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Jose Henrique Borghi Helps Create Ad to Help Combat Violence Against Women

Jose Henrique Borghi has helped create an advertisement for Claudia Magazine which is owned by the Abril Group in Brazil. Mr. Borghi is an award winning publicist who used to work at Borghi Lowe. His list of awards include winning over 14 different Cannes Lions awards for advertising and marketing. In addition to winning Cannes Lions, Jose Henrique Borghi has also received prizes for his marketing and advertising efforts from local Brazilian institutions and international organizations.

The advertisement that Jose Borghi helped to create for Claudia Magazine highlights the abuse and violence of women in Brazil that is all too prevalent. Jose Henrique Borghi’s ad is meant to be played on YouTube. The ad is exactly 15 seconds long and lasts just long enough before a person can skip that advertisement.

This ad contains only text and no images. As soon as the ad plays a timer begins that counts down 15 seconds. The 15 second length and timer is meant to convey the point that almost every 15 seconds, a woman in Brazil is assaulted or beaten. This advertisement also has a theme. It is you can skip this advertisement after 15 seconds, but the woman who faces a beating in the next 15 seconds cannot. The ad then encourages people to take action and stand against violence by calling a 1-800 number in Brazil.

Claudia Magazine’s advertisement that was created by Jose Henrique Borghi debuted on International Women’s Day. The debut date is significant because International Women’s Day represents the achievements and rights that women have achieved to this day throughout history. Mr. Borghi highlights that Brazil remains one of the highest ranked countries when it comes to female homicides and violence against women. Hopefully the ad helps bring attention to this problem and will help prevent future attacks against women. Click here to know more.

Optimistic Views of the Brazillian Manufacturing Industry

In recent news, Flavio Maluf, the president of Eucatex, stated his optimism about the industry partly due to entrepreneurs. He stated that the executives within the manufacturing industry are also a lot more optimistic about an improved feasibility in the sector for the upcoming months like it has never happened before.


More Details from Brazilian Businessman, Flavio Maluf


This elevated confidence from entrepreneurs was established by the Industry Confidence Index, ICI, in September 2016 since there was a 2.1 increase in the index. This means the ICI reached 88.2 points in September. And according to Maluf, this was the highest result since July 2014 when the points totaled 88.8.


The data on ICI are retrieved through the executives’ analysis of the recent activities plus the following six months. And furthermore, the Brazilian Institute of Economics of Fundação Getúlio Vargas carried out the manufacturing industry survey.

The Institute collected around five to 23 leaders of over 1,120 companies in last September. Thus, 12 out of 19 segments have shown an improvement in respondents’ perspectives.


The volume of stocks is one of the most relevant aspects that contributed to the improvement of entrepreneurs as well. This is because many managers are now rating stocks highly, according to Maluf. Maluf, who is also the Vice Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Executive Officer, the Chairman of the Board of Executive Officers, and the director of Eucatex, also stated that the NUCI, the capability utilization, had an increase of .9 percent this past September which reached a total of 74.7%, and this represents the largest amount since December 2015.


About Eucatex


Established in November 1951, Eucatex is the first Brazilian company that cared about the environment and acoustic comfort so much that they used eucalyptus as raw material for the production of ceiling tiles and panels. They are headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, and they have offices throughout the world.


Jeffry Schneider Is A Great Man

Jeffry Schneider is a great man who is a walking example of what hard work and perseverance lead to. As CEO and founder of the boutique investment company, Ascendant Capital LLC., he has built a company with a solid foundation that has lasted through many ups and downs in the world market. Ascendant works mainly with alternative investments and mainly works with mature companies that have low debt and create capital with an exit time frame of 3-5 years. Under Jeffry’s leadership, the company has made over $1 billion and works with over 250 investment advisors, 50 broker dealers, and a large number of family offices. The profit earned for its clients is used to buy up auto dealerships, tech companies, real estate, and more.


Before the creation of Ascendant, Jeffry Schneider worked for numerous high-class firms including Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, and Smith Barney. It was during the time spent with these firms that he learned about the alternative investment market. With that knowledge he moved on to spend time in the management departments for both Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management. His duties with these firms was to make sure that particular hedge fund manager were a match for the various clients of the firms. He ensured this by forming close relationships with them and taking the time necessary to feel them out. He also advised alternative investment managers about the best possible ways to build up their investment vehicles.

