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Seeing It Through: Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin has been in business for quite a while now. When his career started he was an investment banker. In the early seventies that quickly changed when fast food conglomerate McDonald’s asked Lavin to help Otto and Sons with their meat packing and distribution. Once Sheldon Lavin took the job he was hooked. He quickly found his niche and was not only able to help McDonald’s go global but he also took the OSI Group to the next level as well. After more than forty years the accolades are starting to come in for him and it is well deserved.

At first when McDonald’s approached Sheldon Lavin to take on the job he wasn’t quite sure if it would work. After the company became OSI Group in 1975 he was convinced he could do the job and do it well. He has been at the helm of OSI Group and makes sure that everything in the company runs smoothly. He is actively involved in the day to day affairs of OSI Group and makes sure that the highest standards are met. He also uses cutting-edge technology to help the company stay ahead in the field of meat packing and transport.

Sheldon Lavin has grown with the company over the years helped OSI Group stay at the forefront in its respective fields. One of the biggest changes that he and OSI saw over that time was the invention of using liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing. In the early seventies, it helped OSI take the leap into the big leagues and helped make McDonald’s a worldwide sensation. The technology was able to keep foods frozen no matter where the food was being transported to. This is thanks in part to Lavin and his team that made the transition possible.

These are just a couple of the things that make the name of Sheldon Lavin so well known in the meatpacking and processing communities. He was able to not only help put the name McDonald’s on the world stage but his own as well. For a man like him, that is saying something.


Most People find themselves working just for the money. Actually, very few people love their jobs but even when one doesn’t, well one needs to pay bills. Mike Baur is one of the people who are fortunate enough to have a job that is in line with their likes and passion. As a result, he is enthusiastic about his job and is fully committed to it. He is the co-founder and managing director at Swiss Startup Factory. This is a mentor company for startups in ICT sector that is based in Zurich, Switzerland.



When he was young, Baur always admired people working in the banking and finance industry and hoped that one day he would be just like them. To achieve his passion, he undertook an MBA in business at the University of Rochester and York. He also advanced his studies by taking an Executive MBA from University of Bern. After completing his studies, he joined the banking industry in Switzerland and has worked with great banks such as UBS and Clariden Leu.



At Swiss Startup Factory, Baur has played a key role in coaching new entrepreneurs. The company offers a three month mentorship program for startups. This program is called the accelerator program and has intakes in the months of February and September. During the program, entrepreneurs are exposed to the finance, accounting, payroll, sales and general management aspects of business. They are also given office spaces to work in during the period. The factory also invites prosperous IT entrepreneurs to motivate these startups and also interact and network with them. To join the program, all one requires is to make an application and those qualifying are contacted by the company.



Swiss Startup Factory was established in 2002 with an aim to help ICT companies in their initial stages to grow into large companies. They realized that most new ICT companies fail due to inadequacy of the entrepreneurs. The company also gives talks in various entrepreneurship forums such as the investor Panel at the WORLDWEBFORUM Next Generation event , the Fintech Startup Weekend in Switzerland and Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich (HWZ) Startup event.



Baur likes to groom other entrepreneurs and is a great asset to Swiss Startup Factory. He has represented the company in many occasions such as the partnership with Fintech Fusion. He has also been in the judge panel during entrepreneurship contests such as START Summitter; a pitching contest for start-up contest at the University of ST Gallen.


Top Technology Staffing Firm and its Principal John Goullet

Diversant is a leading technology staffing firm that helps a number of companies that are looking to fill a variety of technology positions. There are many companies that are always looking to run technology departments more efficiently. As a result, they are constantly on the lookout for highly skilled professionals. Therefore, they seek Diversant to help them find the ideal talent for their job openings. Along with helping many companies fill various job positions, Diversant also helps technology professionals seek employment opportunities that will allow them to advance their career and reach various goals. With its core values of discipline, diversity and teamwork, Diversant has been able to establish itself as one of the most trusted staffing companies in the entire industry.

As with every other successful company, Diversant has quality leadership that allows it consistently reach its goals. Diversant is led by its principal John Goullet who is a longtime information technology professional and executive. John has been in the industry for over two decades and has therefore accumulated lots of experience and expertise. This has enabled him to help staff members provide the best service to both client companies and the technology professionals who are looking for employment. Goullet always emphasizes the company core values to help it achieve its objectives. With teamwork and discipline, the staff members work diligently to help client companies hire the ideal technology professionals available.

