Addison Duling

Before Casio Audi Went To Finance, He Was a Musician

Casio Audi was not always a financial executive; he started as a musician with the Viper Rock band where he played the drums. Casio was always a talented kid in music and he learned all musical instruments as he grew up. However, he was most interested in playing the drums. While at school, Casio spent most of his free time in the music room practicing the drums. Whenever Casio would attend church, he would also play the drum. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that he became the Viper Rock Band’s Drummer in 1985; Casio says that he always wanted to join a serious group that would help advance his skills. Meeting the two brothers Yvette and Pit alongside their roommate Filipe Machado and their neighbor Andre Matos was a dream come true for Casio.
Casio Audi was introduced to the three by Felipe Machado, who formed the group in 1985. Yvette and Pit played music since childhood as they grew up in their parents’ house. They then moved out and found a roommate who was equally musical. The three played music often, attracting their neighbor Machado who brought in Casio his friend as he knew he was musical.
Being a born leader, Casio took on leadership immediately after the group was formed. He urged the group members to show hard work, determination, and excellence in all they did. He told them without this, it would be impossible to make it to the top of the music charts. He also made sure that the members attended practice as required and asked them to learn new skills that would assist them to grow as a band. The constant determination caused the group to record two successful albums that were sold across all continents. The Viper Rock Music band also rose to the top of the local and international charts.

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