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The Brown Modeling Agency Wants To Help Models Achieve Their Dreams In Nontraditional Modeling Markets

The Brown Modeling Agency is a leading agency for both fashion and print models in the Greater Austin Texas area. The Brown Modeling Agency works in the fields of photography, advertising, and media and entertainment. The Brown Agency came to Texas in the Spring of 2010. The company has quickly become one of the biggest companies in the south and to set a new precedence for the big market standards and expectations for modeling agencies in Texas and other “non-traditional” modeling markets.

The Brown Agency has been growing in leaps and bounds since coming to the Greater Austin Area, including drawing interest and signing deals with models that worked with companies that included the likes of Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, Loreal, and much more. They have had models go to massive events such as New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week. The company believes they are only good as their talents and aim to attract the best models to their agencies that they can. The Brown Modeling Agency wants to pride itself on the models they have signed to contracts and realize that they must find quality models to continue to have a quality business. They work to further the careers of every single person who signs up to model for them, and they value exposure for each and every model to new agencies that can help them further their career and get them where they envision they will go in the future.

According to Market Wired, the Brown Modeling Agency continues to be inspired by the beautiful models that they see working so hard to get to the places they want to go. The agency wants to help by getting models booked to whatever line of work they want to get into. That includes film, television, commercials, runways, print advertising, and editorial work to begin with. Art in this living form is beautiful, and if The Brown Modeling Agency can help these models get where they want to go they are happy to do help doing it. They want people who can express human emotions, tell a story, tie themselves to other people, and really speak to the people who they are selling the clothing and products they are trying to portray to the rest of the world. The Agency wants to best serve their models and to help ensure that they are achieving their dreams by providing them the tools to do so.

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Boraie Development Work with Elijah’s Promise

Boraie Development is a part of the advisory board for Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise is a non-profit organization that wants to harness the power of food, break the cycle of poverty and change lives. Elijah’s Promise primarily operates in New Brunswick, New Jersey. They run a soup kitchen in New Brunswick that provides delicious, fresh and nutritious meals for the hungry. It started as a volunteer ran kitchen, they are currently serving thousands meals every single year. Elijah’s Promise also provides the opportunity to learn the skills and tools they need to get a job in the culinary industry whether that is through an already established company or to create your own business. They run their own community cooking classes, allowing individuals to learn these skills, but they also have opportunities to take it to the next level by taking extensive culinary and baking programs within the organization. Elijah’s Promise believes in food enterprises that benefit consumers, workers, and society as a whole. They do this by changing the way people eat and work.

They accept volunteer work, this may include you helping prepping, serving and cooking the food that will go to the under privileged. Elijah’s Promise has been absolutely amazing in the New Brunswick, New Jersey area; they have substantially helped with the poverty and hungry in that area. The fact they are doing what they do in a non-profit way, is absolutely amazing. Many families have been affected because of this organization, whether it’s been due to having a nutritious yet delicious meal when times were tough, or they helped employ a parent that ended up finding a career due to their education programs. It has simply changed lives, you can get involved by helping financially or spending a few hours physically helping. Elijah’s Promise will continue to do these things will the help of the community.

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Investment and Legal Expert Tabar Invests in THINX

Impeccable Career of Sam Tabar from Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar, an expert in investments, knows what products and companies are worthwhile to invest in. As a result he has decided to support a start-up company with a vision, THINX. Not only does THINX have a great business model, which attracted Tabar, but it helps women in other countries. THINX designs undergarments that help deal with menstruation and incontinence. Every purchase goes to provide women in Africa with the means to control menstruation allowing them to go about their work or school lives. Tabar decided to invest after meeting the founders of the company through mutual friends. THINX got started through crowdfunding campaigns such as kickstarted. Although Tabar was not looking to invest, the business model caught his attention, and the rest is history. THINX will do well to have Tabar involved in the business to encourage other investors to get involved.  Sam has also learned from their charitable business model, and has opened up his own GoFundMe page as well.

