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Seeing It Through: Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin has been in business for quite a while now. When his career started he was an investment banker. In the early seventies that quickly changed when fast food conglomerate McDonald’s asked Lavin to help Otto and Sons with their meat packing and distribution. Once Sheldon Lavin took the job he was hooked. He quickly found his niche and was not only able to help McDonald’s go global but he also took the OSI Group to the next level as well. After more than forty years the accolades are starting to come in for him and it is well deserved.

At first when McDonald’s approached Sheldon Lavin to take on the job he wasn’t quite sure if it would work. After the company became OSI Group in 1975 he was convinced he could do the job and do it well. He has been at the helm of OSI Group and makes sure that everything in the company runs smoothly. He is actively involved in the day to day affairs of OSI Group and makes sure that the highest standards are met. He also uses cutting-edge technology to help the company stay ahead in the field of meat packing and transport.

Sheldon Lavin has grown with the company over the years helped OSI Group stay at the forefront in its respective fields. One of the biggest changes that he and OSI saw over that time was the invention of using liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing. In the early seventies, it helped OSI take the leap into the big leagues and helped make McDonald’s a worldwide sensation. The technology was able to keep foods frozen no matter where the food was being transported to. This is thanks in part to Lavin and his team that made the transition possible.

These are just a couple of the things that make the name of Sheldon Lavin so well known in the meatpacking and processing communities. He was able to not only help put the name McDonald’s on the world stage but his own as well. For a man like him, that is saying something.

Fagali Island and Airport

Choosing the right location for a trip outside of your country can be very intimidating. Luckily, when traveling to Fagali, the island greets you with a mesmerizing sight of crystal clear water before landing at the international airports present. Fagali, also known as Fagali’i, is a beautifully cultured and diverse island that is located in Samoa, Upolu. Passengers traveling from the United States, Australia, and New Zealand can only land at the Pago Pago International Airport located in Samoa. Faleolo International Airport is located west of Apia, while Fagali airport is located at the capital of Samoa. Many people that travel to and from different countries commonly travel to these airports when visiting this island. Read more articles about Fagali at

There are many exotic and fascinating places to explore in the world, however, if an opportunity is present to take a trip to this mysterious place, it is wise to stop by. From the top of the highest mountain to the last grain of rice on your plate, this small island will leave all travelers and residents with wonderful memories. The airports on this island can be much smaller than most airports across the world. Even though it is small in size, travelers are very pleased with the aesthetic and reliable. A breath-taking view of the island’s horizon is captured when landing. Photographs can not capture the beauty of this island all in one picture.

The streets and homes on this island are filled with exotic culture uncommon towards the rest of the world. The people are very kind, humble, and welcoming. Religion is very important to be practiced to the majority of residents. The food is absolutely phenomenal. All of the different spices and unique flavors combined together surprises many with the first bite. With so many things to discover on this island, visiting a place like this would create an experience never forgotten. Visit:


Dr. Mark McKenna and the OVME concept

Dr. Mark McKenna is a professional in the healthcare sector who has found a way of bringing services delivery closer to the people. He runs a company known as OVME which is an aesthetics company that connects patients and professional service care providers. The company applies technology as one of the key methods through which one will be able to accomplish the mission on the table. Dr. Mark McKenna holds a degree in medicine from Tulane University., New Orleans. He was insured by his father who was also a doctor to join this profession. However, he was not just someone to follow one line of success.

While Dr. Mark McKenna was still in his early stages of medical practice, he established a real estate business that offered real estate development services in New Orleans. The company performed very well but was one day brought to an end by Hurricane Katrina. It wiped out all the projects e had done leaving him with no other option to quit. He had also realized that the real estate industry was tough to navigate since it was highly affected by external financial factors which would lead to a mortgage crisis.

Dr. Mark McKenna made a comeback in the medical career. But before he made the switch, he rebuilds his infrastructure in New Orleans. Back in the medical sector, he saw some good opportunities that he could take and make them some great entrepreneurship opportunities. Due to the technological revolution which was taking place in the medical sector, he saw this as a great opportunity to come up with a technology application that would bring better services delivery in the industry.

