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The Unstoppable Larkin and Lacey Seem Not to Loosen the Thread on Joe Arpaio

Over the history of the United States, various presidents have pardoned major guys who have been convicted in court and charged with various lawsuits from injustices to corruption to discrimination and many others.

However, the recent presidential pardon by Donald Trump on Joe Arpaio continues being smoky and hotter all over the Maricopa County, Arizona. If the kitchen is too hot for you just leave the kitchen but not for the indomitable Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who are the cooks and propellers behind the fight for justice and reformation of this toughest American Sherriff.

Joe Arpaio is widely known for his trampling of justice for his people and the most intolerable act is imprisoning innocent Lacey and Larkin. Over a decade ago the Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Unit under the directive of Joe flocked at the doors of these two heroes at their homes in Phoenix in Arizona. After being hauled from their homes, they were imprisoned separately for disclosing the grand-jury investigation information to the public.

Michael Lacey was the executive editor and Jim Larkin the CEO at Village Voice Media Publication. Earlier before their arrest, they had published in the Village Voice Media Publication, Phoenix New Times about the grand jury. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

These two men continuously exposed the aggressive enforcement of the law by Arpaio since he resumed office in 1992. The underdevelopment of Tent City and injustices done on women and even inmates especially the immigrants had also been brought to the light. This made the Sherriff furious and in a bid to cover his nakedness, he landed the two men in prison.

In 2011, the road of Joe seemed slippery when he was faced with a lawsuit of violating human rights of Latinos and various immigrant groups. This is after an exposure of his ruthlessness towards inmates. Nevertheless, the stubborn Sherriff continued his racial profiling until his conduct reached the media houses.

This is where these two brave men, Lacey and Larkin came in and made known to the public the dubious acts of Joe. At the time of publishing the grand jury, every other newspaper had refrained covering Arpaio for fear of being banned or arrested.

After being in the cell for 24 hours they were released because of mass action and pressure mounted by the citizens demanding their release. Lacey and Larkin later decided to file a lawsuit against the Sherriff and this gave them more confidence to continue exposing his scandals, corruption and heinous acts. The case was settled for $3.7 million.

After the suit, the two men founded one the largest human right movement from the settlement amount so as to help Latino community and assuring them protection for their First Amendment Rights. The movement goes by the name Frontera Fund.

This movement has been on the forefront of confronting the controversial Joe and fighting for Justice for the poor in the county. With the pardon from the president Trump, Mr. Arpaio seems to have escaped the imprisonment; nevertheless, his misconducts and malpractices have already been known by most Americans and soon he will face the law.

Daniel Taub advises the international community on peace resolution

The international community has for many years approached the issues that affect the Middle East with naivety. According to diplomat Daniel Taub, the issues that face this region deserve to be taken with the seriousness they deserve. For those who have been on the negotiation table like Daniel Taub, they understand that this is not a region where you just force to get things done.

The Middle East requires the countries in the region to agree to a conciliatory approach for peace to be an option. The differences that exist are too deep that think that everything will work by giving orders is just misleading oneself. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Daniel Taub has first-hand experience about the peace negotiations efforts in the region. He knows how hard it can be to try and get the countries onto the table for peace talks let alone arriving at a peace agreement. According to him, if there is a way that can bring peace it has to be a conciliatory approach. Anyone thinking of anything else is just misguided. No one can force Israel or any other state to embrace peace.

Daniel Taub takes issues with the way the international community has been approaching the issue of peace negotiations so casually. For countries like Britain to think that forcing Israel into promoting peace will work, then the sad truth is, it won’t.

Daniel Taub knows that the Jews hate to be forced into something. They are ready to embrace peace, but it must be under their terms and not being subjected to pressure from other countries.

Britain tried to push Israel into a corner by declaring bans and boycotts on Israel. These actions happened when Daniel Taub was the ambassador to the U.K. He witnessed all of it and despite such moves not emanating from the government, the organizations that were declaring them meant to harm the economy of Israel by telling people not to accept anything belonging to Israel. Such moves are meant to make the government of Israel consider taking a particular stand regarding the conflicts. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Daniel Taub, however, dismisses such attempts as a waste of time as they just strengthen the Jews resolve of the people to go against what these cpu8mtres want. Any time another country seems to want to influence the course that Israel should take, the Jews come together and reject such moves.

Any country that wants to promote peace in the Middle East must do so by bringing all the countries on the negotiation table and have them reach an agreement. Israel has a history of respecting the peace agreement, and therefore this is what the international community should be looking to take advantage of.

The Human Rights Foundation Urges the Vietnamese Government to Release Human Right Activists

Human Rights Foundation is a well- known nonprofit making an organization. The main aim of the organization is to promote the rights of people in the world today. The organization was recently fighting for the urgent release of Mr. Nguyen Van Dai, a famous lawyer in Vietnam. Mr. Nguyen was arrested when working in his office that is located him Hanoi. He was taken into custody together with a colleague known as Le Thu Ha. The organization has condemned the arrest and asked the Vietnamese government to act fast.

Van Dai Nguyen is a human rights lawyer based in Vietnam, and he peacefully fights to uphold the rights of the citizens in his country. He was arrested in December 2015, and together with Le Thu Ha, and they are facing serious charges from the government. The Vietnamese government believes that the two have been conducting propaganda against it. If Nguyen and Le Thu Ha are found guilty after their trial, they might face up to 20 years in prison.

Mr. Thor Halvorssen, the Venezuelan president of the Human Rights Foundation, thinks the Vietnamese Government is using the vague propaganda law to ensure that they sabotage any democracy calls in the country. Thanks to the propaganda law, human rights activists have always been detained in prison, and this should stop immediately. Thor Halvorssen, the Human Rights founder is currently urging the international community to intervene and pressure the Vietnamese government to drop the charges pressed against the human rights activists. He also says that they should be released with no conditions.

This is not the first time that the lawyer is facing problems with the Vietnamese law. Back in 2007, Nguyen was prosecuted by the government due to his human rights activities. He was forced to spend 4 years in jail. After being released in 2011, the government still harassed him, and he was on surveillance most of the time. He attended the International Human Rights Day in December last year, but he was beaten up and robbed by individuals who were masked.

The Human Rights Foundation has recently partnered with many other groups like the Amnesty International from all parts of the world to pressure the government to release the two individuals.

Mr. Thor Halvorssen is a well- known human rights lawyer and a respected film producer. He the founder of HRF and he has always fought for people’s rights since childhood. His actions have led to the release of important people in the world.