THINX is lucky to have Tabar as an investor with his expertise in law and business. Educated at Oxford University and Columbia, Tabar began his career at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates. As an attorney with the law firm he mostly worked in financial and corporate law dealing with hedge fund structure and formation and investment agreements. After five years with the firm, Tabar went to Sparx Group/PMA to become the co-head of business development.

With his expertise in law and business, Tabar’s move to Merrill Lynch was a no-brainer. At Merrill Lynch, Tabar was the director and head of capital strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. The legal field called to him once again in 2013 when he became a senior associate with Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, but a year later he left the firm to take up personal consulting offering advice to corporations on investments and other business areas. In 2015 he joined FullCycleFund as chief operating officer where he has put his investing and legal expertise to good use. Companies and individuals come to Tabar for advice on investing and corporate law because of his years of experience and expertise.  Follow Sam Tabar on Instagram to continue following his career, and daily life.

Remembering Wikipedia Pages Can Be Changed At Any Time

Taking a few moments to create your own Wikipedia page may seem like a fun thing to do and serve the purpose of raising your Online profile. But, how many people take a few moments to think about the information others may post to their profile before creating a profile that could stay Online forever and take into account the many different views expressed Online about a person, organization or event. The decision to create a personal Wikipedia page should only come after the individual has taken the time and effort to read and understand the guides the Online encyclopedia published about conflicts of interest and bias.

Obviously, any person who is looking to create their own Wikipedia page is hoping to include all the wonderful information they feel should be known about them. However, once the profile is active and can be accessed from around the World the page can quickly take on its own life as contributors and editors look to make changes and add information about the subject of a page. Most contributors will simply conduct an Online search for the person, organization or event before adding the information they discover to the page and include references. This means any individual should look through all the relevant information about them that can be found through a simple Online search engine hunt and make a decision over whether they should create their own page.

Once the page is created the editing and alterations made to any page are the subject of strict rules and regulations from Wikipedia that are designed to make sure the individual subject of the page cannot simply alter negative posts out of the their profile. There are regulations based on conflicts of interest in editing and posting information to a page that must be adhered to. These rules can see the person judged as trying to modify a page unfairly removed from the Site and not permitted to make changes to other pages.

Keith Mann Makes A Unique Donation To The NYPD

The founder of the York Company Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann, made a unique contribution to the New York Police Department. Instead of feeding in to all the negativity and violence that is surrounding the police force, Keith and his wife Keely donated lunch to the 54th Street precinct. Keith’s act of appreciation gives the police force a boost in moral support. He knows how little they are appreciated. The attacks on the police department hit close home for Keith because his wife has an uncle that is a detective in the New York Police Department that is located in Staten Island. The New York Police Department suffered attacks what should have been peaceful protests. Police officers need to be thanked for their service and not attacked for keeping the citizens safe. Knowing that one good deed typically goes unnoticed, Keith and his wife donated lunch to the 54th Street precinct twice, once in January and the second time in February.

The rise in violence among the citizens is becoming more of a concern for Mann. He believes it is the citizen’s responsibility to help the police in their efforts to maintain peace instead of standing in their way causing more harm. Officers will respond according to their training in violent situations which could, in turn, cause harm to innocent bystanders. Rallies have been attended to show support to the police voice. Citizens are encouraged to attend these peace rallies and give a voice to protect and acknowledge all what the police force does for their community.

Lubricant Company Gets A Lawsuit


“Fifty Shades of Grey” is an incredibly popular book, and it’s being turned into a movie, which will be released this Valentine’s Day weekend. Lawsuit. Many are anticipating the movie, and advertisements have been splashed across screens everywhere, building up to the release of the movie. Since the book was released, everyone, up to the President, and Ricardo Tosto has read the book. Although the book talks about taboo situations, such as bondage, and a lot of sex, many are still toting the book as one of the best ever written.