After leaving the real estate business, he was inspired by Uber and Bloomberg which had taken advantage of the technological advancements to create products that had a global appeal. These companies had identified the needs of the people and then used technology to fulfill these needs. As we talk, there are some of the greatest companies in the world. With this in mind, he decided to make a move that would bring the same concept to the medical industry. That is how the idea of OVME was born.

Sahm Adrangi Fills The Public In On Why Kerrisdale Capital Is Shorting The St. Joe Company

Sahm Adrangi is the founder and chief information officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC., and he has been exposing companies whose stocks are overvalued for quite some time. Kerrisdale, under his guidance, is research-driven company that is business to present the facts related to potential investment possibilities that the general public may not be aware of. The industries that Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale focus on the most are the mining, biotech, and telecommunications industries. Adrangi works very hard to get the information that is needed to give a more accurate picture of how any company is doing, and he gained a lot of notoriety when he exposed fraudulent companies in China.

Just a few months ago, Sahm Adrangi put together a compelling argument to short the St. Joe Company. He stated that while the company’s $1 billion valuation looked good theoretically, it was unrealistic and full of holes. He believes the company is worth at least 40% less than it is valued at currently, and a lot of the reason he believes this is related to a large tract of land the company owns that is supposed to be developed into something special. This particular project hasn’t seen any improvement for a decade or so, and the land that is supposedly going to be developed into a prime retirement community, where people are lining up to get in, is swampy, desolate, and not located near the beaches that draw in many retirees.

Sahm Adrangi has pointed out that the St. Joe Company hasn’t filed for any permits and no public hearings have occurred. The best land in the area has already been developed by the St. Joe Company near the beach and Highway 30A, and on top of this, Fairholme Fund, which owns $410 million of the stock of the St. Joe Company is set to sell close to half of it off. There is also plenty of conflict of interest issues within the St. Joe Company as two Fairholme Fund directors sit on its board of directors. The final straw that will most likely break the camel’s back is the fact that this new supposed development is what the company is pointing to as the thing that will raise their value, and it hasn’t happened for nearly 10 years, as it is.

PSI Pay Joins A Wedding Party

What’s one of your best outcomes of your trips to a cafe? For Jamie Hill it was a eureka moment he didn’t even know he needed until Jason Bradbury waved at his point of sale (POS) device for his morning espresso. Four months later his fiancee would slip a one of a kind KERV unto his ‘until death do us part’ finger. KERV is able to accomplish this marvel through its partnership with PSI Pay.

KERV Wearables (KERV) offers innovative financial and home office technology platforms that promote fashion and global range. KERV began showcasing its contactless payment ring as early as 2014 and solidified its relevant MasterCard collaboration as early as 2017. With its system connections in conjunction with PSI Pay the user does not need a personal identification number (PIN) or secret access code or card while at the POS. Simply wave your ring closely near to the RFID enabled POS device of your retailer and your payment will transfer. The current transaction upper limit is £30. It comes in particularly handy when you’re using London’s public bus and Tube systems.

PSI Pay distinguishes itself as differentiated banking for small and home business success and is based out of the United Kingdom (UK). Offering services since 2007 it’s recognized as a groundbreaking pioneer in global payment and end to end data transactions. The Company is also licensed to produce prepaid and debit cards. It’s a member of MasterCard with principle level status since 2009 and the current capabilities to serve Mastercard payment links in every state of the European Union since the year 2014. To date PSI Pay is licensed to transact payment processing throughout 173 countries and 44 currencies.

To gain perspective on the growing importance of customized and dependable financial technology (FinTech) note these stats. In 2008 world investment in FinTech topped $929.9 million and in 2015 it topped in at over $21 billion! That’s an astronomical increase within significantly less than ten years. One would have to conclude that there’s a market for it.

And Jamie Hill’s take on PSI Pay? He sports that first fashion practical wedding ring set outside in ocean black and inside in ocean teal and currency connected ever since Jasmine slipped it on him in serious avowal. Most impressive? Their wedding registry option to easily load gift deposits of money unto their KERV Wearables Contactless Payment Wedding Ring instead of leaving them cash in envelopes.

