company and did brilliant things, but now, he can’t get a moment to himself.

Everyone wants to talk to him about when he worked for United Technologies Corporation. He doesn’t even work with UTC anymore, and people still want to talk to him about it. In 2014, he retired from UTC and started working for Goldman Sachs within the next year.

He only worked for Goldman Sachs for two years, but he loved working there as well. As he’s gotten older, he wanted to pull back a bit more every passing year. It’s not like when he was younger, a fresh young graduate from the University of Montreal. Now, he’s focused on sitting on Boards rather than personally leading the companies.

Of the many Boards that he sits on, some of them are at companies he worked at for many years. Others are attached to the university he attended and some professional ones that oversee the whole industry. Some of them are ones that he co-founded with other directing members.

Throughout his career, he’s learned so much he wishes he’d learned earlier. That’s something that everyone wishes for, but Chenevert really wishes he could start over. In his line of work, internal politics played a bigger role he first believed.

If he could go back and start again, he’d pay more attention to how destructive and disruptive politics could be. As a young entrepreneur, he wanted everyone to get along and for everything to just work out. Now, he realizes that was a horrible dream, and he would’ve accomplished so much more if he’d dropped naysayers and only worked with people who were determined to get it done.

He learned a lot of those lessons at his first job with General Motors.

Bob Reina: Big Things Are Ahead

When talking about Bob Reina, it is clear that the future is very bright for both him and Talk Fusion. They have big goals and big plans ahead, as they are always working on something. As a matter of fact, Bob Reina himself has said that he is always on the lookout for the next big thing. That is exactly the kind of attitude a company needs to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. They need to be looking all over for what is the next big thing and what can help them and what can push them in the right direction. They can’t be living in the past.


Bob Reina lives in the present and he lives in the future. He lives in the present by the fact that Talk Fusion is being run by him daily along with the help of his fellow employees. They are all there to lend a helping hand and guide him with the company. They are there to give him pointers and feedback. Unlike a lot of CEO’s, he truly values their opinion on what they have to say and he follows up on it. He keeps his pulse on the company to make sure it is running in the right direction.


As far as the future, he knows it is coming, and he wants to make sure Talk Fusion is ready for it. If there is a great idea to be discovered, he wants his team to come up with it. He does not want to fall behind. Even though they have been around for eleven years, he knows there is more they can accomplish and a lot more ways to get their name out there as a company. Talk Fusion is a name that truly stands for excellence and it stands for being the very best.


Bob Reina wants to keep his current customers happy and he also wants to bring in new customers as well that have never used Talk Fusion. He knows word of mouth is big and he wants people to keep spreading their positive experiences they have had using Talk Fusion to others. He wants Talk Fusion to remain fresh, exciting, and enticing for customers from all over the world. That is one of many goals that Bob Reina has for the company. He’s always looking to add new goals as well for the company. Learn more:






How Has Waiakea Water Committed To Environmental Conservation?

Waiakea bottled water has for more than three years featured among the top ten water brands across the world. The company was able to achieve this honourable fete partly because their water is wholly organic as well as due to their commitment to the conservation of the environment. This Hawaii volcanic water is drawn from pure water sources and passed through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock where it gets enriched with all the natural minerals needed by the body.

However, apart from its originality and philanthropic activities, Waiakea is best known for its dedication to the conservation of the environment. But what are some of the steps taken by the company geared towards the betterment of the environment?

  1. Use of low emission vehicles

Waiakea Company is much aware of the impact carbon emitted by vehicles plays in contributing to global warming. It, therefore, controls its carbon footprint during the supply of bottled water by ensuring that they only use low-emission vehicles for delivery of their products. This has seen the company earn the Carbon Neutral certification.

  1. Use of recyclable bottles

By the start of 2018, the company rolled out the world’s first degradable bottle program. This means that the company will be the first in the world to use a degradable and recyclable plastic bottle to pack its water. Such action isn’t just noble but also sets the pace for the rest of the bottled water industry.

  1. Support environment conservation causes

The Hawaii based water company has also received numerous accolades for its support to different environmental courses. You should note that Waiakea Water Company sets aside close to three percent of its annual revenue and donates them to various non-profit organizations committed to environmental conservation in the United States and across the world.

Bottom line

Waiakea proves to be more than just another top brand water company in that it doesn’t just bring the volcanic water benefits to the reach of many. It also joins the rest of the world in fighting against global warming by using low-emission vehicles and degradable plastic bottles as well as funding environmental conservation movements.