At the beginning of his career, John Goullet worked for a number of computing companies. While working for these companies, he was a consultant who would routinely evaluate technology resources of the company such as its hardware and software. Goullet would then make recommendations on what upgrades to make in order to help maximize the efficiency of the entire technology department of these companies. By the middle of the 1990’s, John noticed a growing demand for technology professionals. As a result, he founded his own staffing firm that would work with companies that were looking to hire skilled information technology professionals. His company was very successful as he was able to help many companies fill their needed technology department positions. Goullet would eventually merge his company with Diversant and then become its principal.



Alexei Beltyukov’s Business Ventures And Career

Update For Feb. 8th 2017: Just found a great article on Alexei Beltyukov’s strategies for the Russian economy. He’s got some really good ideas I think could work perfectly to help revitalize the economy. Find the post here:
How to bring back the boom to the Russian economy, according to Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Beltukov has founded and worked on dozens on ventures both in Russia and abroad. Here is a list and description of some of Alexei’s business achievements.

One of Alexei Beltyukov‘s financial ventures is Endemic Capital which he established in 2013. This investment company specializes in investing in new startup companies and businesses in Alexei’s home country of Russia. Another financial company that Mr. Beltukov created is A Ventures Ltd. This company has a strong philanthropic side to its operations. A Ventures Ltd is focused on providing funding to cash strapped businesses in Russia that cannot find a way to raise capital to continue operations.

Philanthropic efforts undertaken by Alexei Beltyukov include giving one Russian student a full scholarship to INSEAD College in France, where Alexei studied and graduated from with a masters of business administration degree. Mr. Beltyukov himself was a full scholarship recipient at the college and he now wants to give fellow Russian students with the drive and motivation to succeed in business a chance that he was given.

Alexei Beltyukov is also a key member of the Skolkovo Foundation. Serving as vice president at the Skolkovo Foundation, Alexei helps the Russian government on economic policy and development issues as well as providing key insight from his own entrepreneurial experiences. The Skolkovo Foundation, which Alexei helps leads provides grants to Russian IT companies and other assistance to help them thrive. The foundation also provides assistance to entrepreneurs throughout Russia who wish to expand or grow their companies. Alexei’s insight into this matter is invaluable to the Skolkovo Foundation.

Besides financial ventures and philanthropic efforts, Mr. Beltyukov is also involved with an educational program called SOLVY. It is an online, highly interactive learning platform designed for school age students. Alexei Beltyukov helped to develop and launch SOLVY in 2015. The program is different than other online learning platforms out there because it does not only accept one way of arriving at a solution. Rather it accepts multiple ways of solving a problem.

SOLVY also requires students to prove and show how they arrived at a solution, cutting down on cheating. If a student tries to solve a problem, they will be given hints, tips and explanations to help them in solving the equations. Alexei Beltyukov believes that SOLVY has great potential and can change the online learning experience for both teachers and students in mathematics.  Read more about him on CrunchBase.

Helane Morrison/Serving up Justice.

Helane Morrison serves as general counsel and chief compliance officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC. She has held this position since 2007. Formerly holding the position of regional director of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Morrison is also a business woman and lawyer. Helene Morrison received a B.S. in journalism from Northwestern University and later obtained her law degree from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. While in attendance Morrison served as editor-in-chief of the California Law Review. She earned her Juris Doctor in 1984 and in 1987 was accepted to the State Bar of California.


Helane Morrison‘s professional career began in 1984 when she served as law clerk for Richard A. Posner of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. A year later in 1985 she served as law clerk for Harry Blackmun of the United States Supreme Court. Morrison was named partner in 1991 after joining the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin in 1986. Helane Morrison served as head of regional enforcement activities for the San Francisco District Office after joining the SEC in 1996. She was one of the few women at SEC and during that time Morrison supervised numerous investigations, three leading to enforcement against Republic Securities of New York, Dean Witter and auditors of California Micro Devices.


In 1999 Morrison’s responsibilities included overseeing the enforcement and examination programs when she was promoted to district administrator and shortly after regional director. The areas that Morrison was responsible for included examination programs under the office’s juristiction, Northern California, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, Idaho, Northern Nevada and Washington. Helane Morrison joined a private investment firm in 2007 called Hall Capital Partners LLC, serving as general counsel and chief compliance officer. Morrison is also a member of the executive committee and is managing director.


Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner may not be famous in America; they may not be household names. But perhaps they should be. The fame would have to be negative; the proper regard for these individuals is that of the infamous variety. At least, it should be.