Jeunesse Global: Evolution in Beauty Products

Jeunesse Global is a skincare and beauty products manufacturer. The company is focused on enhancing the beauty and healthy life for its customers. Jeunesse was launched in 2009 on September 9. The victory behind its start-up was the mind of Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray after their retirement from successful entrepreneurship. According to the two co-founders, the digit 9 (in the date and time) was a representation of durability and achievement for their company. Jeunesse is a manufacturer of youth enhancement products, an idea conceived in Randy’s and Wendy’s minds. This marked a rewarding compensation for the two after retirement in the direct sales business. Their approach is all tech based in providing and sharing new products, maintenance and training.


There is a wide range of enhancement products manufactured by Jeunesse. Each product has its purpose and specific places of the human body where it is applied. These innovative products help in retaining a young appearance for ageing people as well as body fitness. During a statement with BusinessWire, Scott Lewis said that the cosmetic industry represents a $62 billion in the United States alone. The Chief Visionary Officer expressed the company’s desire to expand its products distribution fast and effective using a new piece of tech.


Jeunesse has numerous products in its line. Instant ageless is micro cream that gives results in less than two minutes. The cream targets parts of the skin that have lost youthfulness causing a noticeably toned and lifted skin. Once applied, the effect lasts from six to nine hours unchanged. To help its customers in using their products well for the best results, Jeunesse offers application guidelines for the target spots. Instant ageless helps solve forehead wrinkles, facial pores, eyebrows, hooded eyes and under-eye bags. Each area has specifications on how to apply for best results.


Luminesce is another product by Jeunesse. It is an anti-ageing skincare. It reinstates youth liveliness and increasing skin radiance. The product also lessens the presence of wrinkles and fine lines illuminating an exceptional skin glow. The product has been developed by dermatologists with hydrating formulas consisting of an elite, registered APT-200. It is responsible for retaining a smoother, softer, and fresher skin appearance.

Gregory Aziz Journey Into The Land Of Greener Pasture

18 years, is how long Gregory J. Aziz has been at the helm of National Steel Cars. In his reign at the top of the rail cars manufacturers, the company has seen itself as a monopoly in the car manufacturing in North America each year getting ratification and recertification. But, why should it not? With the high quality of rail cars, it produces each year and the generosity shown by the company to the local community, its employees, and clients.


James Aziz is a man with the hand of gold. Everything he has been involved has always culminated in success. His academic life took a step further when he joined Ridley College. He furthered his education by joining University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a Bachelor of Economics.


1The man with a hand of gold first touch was with felt with the family business. The family was involved in the affiliated wholesale food business distribution. The distribution was done to local stores. When Gregory Aziz came in the family business jumped into wholesale distribution of food. The sources of the food came from countries all around Europe and also countries in central and South America. The company scaled its distribution to United States of America and parts of Canada, especially in the East part. View More Information Here.


The next chapter of Gregory J. Aziz was in the banking sector. His hand of gold turned his new venture into success when he started in 1980. However, this journey was to take another step for the better. The man saved enough money from the two ventures he had undertaken earlier in his life to write a new chapter in his world of success.


The year for the new chapter was 1994. He made a deal with Dofasco to buy the railcar manufacturing business known as the National Steel car. Undertaking this task was not for the faint-hearted, the task that lay ahead needed a heart of steel.

A combination of a hand of gold and a heart of steel saw Gregory Aziz convert the company into a success. A combination of additional human resource, capital and choosing the right people saw the company more than triple its production to slightly above 12,000 rail cars per annum.

The major success made by Greg Aziz is a perfect testimony of vision and determination and how it can lead one into the land of ‘greener’ pasture.


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Ryan Seacrest Hosting 2018 American Idol Article Summary

Ryan Seacrest is a national award winning celebrity who holds positions as a TV host and producer in nationally syndicated and local radio. This year he is only adding to the list by becoming the host of the iconic music competition American Idol.

Already being a host for multiple other areas such as “On Air With Ryan Seacrest,” his No. 1 nationally syndicated Los Angeles based drive-time show, Seacrest is also a co-host and executive producer on the Disney/ABC syndicated morning talk show “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” Which made him a perfect candidate for American Idol 2018.

