Addison Duling

Lime Crime is Helping Others Showcase Their Individuality

Founder and CEO for Lime Crime is pleased to announce a line of hair dye that will invite unicorns from all over to make a bold change. Doe Deere, the founder and CEO is pleased with the decision to release the hair dye line as she has always dreamed of helping other makeup lovers showcase their individuality with bold, new hair colors.

If you are interested in a color choice by Lime Crime, you should know that the dye holds best to hair that has been previously bleached. The line of dye will work even on hair that has only had 1 treatment of bleaching. The colors are great for professionals as well as those who are looking to experiment. Here are some of the options available to choose from for hair dye choices:

1.Moonchild- This shade of pastel appears with lavender overtones.

2.Cloud- This tine color is going to let users dye their hair in a light blue shade of hair dye.

3.Kawaii- This pastel violet is popular and has been known to be a talk of the party for new users at social events and parties.

4.Mint Ice- The new color choice allows users to have a frosted mint look to their hair.

5.Tweet- A shade of yellow that reminds users of a baby chick. Popular amongst those who are looking for a touchup for blond hair.

6.Valentine- Interested in becoming a redhead? This shade of red is a crimson shade and this lets users experience a taste of being a redhead without permanently dying their hair red.

7.Bubblegum Rose- This shade of pink resembles your favorite bubblegum and is perfect for being the center of attention.

8.Aesthetic- The shade of mauve is perfect for most occasions. Great for all events.

Lime Crime is interested in creating hair products that will allow users to be free to express themselves. Not only is it great for expressing their individuality but it also allows for them to become independent when they encourage new trends and innovations. The line of makeup is letting users to choose a color that is great for concealing most flaws and for helping individuals bring out the best features they have.