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Charlamagne Tha God Likes Kamikaze Even Though Eminem Dissed Him In The Album

Charlamagne Tha God recently discovered that Eminem mentioned his name in Kamikaze, which is the rap star’s latest album. He found out through Twitter and felt honored to be immortalized on one of the greatest rapper’s album. He didn’t even care that he was dissed by Eminem but was just appreciative of being mentioned. Charlamagne commented during an interview about the album that Eminem doesn’t really care if he offends the LGBTQ community and that he should be able to say whatever he wants. He said so in response to the fact that Eminem Used A Homophobic Slur to Tyler, the Creator about his sexuality.


Charlamagne Tha God is curious about how the LGBTQ rapper community will react to what Eminem said and has admitted while he doesn’t care that they might. Eminem used a slang word against Tyler, but Charlamagne pointed out that many others will feel like the shot was thrown at them, too. He also said that he was glad that Eminem was using his “white privilege” to go against president Trump and is glad when people use their privilege in a positive way. Charlamagne admitted in an interview that he would call Eminem out if his rhymes were no good but has no problem with him commenting on president Trump.


Charlamagne Tha God believes that Kamikaze is a good album and said that he still feels that Revival was garbage. He also admitted that Eminem is still one of the top rappers of all time and that his lyrics are the best. He attributed the title of “living legend” to Eminem and called Marshal Mathers a rap God. He feels that Kamikaze simply solidifies his standing as a rap legend. See Related Link for additional information.


Charlamagne Tha God is the co-host of the iHeartRadio show The Breakfast Club. He also functions as an influencer on social media and an executive producer who runs his own production company, which is called CThaGod World LLC. He was born in South Carolina and worked his way to the top of the entertainment industry as one of the most interesting media commentators. Charlamagne continues to provide some of the best interviews in the rap and hip hop industry and plans on continuing to do so.


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A Personal Insight Into Charlamagne Tha God


The article “Charlamagne Tha God Responds to Eminem’s Homophobic Slur About Tyler, the Creator” can be viewed at The article features an interview with Charlamagne Tha God who is a radio and television celebrity. The piece discusses how he feels about the rappers Eminem’s newest record and his being mentioned. The interview examines how Charlamagne Tha God views the lyrics and his reaction to what is sung. It delves into the specifics of the lyrics by listing and highlighting them and how they refer to certain people.


Charlamagne provides his opinion of his personal take and feelings about the music giving readers a view of his preferences. He tells about how he interprets the music and the meaning behind the words from his personal standpoint. He also offers private state of mind about the rapper Eminem.


Charlamagne Tha God is known as a radio and television public figure. He has also been in several films and has authored two books. Born in June 1978 and raised in South Carolina he found himself arrested many times, helping him to become the person he is today. Charlamagne Tha God has become known through his many career endeavors. Television hosting and appearances have included MTV shows the “Guy Code”, “Charlamagne & Friends”, and “Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne Tha God”.


He also narrates for BET on “Inside the Label”. He can also be seen as an actor in “Grow House”, “While I Breathe, I Hope”, and “On the Run Eating”. An author of two books he has given his voice to the public concerning different topics in the publications “Black Privilege, Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It”, and “Shook One”. His career has taken him to a point of success currently serving as the executive producer with his own production company CThaGod World LLC. He can also be heard on the iHeartRadio radio program The Breakfast Club as well as co-hosting the podcast Brilliant Idiots. He is not only a successful public figure he is a father and husband.


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Charlamagne Tha God Response To Eminem’s New Release Kamikaze


On Friday 31st August, 2018, fans were anticipating for Eminem’s new album (Kamikaze) as was the host of The Breakfast Club radio show. The well-known rapper has received bashings and praises for his immortalizing records on other celebrity figures including Trump. But this time, Eminem mentioned the Breakfast Club’ co-host Charlamagne Tha God in both ‘The Ringer’ and ‘The Fall’.


It is evident that Eminem anticipated the radio show host would dis the new releases – for instance, with a line like ‘Charlamagne gonna hate anyway’ in ‘The Ringer’. But Charlamagne’s response might be a surprise to the rapper.


On the homophobic slurs that Eminem uses against Flower Boy creator, Tyler, Charlamagne think the intention of the rapper wasn’t to offend the LGBT community. Charlamagne adds that everyone has a freedom of speech, but being hurt is someone’s choice and not a mere rapper’s line.


Another issue that stands out in Charlamagne’s response is based on the use of ‘White Privilege’ in combating prejudice. According to the Viacom TV personality, it is effective for whites to use their privilege in combating prejudice. This response is as a result of Eminem’s bashing of Trump, to which Charlamagne believes will be effective. See This Article to learn more about Tha God.


Charlamagne Tha God, known legally as Lenard Larry McKelvey, is a compelling media personality. At 40, he has authored Black Privilege – a New York Times bestseller – besides authoring Shook One. He is also an influencer in Social Media and owner of CThaGod Production Company. Thus, he is well acquainted with the celeb world and political discussions. His response to Eminem’s bashing on Trump isn’t a mistake.