Jeffry Schneider works very hard to maintain his health and not only researches information about nutrition and healthy eating, but also participates in many half ironman challenges. These competitions require him to complete a 13.1 mile run, a 1.2 mile swim, and a 56 mile bicycle ride. He couples his love of traveling with these races and visits countries around the world to take part in them. Some of the places he has visited to compete include Croatia, New Zealand, Chile, Saint Croix, and various states in the U.S.A.


Jeffry calls Austin, Texas his home and donates to several different local charities including Wonders and Worries and the Cherokee Home for Children.





Most People find themselves working just for the money. Actually, very few people love their jobs but even when one doesn’t, well one needs to pay bills. Mike Baur is one of the people who are fortunate enough to have a job that is in line with their likes and passion. As a result, he is enthusiastic about his job and is fully committed to it. He is the co-founder and managing director at Swiss Startup Factory. This is a mentor company for startups in ICT sector that is based in Zurich, Switzerland.



When he was young, Baur always admired people working in the banking and finance industry and hoped that one day he would be just like them. To achieve his passion, he undertook an MBA in business at the University of Rochester and York. He also advanced his studies by taking an Executive MBA from University of Bern. After completing his studies, he joined the banking industry in Switzerland and has worked with great banks such as UBS and Clariden Leu.



At Swiss Startup Factory, Baur has played a key role in coaching new entrepreneurs. The company offers a three month mentorship program for startups. This program is called the accelerator program and has intakes in the months of February and September. During the program, entrepreneurs are exposed to the finance, accounting, payroll, sales and general management aspects of business. They are also given office spaces to work in during the period. The factory also invites prosperous IT entrepreneurs to motivate these startups and also interact and network with them. To join the program, all one requires is to make an application and those qualifying are contacted by the company.



Swiss Startup Factory was established in 2002 with an aim to help ICT companies in their initial stages to grow into large companies. They realized that most new ICT companies fail due to inadequacy of the entrepreneurs. The company also gives talks in various entrepreneurship forums such as the investor Panel at the WORLDWEBFORUM Next Generation event , the Fintech Startup Weekend in Switzerland and Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich (HWZ) Startup event.



Baur likes to groom other entrepreneurs and is a great asset to Swiss Startup Factory. He has represented the company in many occasions such as the partnership with Fintech Fusion. He has also been in the judge panel during entrepreneurship contests such as START Summitter; a pitching contest for start-up contest at the University of ST Gallen.


Hussain Sajwani: Restructuring the Global Real Estate Industry

Hussain Sajwani is a real estate magnate with over 30 years of experience in pioneering enterprises and growing fast-paced businesses. He is an alumnus of the University of Washington, where he studies commerce. Hussain Sajwani is the founder and Chairman of DAMAC Group, which is a multi-billion real estate firm with its headquarters and Dubai and operations in over 20 nations.


Sajwani has proved to be successful in the capital and global equity market. He is also richly endowed with skills in sales, marketing strategies, legal, finance, property development, and administration. These skills have enabled him to have an incredible track record. Sajwani also seats in various boards including Juno Online, Majan University College, and Emirates Takaful Company.


Hussain Sajwani Relationship with Donald Trump


Hussain Sajwani is confident that his business dealings with President Trump will continue even after the president made it clear that he won’t be involved in businesses while in office. For a while, the two business moguls have been enjoying a healthy business relationship. There health business collaboration was confirmed when Trump praised Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Group. Hussain Sajwani and his company DAMAC Group completed the construction of the Trump International Golf Club and the second one will be ready by 2018. Sajwani believes that Trump’s daughter and sons have the potential to run the family business and, therefore, their business dealings will continue.


DAMAC Group Business Ventures


DAMAC Group is mostly associated with real estate development and recently, development of luxurious golf course in collaboration with Donald Trump. Hussain Sajwani founded the company in 2002, and it has its headquarters in Dubai. The Company is also involved in other business dealings including the food service. Hussain Sajwani is also considering venturing the stock market with the London Stock Exchange. DAMAC also has projects in some of the world’s largest cities such as Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Amman, Dubai, and London.


DAMAC Group Philanthropic Involvements


DAMAC Group has been involved in various charitable causes. Recently, the organization donated AED two million towards a campaign to clothe one million underprivileged children across the world. It was estimated that the donation would cloth around 50,000 needy children. In 2015, the firm donated AED one million to UAE Compassion Campaign that supported the victims of Huda In Levant region.


Looking Into The Ideologies That Jason Hope Has About Investment

A recent research that was published showed that the top seven richest men in the world put together were richer than 3.5 billion of the remaining people on the planet. These seven include the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and the others. While it is true that everyone dreams about establishing a business, being their own boss and even retiring early, very few people are actually able to turn this into reality.

