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José Auriemo Neto, a Worldwide Leader

As Chief Executive Officer of Brazilian real estate giant JHSF, José Auriemo Neto knows the ins and outs of the business more than most. His father started the company and José Auriemo Neto has been with the company since 1993. JHSF specializes in high-end real estate, both residential and commercial. As Chairman and CEO, José oversees the daily operations of the company.

upon joining his father’s business in 1993, José created the services department of JHSF and opened parking lot management giant, Parkbem. This began a long line of decisions that have taken the company into sectors previously not ventured into. This innovation has continued throughout the last 25 years.

José took over as CEO in 2003 and immediately began focusing on how JHSF could venture into other sectors of real estate. In 2007 he led the company into the retail sector by opening He has led the company to become a publicly traded company with shares trading on the São Paulo Bovespa stock exchange, giving anyone who wishes to purchase a stake in the business.

He has led JHSF into other markets besides Brazil, as they now own property all over the world including the United States. Since 1972, JHSF has developed over 6 million square meters of real estate with the majority of that growth coming at the leadership of José. The company has now taken a special interest in the luxury market by opening the Catarina Fashion Outlet, Brazil’s largest high-end marketplace. With José at the helm, JHSF will surely continue to grow year over year.

With Jose Auriemo Neto at JHSF, the Company Continues to Fly High in the Brazilian Property Market

JHSF Participações S.A is an internationally celebrated real estate company that operates in major Brazilian cities, such as Salvador, Manaus, and Sao Paulo. The company was founded in 1972 and has since managed to establish itself as an industry leader. JHSF is identified with its innovative designs when undertaking high-end projects, such as shopping malls, townhouses, commercial towers, airports, and world-class hotels.

JHSF’s Shopping Malls

Some of the shopping malls that were constructed and are managed by JHSF include Shopping Bela Vista in Salvador, Shopping Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo, and Manaus-based Shopping Ponta Negra. All these shopping malls are uniquely sophisticated regarding their architectural designs. Despite being in different cities, all of them have a few things in common- they are all the places to be for leisure and entertainment.

JHSF’s Corporate Centers

Just like its malls, corporate centers developed by JHSF are equally as sophisticated. Benedito Lapin and City Garden Corporate Center are among the many incorporations under JHSF. For Benedito Lapin, its apartments are spacious and luxurious with the smallest having a floor space of 123m2 and the largest being 163m2. Garden City Corporate Center, on the other hand, has three towers with a total leasable area of nearly 2,000m2. Being at the heart of Sao Paulo, the towers are multipurpose and can be used either for holding events or for business. To add onto that, each of the three towers has a helipad for convenience.

JHSF’s Townhouses

JHSF is currently developing eight townhouses under the Cidade Jardim project. The project is situated along Avenida Alberto Penteado in Sao Paulo, a stone-throw away from Shopping Cidade Jardim. Once complete, the townhouses will have floor spaces of between 433m2 and 468m2.

Auriemo Neto

Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian entrepreneur and real estate maestro. He currently serves as the executive president and chairman of the board of directors at JHSF. He is the son to Fabio Auriemo, the former president of JHSF.

Between September 2015 and January 2016, Auriemo was living in New York, U.S. to keep an eye on the construction process of a JHSF hotel in the city. As a good family man, he had carried on his wife and children and even took the children to study in American schools over that period.