Addison Duling

Avaaz brings global activists together

Climate change is a controversial topic among certain circles, but scientists not in the employ of the oil industry do not make up these circles. People studying the phenomenon from a purely academic perspective do not argue about whether or not it is happening. Climate change has been well documented. It has happened in the past, and it will happened in the future. Avaaz, although not made up of scientists, it understands that the scientific consensus on climate change is more likely to be correct than the positions favored by large energy companies. The organization wants to give people fighting against climate change a voice in the modern world.

The desire to give people a voice extends father than the climate change debate. The organization, whose name means voice in Persian, started in 2011. It found initial success during the Arab Spring. It helped the Libyan population overthrow former dictator Khadafi, and it helped Iranian protesters by setting up proxy servers. The government protesters could then use the Avaaz proxy servers to upload videos to public websites.

The organization continues to fight against climate change, and it helps activists rally behind a number of different causes. It brings like minded people together in order to provide activism for and against varied concerns. The organization was founded by Res Publica and six years ago, and it continues to grow and develop servant leadership around the world. It also helps people organize protests in many different counties. It is most active in the United States and Europe.


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