He also owns his own Emmy-winning production company Ryan Seacrest Productions(RSP). RSP has already produced some hit shows such as the E! series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and its spin offs, as well as E! “Live from the Red Carpet,” award shows, Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset,” CMT’s “I Love Kellie Pickler” and YouTube’s “Best.Cover.Ever.” Also, RSP produces a few other series such as “Shades of Blue,” an NBC drama series starring Jennifer Lopez, and even “Insatiable,” for Netflix. Netflix is very widely known. The company also produced the Emmy Award-winning reality series “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.”

Seacrest also has his OWN menswear collection, Ryan Seacrest Distinction. Which is only sold at macy’s and a men’s skincare line. Which is polished by Dr. Lancer, in partnership with famed global dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer showing its reliability. He also has a endorsement with Coca-Cola and Ford.

Not only does he have all that going on he is also serving as chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation(RSF), the board Los Angeles County Museum of Art(LACMA) and as honorary chair of the Grammy Foundation.

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National Steel Car Is On The Victory Course With Gregory Aziz As The Lead

1Gregory James Aziz is the mastermind behind National Steel Car these days and has done a great job returning the company to its leading position in the industry. When the company first opened for business back in 1912 through the partnership of five businessmen, National Steel Car was a huge success. It is Gregory’s mission to make the company great again as the President and Chief Executive Officer. There have been hiccups along the way, but Gregory J Aziz has taken every opportunity to innovate and bring new ideas to the company. Home to Ontario in Canada, National Steel Car provides the entirety of North America with railways and freight cars through their own manufacturing.


National Steel Car was owned by another corporation before Gregory Aziz was able to take over. DOFASCO was the company who sold it to Gregory and they had owned it for more than 30 years. Nonetheless, they didn’t do much to bring the company back onto the leaderboard. Gregory brought a lot of ideas and innovations to the company, but he also had a tremendous amount of help from his team as well, all of which dedicated time and effort into bettering the company. Gregory is the president of the company, but he allows his employees to have more input to directly influence the company as well. So far, this tactic has worked well and allowed the company to run smoothly with the ever-increasing number of employees.


Innovation is the main aspect of success for the company according to Gregory. He believes that pushing to innovate and try new ideas are what keeps a company fresh and the perspectives changing. In this way, clients needs can be accommodated in a much more fluid way without hard transitions as the market changes. Gregory Aziz has managed to change operations in the company to such a degree that nearly all former procedures before Gregory took over are non-existent. Also, much more emphasis is placed on the customers and feedback is also taken into consideration at National Steel Car. Visit This Page for additional information


During Gregory’s time at the family business, he primarily acted as a service provider, but it taught him new ways to look at management and dealing with customers as well as employees. Using what he learned from his time at Affiliate Foods and Ontario University, Gregory has made something of National Steel Car one again.



Louis Chenevert: The Guy Who Used to Work for United Technologies Corporation

It’s weird to think that some people aren’t allowed to move on with their lives. Louis Chenevert is one of those guys who worked for a brilliant company and did brilliant things, but now, he can’t get a moment to himself.

Everyone wants to talk to him about when he worked for United Technologies Corporation. He doesn’t even work with UTC anymore, and people still want to talk to him about it. In 2014, he retired from UTC and started working for Goldman Sachs within the next year.

He only worked for Goldman Sachs for two years, but he loved working there as well. As he’s gotten older, he wanted to pull back a bit more every passing year. It’s not like when he was younger, a fresh young graduate from the University of Montreal. Now, he’s focused on sitting on Boards rather than personally leading the companies.

Of the many Boards that he sits on, some of them are at companies he worked at for many years. Others are attached to the university he attended and some professional ones that oversee the whole industry. Some of them are ones that he co-founded with other directing members.

Throughout his career, he’s learned so much he wishes he’d learned earlier. That’s something that everyone wishes for, but Chenevert really wishes he could start over. In his line of work, internal politics played a bigger role he first believed.

If he could go back and start again, he’d pay more attention to how destructive and disruptive politics could be. As a young entrepreneur, he wanted everyone to get along and for everything to just work out. Now, he realizes that was a horrible dream, and he would’ve accomplished so much more if he’d dropped naysayers and only worked with people who were determined to get it done.

He learned a lot of those lessons at his first job with General Motors.