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Fagali Island and Airport

Choosing the right location for a trip outside of your country can be very intimidating. Luckily, when traveling to Fagali, the island greets you with a mesmerizing sight of crystal clear water before landing at the international airports present. Fagali, also known as Fagali’i, is a beautifully cultured and diverse island that is located in Samoa, Upolu. Passengers traveling from the United States, Australia, and New Zealand can only land at the Pago Pago International Airport located in Samoa. Faleolo International Airport is located west of Apia, while Fagali airport is located at the capital of Samoa. Many people that travel to and from different countries commonly travel to these airports when visiting this island. Read more articles about Fagali at

There are many exotic and fascinating places to explore in the world, however, if an opportunity is present to take a trip to this mysterious place, it is wise to stop by. From the top of the highest mountain to the last grain of rice on your plate, this small island will leave all travelers and residents with wonderful memories. The airports on this island can be much smaller than most airports across the world. Even though it is small in size, travelers are very pleased with the aesthetic and reliable. A breath-taking view of the island’s horizon is captured when landing. Photographs can not capture the beauty of this island all in one picture.

The streets and homes on this island are filled with exotic culture uncommon towards the rest of the world. The people are very kind, humble, and welcoming. Religion is very important to be practiced to the majority of residents. The food is absolutely phenomenal. All of the different spices and unique flavors combined together surprises many with the first bite. With so many things to discover on this island, visiting a place like this would create an experience never forgotten. Visit:


Kim Gordon Does Book Tour

Rolling Stone Magazine has an article on their website about an appearance former Sonic Youth bass player Kim Gordon made recently in Brooklyn to promote her new memoir Girl in a Band. In her talk in Brooklyn, the iconic musician talked about, among other things, musicians Neil Young and Kurt Cobain.

Gordon said that when Sonic Youth toured with Neil Young in 1991, Neil Young’s audience hated her band. She said that she’d often hear boos and cursing directed towards her and Sonic Youth from hippy type individuals. She mentioned how conservative and close-minded older counterculture types could be at that time, which is interesting and probably true, or at least Jason Halpern thinks so.

Gordon also said that Neil Young loved to go out and see strippers after the show, which she was surprised by since his songs are on the sensitive side. She said there was nothing wrong with Young’s behavior in this regard, just that it was surprising.

Personally, I thought that Gordon’s comments, especially about Neil Young and Kurt Cobain, were interesting. I don’t think Sonic Youth was as important to music as many critics believe, but Kim Gordon has been around a lot of major figures in 1980’s and 1990’s alternative circles so her viewpoints on them are worth hearing.

There’s a picture of Gordon at the talk to go along with the article and she looks relaxed and attractive.