As of 2014, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has managed to default her country economically twice. The time-span on these defaults? Only thirteen years. Kyle Bass, who is a hedge fund manager currently based out of Texas, has a platform to regularly endorse de Kirchner from internationally. He acquired that platform in 2008 by successfully predicting poor lending practices in America were creating a bubble that would burst. When his prediction was borne out by actual events, people had no choice but to listen. As a result many began to take what he said as gospel without prior investigation. Now Bass regularly spouts his rhetoric from multiple financial platforms, and though it is usually incorrect or at the very least weak, people still regard him as an authority. It almost seems as though Bass was able to acquire and make his initial prediction because he had information and resources available to him that most financiers don’t have; resources like the entire Argentinian government and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, backing him the whole way. Bass is one of her lackeys, and as long as he plays ball with her, she uses her connections to help him out. That’s why Bass continues to be a force in the media despite managing a hedge fund that continues to perform more poorly than other hedge-funds already known to be of a mediocre variety.

But de Kirchner can’t do anything with Bass’ hedge fund management skills, ostensibly, and that may be one of the reasons he’s branched out into CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. This group uses the sympathies of leftist organizations and the infirm to push big-ticket pharmaceuticals into devaluing their drugs. In the end their stock drops and Kyle Bass short-sells his holdings, making millions. The pharmaceuticals that lost stock value are forced to cut expenses like Research and Development, and who ultimately suffers? Why, the sick people that Bass has tricked into strong-arming the pharmaceuticals.

This tactic not only hurts the sick and prevents future discoveries from being made, it takes economic stability from the American market. That’s one of the reasons congress has waxed bipartisan trying to shut Bass down, but to no avail. Shutting him down would require infringing on America’s civil liberties; things like the right to petition. But if Bass keeps on, such an infringement may happen regardless; meaning his actions aren’t just unethical to the sick, they’re dangerous to the country.  More on

Bernado Chua’s Journey Into Growing Organo Gold To Become An International Brand

A few months back, Organo Gold’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Bernado Chua opened the country’s Turkish office marking it as the 39th country the company had a presence that time. To many, the opening of the office was not a small operational feat keeping in mind that the office was made the headquarter of a very diverse region. In line with the company’s global market diversification initiatives, the office unites the African, European and Asian operations.

Keeping in mind the Turkish people’s love for coffee as a beverage, the company’s entrance in the country was seen as a natural measure. Going back to the history books, the country was the first ever to open a coffee house in the 15th century. Having the beverage firmly rooted in the country’s culture, what Organo needed to do was just to introduce better and healthier coffee varieties for the citizens.

In the Turkish market, the appetite for quality coffee continues to thrive. The country also has a very active lifestyle therefore being very perfect for the neutraceutical products market. The company was very positive that with the increased awareness at the time, it would open very warm doors for customers who wanted to make Organo Gold products a part of their active and healthy lifestyles.

Organo Gold’s coffee is well respected in the sense that it has Ganoderma, a healthy ancient Chinese mushroom herb that has medicinal properties. The company was the first one to incorporate the herb in coffee. Because of the nutritional and health benefits, the product became a favorite to the many who love coffee.

Organo Gold has been lucky to have a leader who is visionary and passionate about his job. Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines and for the largest part of his childhood, he was at a shrine learning how to become a monk. He carried that experience into the business world and managed to produce very good results.

At work, he treats everyone with equal respect despite being the CEO, and that concept really translates to Bernardo Chua’s speeches. He is a firm believer that everyone deserves fair and respectful treatment. During his many motivational speeches, he says time and again that everyone has the unique ability to drive change only that many lack the opportunity and platform to do so.

Despite his huge corporate and financial success, Bernardo has not changed his perception on Twitter about how people should be accorded respectful treatment. He is a perfect example of a professional who believes in others and out of that, manages to drive change in the international society in a very different manner.  Follow Bernardo on his Facebook to follow his career going forward.

A Cut Above For Assisted Living; The Manse On The Marsh

Experience is what develops excellence. Excellence is why the Manse on the Marsh is highly recommended by both employees and residents. The owner of the facility has been in control for 15 years. He has also been very active in aiding other facilities to open their doors, and has been recognized by a number of different community leaders for his compassion and adherence to exceptional care.

The team of employees are dedicated to maintaining the dignity of every resident. These are caring and compassionate individuals who are dedicated to making your family members’ golden years their best years. Every resident is offered the best in care and attention. Reviews point out that nurses truly want to alleviate pain and suffering and help each individual to maintain their best health.

The residents also applaud the comfortable setting, the many activities and the attention that they are given. The medical staff sets forth a unique care plan for every resident. This includes meals and activities as well as medical care and attention. These plans are periodically reviewed to make sure that each individual gets the unique are and attention that they need.

Activities are also a large part of what make the Manse on the Marsh different. These activities are planned not only around the time of year that it is, but also around resident interests and medical needs. Travel is provided in comfortable transports so every resident is encouraged to take part ad have fun.

