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Eric Pulier’s Journey to Technological Success and Charity Work

Eric Pulier is a unique person who has a touch of achievement in everything he gets committed to. He is a public speaker, a columnist, a philanthropist, and a technologist. Eric Pulier is the Co-Founder, and CEO of the ServiceMesh, Inc. At his young age, not many have accomplished what he has. Born in New Jersey, Pulier was already doing computer programming in his young age and started a database company by the time he was finishing high school in 1984. He later joined Harvard University where he became an editor of his school’s newspaper. By then he was studying English and American literature, which would see him publish articles over the years.

Pulier introduced programs like the XPrize, a program whereby several competitors would compete and win prizes for their outstanding ability. In 1991, he founded People Doing Things (PDT) an enterprise that deals with implementing technology in medical care and education. He also established Akana, US Media Interactive LLC, Starbright World, Desktone, Interactive agency Digital Evolution, and other software programs like the SOA in the 2000s.

Pulier has featured in many technology forums and conferences, which have seen him ranked amongst the top 30 e-visionaries by VAR Business.

In his Philanthropy work, Pulier has made an incredible mark in the Painted Turtle, a children camp for those kids with chronic illnesses. He helps in all the operations of that organisation regarding financial relief and time. He assisted impressively in Starbright World by creating a distinctive social media for kids suffering from chronic illnesses to help them share experience and interact. He also supported President Clinton in getting cheaper solutions for cloud computing to poor communities.

Pulier designed Starlight World game, which would help kids with diabetes understand their condition. Eric Pulier’s new venture, vAtomic Systems, is a digital platform that transforms products into interactive digital experiences. Eric Pulier has founded over 15 companies and has sold his latest for $350 million. He owns an elegant restaurant in California. Pulier is an icon in technology and charity work.

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Know About the Career of Troy Mcquagge and Ushealth Group in 5 Minutes!

Troy McQuagge is the current CEO and president of USHEALTH Group and USHEALTH Advisors. He is ardent about the insurance industry and giving people a better and quality life. He has been in the industry for 30 years, which has helped him gain vast experience in the field and sharpened his leadership skills.


Troy McQuagge started at Agency Marketing Group in the health sector from 1996 through March 2008. It is here that he honed his marketing, PR, recruiting and hiring skills. He joined USHEALTH Advisors in 2010 and continued to prove how talented he is. His primary goal was to transform the company by rebuilding its attracting distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. His success with the body finally saw him elected as the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. here he has recorded great success, profitability and made the firm more competitive.


A Recap of USHEALTH Group Inc


An insurance company situated in Texas. The USHEALTH Group is Americas number one healthcare choice. Through National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Americas Freedom Life insurance company. The Group is determined to provide specified disease, accident, disability, advanced life insurance to families, self-employed people, business owners and their employees.


Recap of when Troy McQuagge won Gold in the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards


Troy was named the CEO of the year in these prestigious awards for his accomplishments at his firm. One Planet Awards are global awards that honor company and professional excellence in every industry worldwide. Both public and private companies from all over the world qualify to submit their nominations for the awards. Also included are startups, small and large firms, profit and nonprofit making organizations. The honors are currently divided into categories in sections such as new goods and services, organizations, executives, teams, Corporate Communications, PR, and marketing. The aim is to honor excellence in these areas.


Troy McQuagge said that it was an honor to be recognized by One Planet Awards and to be named the CEO of the year. He dedicated the award to everyone at USHEALTH Group and added that the award was a proof of the company’s dedication towards the health sector by making it affordable to customers.


Why choose USHEALTH Group


They firmly believe in brilliant care and value. They are secure, reasonable and flexible. Their vast portfolio of plans allows you to choose tailor coverage to your needs. They invented the health industry and have more than 50 years’ experience in health coverage.