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Dr. Mark McKenna and the OVME concept

Dr. Mark McKenna is a professional in the healthcare sector who has found a way of bringing services delivery closer to the people. He runs a company known as OVME which is an aesthetics company that connects patients and professional service care providers. The company applies technology as one of the key methods through which one will be able to accomplish the mission on the table. Dr. Mark McKenna holds a degree in medicine from Tulane University., New Orleans. He was insured by his father who was also a doctor to join this profession. However, he was not just someone to follow one line of success.

While Dr. Mark McKenna was still in his early stages of medical practice, he established a real estate business that offered real estate development services in New Orleans. The company performed very well but was one day brought to an end by Hurricane Katrina. It wiped out all the projects e had done leaving him with no other option to quit. He had also realized that the real estate industry was tough to navigate since it was highly affected by external financial factors which would lead to a mortgage crisis.

Dr. Mark McKenna made a comeback in the medical career. But before he made the switch, he rebuilds his infrastructure in New Orleans. Back in the medical sector, he saw some good opportunities that he could take and make them some great entrepreneurship opportunities. Due to the technological revolution which was taking place in the medical sector, he saw this as a great opportunity to come up with a technology application that would bring better services delivery in the industry.

After leaving the real estate business, he was inspired by Uber and Bloomberg which had taken advantage of the technological advancements to create products that had a global appeal. These companies had identified the needs of the people and then used technology to fulfill these needs. As we talk, there are some of the greatest companies in the world. With this in mind, he decided to make a move that would bring the same concept to the medical industry. That is how the idea of OVME was born.

Leading Plastic Surgeon Dr Jennifer Walden

Dr Jennifer Walden is one of the few female plastic surgeons in the Dallas, Texas area. The fact is that there is a critical need for more female plastic surgeons in Dallas and the profession in general like Dr. Walden . Dr. Walden is also board certified and one of the most talented and well respected plastic surgeons in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Walden operates the MedSpa Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center, providing several very popular cosmetic treatments and improvements to patients.

Women Helping Women

Dr. Jennifer Walden believes in women helping women. Often, it is very difficult to relate to the plastic surgeon or the plastic surgeon has difficulties understanding and relating to women. Why? The fact is that plastic surgery is a male dominated profession. Often, women find it easier to relate to a female surgeon, who understands their personal concerns. Dr. Walden populates her staff with women. Thus, providing a comforting environment for her female patients that would like to discuss very personal matters with the surgeon and their staff. Certainly, women understand the concerns of another woman. Dr. Jennifer Walden believes it’s all about women helping women look and feel good.

About Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden was born in Austin, Texas. She received her early medical training at the University of Texas and the University of Texas Medical Branch. She received a fellowship and worked in New York for several years. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the few female plastic surgeons operating an office in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Walden is also one of the first surgeons to use very innovative technologies with a laser to treat her patients. Dr. Jennifer Walden is also a member of the Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practice’s Editorial Board of Directors. Dr. Walden is one of the first women to serve on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: She’s One Of A Kind

Someone like Dr. Jennifer Walden comes along but once in a lifetime. That is how rare she is and how unique she is as a surgeon and as a person. It is hard not to admire her dedication, commitment to her craft, and her people skills. We all have been to doctors and they have rushed us in and out of there in assembly line fashion. That is not the way that Dr. Jennifer Walden does business. Keep in mind; she is incredibly busy with doing her research, raising her children, running a practice, and also charity work. However, she takes it all in stride and keeps moving forward to get ahead in her field.

She is never satisfied with her work and that is meant in a good way. She is satisfied with the work she has done and the way she has impacted the lives of so many women. However, she knows there is always work to be done and it never stops. There are more women that need help and more women that want help. She is always looking to innovate, change the game, and keep things fresh and new for her clients and for herself. She is always looking to challenge herself and bring out the best in herself.

She is fiercely competitive and she has had to be to get noticed and recognized. Now, of course, she is all over TV and everyone knows her name, but it was not always that way for her. She had to claw and fight for her own practice in Austin, Texas and to get recognized. A lot of people told her she would never make it and it would be too much to juggle. All that did was add fuel to her fire and inspire her to work harder than the person next to her.

For many people when they achieve this kind of success, they oftentimes kick back and become content. For Dr. Jennifer Walden, it is the exact opposite. She is only going to keep looking to get better at her craft and make even more advancements.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Extraordinary Cosmetic Surgeon, Mom, and Innovator

Cosmetic Surgery has been an often misunderstood field of medicine, with news sites often covering plastic surgery botches and celebrity enhancements. Well in a field dominated by men, Austin-based Dr. Jennifer Walden wants to change the narrative of how people think about the field and the people who seek treatment.

Dr. Walden is a well known plastic surgeon in the Austin, Texas, area and has appeared throughout the years on regional and national television shows discussing technological advancements and the various risk and benefits that with having cosmetic surgery.

She often goes to great lengths to explain that the majority of individuals seeking treatment are ordinary people, such as mothers who want to get rid of extra skin after having several children or women that have pain because of the size of their breasts. Being a woman in a field where 92 percent of the patients are female also gives her an advantage because she betters understands her customers and they feel more comfortable discussing sensitive body-related topics.

The doctor that some are calling “Austin’s Wonder Woman,” started her career in Manhattan, New York, after graduating as salutatorian from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Texas. In New York, Dr. Walden worked for eight years as a cosmetic surgeon, becoming the Program Director of Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at her hospital and also becoming the associate of world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston.

In 2011, Dr. Walden returned to her hometown of Austin, Texas, to raise her two fraternal twin sons. She currently runs a successful cosmetic surgery practice that has grown to include satellite clinics in some local hospitals. She is also a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and is a member of the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Besides her practice, Dr. Walden also contributes to academic papers, such as the Texas Monthly, and develops her own cosmetic surgical devices that she sells through Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments.


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