Meals are also unique and well prepared at Manse on the Marsh. The menu includes a wide variety of options, snacks, and even an outdoor bistro for those who desire it. Every effort is made to ensure quality of life and happiness of every resident. Sit in the elegantly designed and decorated dining area, or choose to sit under the sun in the outdoor area, and the climate is perfect for outdoor life.

The Manse on the Marsh also encourages residents to keep close ties with their families. Family members are strongly encouraged to visit and even join in on festivities and can even stay the night with their loved one. Ample parking and an open atmosphere encourages family ties to be strengthened and maintained even with the family member staying at the Marsh.

The campus includes a movie theater and two restaurants, as well as an atrium and wide open visiting areas. One will also find gym equipment, and even activities rooms where yoga, dancing, and even special activities take place. This assisted living facility is like a four star hotel that allows the residents to have personal living quarters right on site. The best in assisted living at an affordable cost, the Manse on the Marsh is the premier facility for all your loved ones’ needs.  Follow them on Twitter for the most recent updates about the facility.

Flavio Maluf Highlights of Brazilian Industries Worst Nightmare

Brazil economy is among the largest in the world. It’s also an important trading partner and manufacturing giant. Until recently, the economy was growing favorably giving an advantage to investors. The geographical location of the country favors it’s in the trade as compared to its neighbors. When the growth in industries is indicating favorable economy, the current financial crises that have hit the South American nation have devastating effects across all the main sectors of the economy.

In an interview with the industrial reference magazine, the president of Eucatex and business mogul Flavio Maluf pinpointed industry challenges. The investment guru is the founder of the country’s first environmental company. Flavio is an experienced mechanical engineer. From his point of view, the problems affecting the Brazilian economy are far from over. The industrial sector is facing new challenges emerging daily in management stages. Flavio has more than a three-decade experience of work with crisis affected companies.  He’s also well versed in running a family business, which is totally different.

Despite being well positioned geographically, the company has not fully tapped the opportunities that arise from its location. The government has done little to address the challenges faced by investors like obtaining credit and high taxation. Citing an example, Flavio indicated that is a company in the forest sector requires high working capital that is difficult to get. Other aspiring entrepreneurs may not start such a business due to financing challenges. He notes that his company has to lease land and harvesting can be ready in every six years.

In his extensive experience, the Eucatex president notes that such barriers are the major hindrance for business people. The economic crises are the worst since they cut across major industrial sectors. With such obstacles, the industry is meant to struggle in trading. Flavio describes the definition in a dynamic economy as one that encourages professionalism for investors to choose best opportunities. To make the situation worse, the crises makes the working of such a system model unlikely and hard to achieve.

In conclusion, Flavio predicts difficult times for investors in the year 2016. The ended the year of 2015 wasn’t good; there are only a few exceptions and the solutions are more investments. Flavio advises the entrepreneurs to consider waiting for a market improvement before moving to more prospective sectors.  In fact, he’s released several movies about the subject to help prospective investors.  The other important aspect to consider is more entrepreneurship and cost analysis before proceeding to any sector.

Finding a Home in the Brazil Market

When looking to move to Brazil, it can sometimes be difficult to find what you are looking for and know that you have made a wise decision. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by working with a real estate company specific to the area that you are looking to move to. This helps because agents are more than willing and waiting to help you out with your next move. This is why you will want to find a local real estate agent who is going to assist you in getting a gorgeous home or apartment that will meet your every need.

One such company is known as Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos and they have helped hundreds of people to find gorgeous homes that are ideal for their lifestyles. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has been in the business of Brazilian real estate for years and can help you with just about any type of project you have to do in the future, and they’ve contributed a ton to Rio’s local economy. You can easily visit the Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos location or their website to learn more about what they are offering to the public.

Once you make the decision to hire the experts of Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos, you will find that this helps tremendously on your search for the perfect home. In fact, most people notice that they are able to find a home in an incredibly short amount of time just because of the fact that they are working with the pros of Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos. The first step is for you to contact Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos and to find out what they are able to do for you. From there, they will begin to look for a gorgeous home that is going to meet your lifestyle and budgeting needs.

There are a lot of problems with finding a home on your own. Not only will you be the one trying to figure out your budget, but you may also be the one who is looking for a house that is being sold and trying to figure out if it is the right fit for you. The first step to take is to contact them on social media and Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos can find out what they are able to do for you after assessing their huge listing of available properties. Next, you can be matched with a wide range of gorgeous homes that are great for your every need. You will find that this helps tremendously and enables you to get a house that you absolutely love to live in. Make sure that you are working with an agent who is going to be the one who helps you out and ensures that the home you eventually find is within your budget and is easy for you and your family to afford.