Investor Sahm Adrangi’s Newest Prediction Making Headlines

Hedge fund investor and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. Sahm Adrangi is making news again for another short sale initiative against another company developing a drug he sees as dead in the water. After successfully foretelling the failures of Prostvad and brexanolone in 2017, things don’t look good for Prothena’s NEOD001, a drug to treat AL amyloidosis. While nobody hopes a potential medication will fail, the activist investor would rather their shortcomings be found before too much hope is put into the drug by investors and potential patients. Prothena’s shares fell by 8% when Sahm Adrangi made his research public meaning his track record has caused investors to listen. View Sahm Adrangi at

Sahm Adrangi’s bets against biotech companies are not his first investments to be deemed news-worthy. In 2011, his bets against US-listed Chinese companies he determined to be scams who had all participated in reverse mergers brought international attention to the then under 30-year-old investor. A reverse merger is a process where foreign companies will trade stock with failing companies in the United States to become listed on the US stock exchange.

While not the only investor to use this method against fraudulent, he was one of the youngest. Some of the companies that Sahm Adrangi put on the defensive included the China Education Alliance, China MediaExpress, Rino, China-Biotics, and several more. Learn more about Sahm Adrangi at

In the case of the China Education Alliance, he sent researchers to the location of the actual “school” itself where they found the “modern classrooms” consisted of mainly empty rooms with no desks for the supposed 1,200 students who attended and a website that did not function in any useful capacity. The value of the for-profit school quickly dropped to $35 million from $150 million and the China Education Alliance became the target of enforcement action from authorities.

Sahm Adrangi’s actions taken against China-Biotics caused the company’s auditors to resign over the fear of legal repercussions. The company misreported how many outlets their products were in: instead of the 100 reported there were only 4. The producer of industrial pollution control equipment, Rino, watched their stocks plummet so low they are not on exchange.


Meet Bob Reina; the CEO of Talk Fusion

Technology has been simplifying many business operations and meetings. Technology firms are working hard to come up with more sophisticated software that comes with convenience and efficiency. Talk Fusion is one the companies that have been on the front line in developing software that makes meetings and presentations easy. Bob Reina is the CEO of the company, and recently he has announced that they have developed an improved version of Live Meeting.



Live meeting is a computer program that enhances sophisticated real-time communication. This application comes with an updated interface, and it uses the WebRTC system. It enables individuals to hold video based conferences as well as transmitting one-way videos. Bob said that this application supports 15 hosts and 500 participants maximumly. One just needs to use a tablet, smartphone or a pc to connect. The software has come with significant enhancements that make Talk Fusion remain on top when it comes to meeting and presentations software.



This new version comes with a recording technology that doesn’t need a separate download. This makes everything simple as users just need to access it through browsers. No plug-in for the software is required. Bob Reina has been very instrumental at Talk Fusion in employing strategies that make the company remain competitive in the industry. The company has applied new promotional methods to attract video suite and live meeting users.



Bob has confirmed that the new software comes with a lot of benefits. One of the benefits is that it offers clear audio as well as sharp video. Also, the new interface is well designed making it easy to use for new users. Talk Fusion software has been enabling commercial users to increase their revenue as well as retaining their loyal clients. Talk Fusion has also developed Video Chart software that even received a WebRTC award.



Bob Reina has come a long way. Reina received higher education at the University of South Florida and joined the police force where he served for some years. He was selling products at the commission, and after realizing his selling abilities, he left the police force. He focused on network marketing and developed an idea Talk Fusion in 2004. He launched the company after three years and started to build software products that benefit many businesses. Learn more:


Equities First Holdings UK

The company has been recently remain due to a change in the culture and being purchased by another company. with that being said, the company still has the same motto, and thought process when it comes to help the customer. The company wants the customer to get the best financial advice possible. Regardless if they go through Equities First Holdings. The company is known as one of the best places to go if you are interested in getting all the financial advice you need. The company will help you prepare for the future and it will help you save for retirement, or plan for a long trip. All the financial advice you need can be found here. If you are in need of a loan then this company can also help you with that problem. The offer some of the best rates to their customer and will help you every step of the way.

Anthony Petrello- change of life after the birth of daughter

Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia have been a very successful family in all their business endeavors. They are both corporate managers with remarkable track records in their respective organizations. Their life has been almost perfect until their welcomed their first daughter, Carena. Petrello says of how they would set goals as a family and within no time they would have achieved them. They were able to “fix things” at will. To them achieving the goals they had set was never a problem. They were already doing it in monumental levels in the organizations they were working for.