Not only has the book done extremely well, but it also brought about a movie, as well as sex products, which are said to be helpful to those who engage in the act of sex. A woman is bringing a lawsuit against the Fifty Shades of Grey lubricant, which was supposed to be somewhat of an aphrodisiac, and it should have brought extra zing to her sex life. It’s stated that the lubricant would make the sex extra special, as well as bring about a tingling sensation, which would be extremely pleasurable for the user.

The lady used the lubricant at least two times, and she was very displeased with it, so she brought about a lawsuit, instead of just asking for a return on her money. The lady claims that the lawsuit is for everyone who’s ever used the product, claiming that the makers of the product, have made false claims.

The Future is Bright for FreedomPop

If you’re like me, eBooks are a total blessing. I’m able to get my fix without having to lug around my delicate hardcovers. But I also hate using up my expensive data plan just so I can read. What’s a book lover to do? Well, in researching alternatives I came across this Wall Street Journal article about FreedomPop and it may be the WiFi solution for book lovers everywhere.

Wi-Fi is something that we all use everyday. Wi-Fi is becoming just as essential in our homes as heating and water. There are many great options out there for wi-fi, and there are companies out there who are innovating in the world of Wi-Fi as well. FreedomPop happens to be just one of these companies that is innovating in the world of wi-fi. Free wi-fi is the basis of FreedomPop. While there are still limits of usage when it comes to the wi-fi monthly usage, the basic service is great for those who only need to use wi-fi when it is most needed.

Founded in 2011, FreedomPop is becoming more and more popular all over the world. With estimations of over 1 million users in 2015 alone, it is easy to see how this app is becoming so popular among both iPad and Android users. The amazing thing as well is the network of 25 million hotspots around the world. FreedomPop is offering this service for just 5 dollars a month. This is a great service for those who are always on the run, yet still need to get their work done. This is also a very inexpensive price to pay for access to 25 million wi-fi hotspots.The business model for FreedomPop is very unique and innovative and users love it. For the first 500MB of LTE data, 200 minutes of talk, and 500 texts are free. After these have run out, and individual can sign up for unlimited for just 20 dollars per month. FreedomPop has had no problem in finding the adequate funding for their company. In the first round of funding, FreedomPop was able to raise 7.5 million dollars worth of capital from mangrove capital. During their second round of funding FreedomPop was able to raise and additional 4.3 million in capital.

The future of the company is very bright, and there are some very interesting talks in the works regarding acquisition. Sprint is very interested in the company that FuturePop has built, and there are talks that Sprint is currently offering between 250 million and 450 million dollars. It will be interesting to see if FuturePop will decide to stay independent or take this offer. There are many different ways that FuturePop could decide to take their company, but there is one thing that is for sure, FuturePop is going nowhere but up. The amazing features of this company allow much room from growth, and it is sure to be a game changer in the telecommunication industry.

Sam Tabar: A Hedge Fund Manager for the Ages


 When it comes to the world of high finance, it takes a special kind of person to stand out from the competition. While countless people in financial management firms have high degrees of education along with experience in various money matters, I’ve only known Sam Tabar and a very select few others who actually have a sense for what will work and what won’t. It is a skill that cannot be taught in a classroom, nor learned on a job. Rather, it is a skill one seems to be born with and is cultivated throughout the years.

 I’ve known Sam Tabar for a while and know that he is good at what he does because of his extensive training and diverse experience. Specializing in investor relations and strategic marketing plans for hedge funds, Tabar took the skills learned at Oxford University and Columbia Law School and put them to good use immediately. After graduating from Columbia in 2001, Sam became an Associate at the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP and put his talents to work counseling clients on hedge funds, employment issues and regulatory and compliance information. However, it was after leaving here in 2004 that Sam’s career really took off.