One entrepreneur who has had massive success in the world of investing and believes that he has tips that can help others succeed in the world of technology is Jason Hope.

Where he got the inspiration to start his business
Jason states that when one studies anything that is related to finance, the society expects them to get into things like the financial markets. While he was pretty confident that he could succeed in that, he decided to try the world of technology instead. After looking for a way into technology, Jason Hope chose mobile technology. When he made a comparison between mobile and other forms of technology, he realized that close to 90 percent of the population was making use of their phones. He somehow knew that an information age that would be marked by the mobile device as a change catalyst was imminent and his bet was spot on.

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Creation of multiple revenue streams
Jason says that the one thing that has helped him get the financial freedom that he is experiencing right now is the fact that he decided to invest in a variety of things. The first company that he created to deal with his mobile based developments is known as Jawa. The services that are offered by this company include provision of SEO services, information systems for computers and other businesses and also other types of interactive software. He firmly believes that the future is based on advances in technology and with his company; he is ready to combat any changes.

Time he took before becoming profitable
Jason admits that he was lucky because as soon as he started his investments, he started making profits. To expand his earning capacity, he decided to invest back the profits in other companies. Jason is truly an inspiration.

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George Soros Business Insider Recap

Scores of citizens from all over the world believe recently selected United States President, Donald Trump, is in reality a fraud and a tyrant. One such citizen who holds this conviction is Mr. George Soros. George Soros has observed such tyrants rise to power before, men with no intention of aiding the public at large and who instead create pandemonium. Mr. George Soros immigrated from war plagued and Nazi-occupied Hungary. George escaped the Holocaust and he knows personally how immoral men can achieve power over a nation and extend their destructive attitude amongst the population.

Mr. George Soros, and those who are accustomed to doing business with Donald Trump, recognize that Trump had no intentions of winning the Presidency and actually was attempting to manufacture worldwide interest on Forbes to his corporation’s brand. However, now that Donald Trump is all of a sudden President, nobody can be confident of exactly what Trump might do. This is because Trump is known for not thinking things through to rational conclusions, and frequently rambles over and over again, seemingly from an array of cluttered thoughts.

George has a significant history of liberal humanitarian deeds on Snopes. Mr. George Soros has provided charity to billions, to uphold industries that were needy, not counting individual people that he has also aided in their time of need. Mr. George Soros is, for the most part, driven towards establishing financial assistance to folks longing to escape injustice, on advancing social fairness, and to safeguard people’s liberation whilst combating prejudice. Mr. George Soros is vehemently against the “War on Drugs” campaigns, as he has seen first hand how cannabis has helped people manage various crippling diseases.

If truth be told, Mr. George Soros is celebrated worldwide as a supporter of beneficial cannabis use. George compassionately gave immeasurable donations on Investopedia, in the amounts of millions, for the intention of helping Hillary Clinton for the duration of her presidential bid. Before this enterprise, he endorsed a generous $1 million to assist Obama’s reelection. Mr. George Soros is far and wide accepted as a supporter for LGBT privileges and is universally acknowledged as a sponsor of same-sex relations.

George’s history is for the most part the inspiring reason for his reputation for assisting the general members of the public who make a stand against prejudice. Mr. Soros is personally conscious of how dangerous small-minded people can behave from his years in Hungary, during wartime.

George Soros is well-known for providing support for the complex tasks carried out by attorneys, has helped to liberate thousands of unlawfully imprisoned citizens, and is dedicated to supporting students who desire an education, people who may otherwise have no educational opportunity from their lack of ability to fund their schooling.

Helane Morrison/Serving up Justice.

Helane Morrison serves as general counsel and chief compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC. She has held this position since 2007. Formerly holding the position of regional director of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Morrison is also a business woman and lawyer. Helene Morrison received a B.S. in journalism from Northwestern University and later obtained her law degree from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. While in attendance Morrison served as editor-in-chief of the California Law Review. She earned her Juris Doctor in 1984 and in 1987 was accepted to the State Bar of California.


Helane Morrison‘s professional career began in 1984 when she served as law clerk for Richard A. Posner of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. A year later in 1985 she served as law clerk for Harry Blackmun of the United States Supreme Court. Morrison was named partner in 1991 after joining the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin in 1986. Helane Morrison served as head of regional enforcement activities for the San Francisco District Office after joining the SEC in 1996. She was one of the few women at SEC and during that time Morrison supervised numerous investigations, three leading to enforcement against Republic Securities of New York, Dean Witter and auditors of California Micro Devices.