The challenge they have faced with their daughter, however, has been one of its kind. Both being business executives means they have little or no contribution in treating the condition their daughter was suffering from. Their only daughter was suffering from a neurological condition which had incapacitated his abilities to walk, talk or eat. As a couple who were used to achieving their goals with ease, this challenge was frustrating. They had to depend on the expertise of someone else to solve their problem.

What was even more frustrating to Anthony Petrello is that there was inadequate research that had been conducted in the field of brain research for children. This meant it was going to be an uphill for his daughter to get proper medical care that would have resolved his case.

About Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the head of the largest drilling company in the world. His company Nabors Industries for which he acts as the CEO deals with oil and natural gas drilling company. Anthony Petrello started preparing himself for top roles while in the university. He studied mathematics at Yale University and then law at Harvard law school. Anthony Petrello was born in Newark, a small town in New Jersey. After securing a job with Nabors, he moved to Houston, Texas from where he has been running the business operations. His wife is a former actress.

Life for the couple was good. However, after Carena was born with a life-threatening condition, things had to take a new twist. Petrello had a new challenge to handle. He traveled all over the world looking for a medical facility that would treat her daughter, but he was never successful. There was no comprehensive way of solving the problem he was facing. As a business executive, he could find a solution for every challenge he experienced in the course of his duties. He could not sit back. He decided to use his money to make sure that the neurological disorder was addressed by starting a research center that would come up with a method of treatment.

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New Oil Drilling Project Commences Thanks to Talos Energy

In the Mexican government, a change is brewing. In a few short years, their policy has changed. It used to be that no outside companies could invest in the oil and gas industries inside of Mexico. This role has been for one company only, Pemex. The country has opened their borders in the world of financial influx and with that has come a new horizon.

In 2015, a bidding war took place in which numerous companies fought for the chance to drill for oil. Analysts predicted that the well would hold somewhere from 100 to 500 million barrels of oil. It would be millions of dollars of profit for the companies involved.

However, it would also cost millions of dollars. The winners of that bid were Premier Oil, Sierra Oil and Gas, and Talos Energy. Between the three of them, they will share the roles of drilling and transporting the oil. However, Talos is the operator and thus has the most authority over the sight in which they’re working day and night to extract the precious liquid from the sea.

Since its founding, Talos Energy has had wild success. They started in 2012 as a private equity backed company and have grown quickly to acquire another company called Helix for hundreds of millions of dollars. Phoenix Holdings is the parent company, and a team of investors came together to make the firm happen. Since that time, they grown to have revenues of over $500 million per year.

The company focuses on exploring regions on the coast of Texas, as well as Mexico. They then create oil rigs and drill for the oil. When they capture it, they can do as much as 16,000 barrels of oil per day across all of their operations. This is quite impressive. However, perhaps more impressive is the revenue sharing that the employees take part in. Instead of having a normal salary, workers at Talos get to participate in the large amount of upside. This leads to an office culture where everyone wants to contribute. It also made them the number one small business in their industry.

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Success Story of Tony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is a leading business leader in the United States and the globe at large. He is the president as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. This is the global leading company that deals with oil and natural gas drilling. Nabors industries under the leadership of Tony Petrello has risen to be the number one service provider in the mining sector. The innovative ideas that have been put in place by Tony Petrello have made the firm a global leader. Since he joined the firm in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer, he has been a key player in ensuring that the firm realizes substantial growth. When the history of Nabors is written, Tony Petrello will definitely be part of it. Although he has an educational background in mathematics and law, Tony has not disappointed as a business executive.

Tony Petrello holds a master in mathematics from the University of Yale. This is the university that spotted his talent in mathematics and offered him a full scholarship. Tony had the unique opportunity of being mentored by one of the best mathematicians at the time known as Serge Lang. Serge was a professor of mathematics at the institution. Together they worked on a number of mathematical theories that remained unproven. Tony handled problems that his fellow students could not even attempt.

Tony Petrello, however, did not become a mathematician as many hoped. At some point, he dropped his dream of being a mathematician and shifted to law studies. He joined Harvard law school where he graduated with a Juris Doctor. This was a considerably a big shift given that he had moved from mathematics to social sciences. However, this shift did not in any way affect his determination to accomplish his dreams.

After completing his studies, Tony Petrello married his current wife, Cynthia. Before working for Nabors industries, Tony Petrello worked for various business enterprises. When he finally joined Nabors, it was never a walk in the Park. He had to work his way up like every other employee in the firm. Tony Petrello joined Nabors in 1991 as the COO. As the manager responsible for operations in the firm, Tony streamlined the activities of the firm in such a way that they aligned with the business goals. His contribution in the firm has been huge. As the CEO he is responsible for all activities that happen at the firm.

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