Leaving Skadden to join Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors in 2004, Tabar redefined his career by  establishing himself as the man with all the answers. Initially hired as counsel for the investment firm, he found himself promoted to Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. Given the task of managing all aspects of a $2 billion hedge fund, Sam didn’t back down from the challenge. He used his legal and financial knowledge to design a global strategic marketing plan targeting high net worth clients. As a result of his work, he was able to develop over 400 investor introductions to go along with his personal rolodex of more than 2000 potential investors, once again showcasing his ability to take on a challenge that others shy away from and instead use his uncanny ability to take it to the next level.

Sam has spent years working with investors all around the world, giving him the unique global perspective that is reflected in his latest engagement with CNBC. others can match. Fluent in English and French, he is also able to speak Japanese, a skill he learned while working with Merrill Lynch clients in the Asia-Pacific region. While at Merrill Lynch from 2011-2014, he added an additional 1,250 investors to his rolodex, once again showing a talent for attracting those with money to invest in promising companies and ideas.

With interests including traveling the world and hosting events, it’s hard to imagine the next challenge Sam Tabar will accept. However, the one thing that is known about Sam is that whatever challenge he undertakes, he will once again use his talents to leave it more successful than it was before his arrival. While his track record speaks for itself, it’s clear Sam Tabar truly is a man for the ages.

A Glimpse Into the Mind of Bestselling Author Dr. Daniel G. Amen

Dr. Daniel G. Amen is a author of several books. He is a brain disorder specialist that has become the authority on the brain and how it works with other areas of the body. He has written books about the relationship of the brain and the role it places in sex, weight loss, spirituality and depression. People are intrigued about his take on how the brain serves as the nucleus to feeling better and living a better life.

In addition to this plethora of published works, Amen is also in charge of directing the Amen Clinics. In this role Amen has a hands-on approach to the issues that he has written about in his books. This plays a very direct role in his success. Amen has done extensive studies on things like brain injuries for the NFL. He is has also devised diagnostic tools that are still used in the Amen clinics today. This gives him a great deal of credibility in the matters concerning the brain. That is why his books continue to sell. Amen has documented proof that can be easily referenced. 

Dr. Daniel Amen has carved out a niche in writing about the brain because he has managed to create books that have addressed very inspiring topics. There are books like “The Magnificent Mind at Any Age” and “Healing Anxiety and Depression.” These books give lots of people hope about treatment disorders that they may have. It also gives optimism to other people that are worried about the possibilities of declining health as they get other. 

Dr. Amen has contributed to websites like the Huffington Post. He has created articles about brain healthy foods and things that people can do to boost their mental clarity. He gives thorough advice about those foods that are going to boost brain power and reduce the possibilities of brain disorders. He has helped lots of people unleash the power of their brains through simple routines. His extensive study and work hours in the field of brain disorders has given him the ability to give many of his readers a renewed life. 

He has also produced videos like “Healing ADD in 30 Days” that give people step-by-step instructions for moving beyond attention deficit disorder at home. This type of groundbreaking work has allowed Dr. Daniel G. Amen to be called up by professionals from many different walks of life. His authority is greatly valued.

J.K. Rowling to Rlelease 12 more ‘Harry Potter’ Stories


Christmas comes early for Harry Potter fans this year with the announcement that J.K. Rowling, the British writer behind the blockbuster fantasy series, is planning to debut 12 more ‘Harry Potter’ short stories this year, just in time for the holidays, Starting December 12th and John Textor could not be more excited. Rowling plans to release a new story each day up until Christmas as a special treat for avid fans on her social media site, Pottermore.

Since the last book was published in 2007 and the last film wrapped up the franchise in 2011, updates to the infamous ‘Harry Potter’ series have been few and far between. J.K. Rowling does keep Pottermore, a fan-led social media site dedicated to the series, updated with Harry Potter news, and even wrote a short story in mid-2014 that focused on the boy wizard all grown up at 34 years old and attending the Quidditch World Cup Final. These new Christmas stories are rumored to feature more scenes from ‘Half-Blood Prince’ and new magi