The Trump world has been hitting the headlines. Barely one year in office as the US President, rappers like Eminem started dishing out political rants on the President. As Charlamagne reveals, Eminem’s albums such as the Revival and BET cypher were forceful on how they approached the issue. But his recent Kamikaze reflects the changing political times, with shots on Trump seeming more organic.


Charlamagne Tha God is a known critique of Eminem’s Revival album. He says it’s trash but affirms that Kamikaze is a good album. And, ultimately, the Breakfast Club co-host rates Eminem as one of the greatest living legends in the lyrics world.


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Charlamagne Tha God Is A Changed Man


Charlamagne Tha God recently sat down with Bill Rhoden of the HBCU 468 podcast to discuss his new book, “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me.” It’s no surprise that he would find influence in the hip-hop community for his second major title, Charlamagne nods to songs created by the Geto Boys and Mobb Deep, as he is the co-host of iHeartRadio’s morning show, The Breakfast Club and co-host of the Brilliant Idiots podcast. Although he has had so much success, Charlamagne Tha God has not always had a comfortable life, and that is what he discusses in Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me.


In his younger years, Charlamagne sold crack to a woman in his hometown in South Carolina, and he regrets that decision to this day as the woman’s daughter had to forfeit her education to care for her ailing mother. Selling to her is not the only event that has caused the figure anxiety in his lifetime, Charlamagne Tha God has also suffered from racism, various fights, and being attacked which has all given him PTSD, anxiety, and a term he has coined called, Blackanoid. He explains that Blackanoid is his term for being black and paranoid in America, and is also the title of a chapter in his new book. See This Page for additional information.


Charlamagne The God has stated in recent interviews that he is aware that people are going to judge him for his past, and he’s okay with that. However, it is unfair to treat him like he is the same person he was when Charlamagne was 20, as the now 40-year-old Charlamagne has taken significant steps to grow from the boy he once was and is now a doting husband and father to three little girls.


Because of his growing family, Charlamagne is a supporter of the #MeToo Movement in the sense that he believes it is time for men to straighten out their ways with women. As his future is full of females, Charlamagne has shown his support for initiatives that empower women.



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Adam Milstein Is Growing Concerned With Trends On The Left:

Adam Milstein is an entrepreneur who serves as a managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties and is well known for his philanthropy and activism for the State of Israel. Adam Milstein hails from Haifa, Israel and served in the Yom Kippur war as a member of the Israeli Defense Force. He has been in the United States since 1981 and studied at the University of Southern California. Adam’s career in commercial real estate got going after his graduation.

Adam is a devoted family man and he founded the Milstein Family Foundation along with his wife. The foundation places it focuses on assisting organizations that help to give strength to the Jewish people. Adam Milstein also co-founded the Israeli-American Council and serves as chairman. He also serves as a board member with numerous organizations that work for the betterment of Israel.

Adam Milstein recently commented in an article from Jewish News Syndicate that Israel is becoming increasingly under threat from radical elements in the Muslim world that are forging new types of alliances that cause damage to the State of Israel. In Adam’s view, a huge part of the issue is the trend developing in the radical elements of the American left to ignore or try to minimize the issues of radicalized Muslim extremists. Leftist alliances with controversial figures such as Linda Sarsour seem to typify the policies of the American liberal establishment.

The problem is further complicated by rallies like one that occurred recently in Chicago, Illinois where these strange ties seem to exist as well. Ironically, the groups are often involved in fighting for ends to the kind of oppression that their strange allies such as Sarsour seem to promote. This is coupled with a new brand of anti-Semitism that is coming forth from the left. Adam Milstein’s overall analysis of this trend in the American left is that it is a threat to the peace of the world. If these kinds of trends continue, there is no telling the level of damage that will be done to the state of American, Israeli and world security in the process.

Michael Zomber: Historian And Author

Michael Zomber has a passion for history and collecting weapons from around the world. Many of the weapons in his collection are from the sixteenth to nineteenth century and he specializes in weapons from America, Japan, Islam, and Europe. He has been featured on The History Channel numerous times due to his great knowledge of guns and swords. He was featured on the series “Tales of the Gun” where he discussed guns owned by famous people, famous gunfights, and guns from around the world.

Michael is a great story teller and has a vast understanding of history. He also has a love for Japanese samurai swords and has been known as a seller and buyer of unique weapons. Michael notices the small details of each item in his collection and hopes his buyers enjoy these relics of history as much as he does.

In 1998 Michael and his wife Andrea founded Renascent Films. This film company produced “Soul of the Samurai” which is a documentary about ancient Japan and the Samurai sword. This documentary gives a glance into the culture of Japan as well as the development of one of their most famous weapons. This film is educational but also interesting. It showcases Michael’s creative side and love for history all in one place.

Michael Zomber is also a published historical author. He has written seven screenplays and four novels. “A Son of Kentucky” and “Sweet Betsy” focus on the civil war and hard times. His novels are written with passion and emotion that causes the reader to have deep sympathy for his characters. There is a certain realness to his novels that makes them appeal to many people. They are also filled with interesting historical information and help paint a picture of what it was like to live many centuries ago. Michael retells events of civil war time in a very personal way. The struggles of his characters are real and help modern day readers understand the ugly side of war. An example of this is in “A Son of Kentucky” the main character is against slave labor and because of this his family faces poverty and judgment from other families in the community.