In 1999 Morrison’s responsibilities included overseeing the enforcement and examination programs when she was promoted to district administrator and shortly after regional director. The areas that Morrison was responsible for included examination programs under the office’s juristiction, Northern California, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, Idaho, Northern Nevada and Washington. Helane Morrison joined a private investment firm in 2007 called Hall Capital Partners LLC, serving as general counsel and chief compliance officer. Morrison is also a member of the executive committee and is managing director.


Don Ressler’s JustFab – Where Fashion Meets Silicon Valley

Don Ressler serves as Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the Intelligent Beauty, Inc., as well as the Intemix Media. He spearheaded core ventures that enhanced shareholding values of the firms. He started his Internet career consulting with companies looking to benefit from the growing online space. Don has since generated over $1 billion in sales and has raised more than $100 million in capital for Internet companies making him a renowned brand-building business guru.

TechStyle was founded in the South Bay by accident. While deliberating business ideas with Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg in their living room in Manhattan Beach, they landed on Just Fabulous. The business was a success, and they needed to move from a couch and into a spacious office. El Segundo was the first place they searched. It was a perfect spot, near an international airport, close to the beach, and with ample room perfect for expansion. Today, the office sits on 128,000 square feet. Don and his partner Adam say they’re just as love-struck with the city as the first the day they moved in.

Don Ressler spent his entire life seeking how they could make their customers happy. When he founded JustFab, he set his mind to transform the way people shopped by delivering trendy fashion at a credible value. While staying faithful to that vision, the company changed into a powerful brand-building platform driven by personalization and data. The new corporate identity captured the core value of what JustFab transformed into – where Fashion meets Silicon Valley. And that’s how they came up with TechStyle as the new name.

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As the chief executive officer of Intelligent Beauty, Intermix, and FitnessHeaven, Don says it is critical to find a reliable like-minded partner to grow the business. He is committed to building and maintaining sustainable brands with the entrepreneurial spirit. Don Ressler’s first company FitnessHeaven, was later purchased by Intermix Media in 2001, a merger with COO, Mr. Adam Goldenberg’s Alena Media; an advertising agency which fetched millions of profits for the company.

With their knowledge and skills in the marketing field, Don Ressler gathered a team of former employees from Alena and facilitated a brainstorming session. Two weeks after the brainstorm session, Brand Ideas was conceived; it later became Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty launched a fashion an online retailer, JustFab. In 2011, JustFab received $33 million funding from Matrix Partners. And Goldenberg had over four million employees by April 2012. Under the leadership of Don Ressler, the company organized for another fundraiser, collecting $76 million from, Intelligent Beauty, the parent company Matrix Partners, Crossover Ventures, and Rho Ventures.



Man of the Year is Humble

This happens to be the year that the name Adam Milstein finds its way on to the Jerusalem Post’s 50 Most Influential Jewish leaders. This list names those individuals who have been crucial to the advancement of the Israeli state over the last year. It is a recognition of accomplishment. It also means the community expects even more good deeds to follow Adam from the people named. No one can tell the world how he feels about the situation better Adam himself.

Milstein is 39 on the list for being co-founder and chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He is also being recognized for his philanthropy, activism and ROLE model qualities in the Jewish organizations and the community. These organizations include StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships, Birthright Israel, StandByMe and the AIPac national Council. “I am grateful to my wife Gila, to the IAC and to the many organizations in the Jewish world that we are privileged to partner with to make a difference. This award is a testament to the historic accomplishments of the Israeli-American community in recent years.” Milstein acknowledges.

Other notable names on the list are Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US Senator Charles Schumer and Sarah Silverman. Clearly Milstein understands the gravity of the situation. “I am humbled and honored to be selected by the Jerusalem Post for this list, alongside so many remarkable leaders of the Jewish people.“ Milstein emotes.

The foundation for which he is being hailed bears his name. The Milstein Family Foundation works around two pillars. These pillars are to strengthen the Jewish people and their homeland the state of Israel. One of the ways the foundation does this is by providing Israel-friendly Americans with information and diplomatic techniques for Israeli advocacy. “By embracing the principles of active Philanthropy, funding of foundations with an eye to their life path impact and looking to build synergies between organizations, the Milstein Family Foundation will continue our work to strengthen the Jewish people and the state of Israel.”, Milstein resolves.