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Success Of Samuel Strauch In Miami’s Real Estate Market

Samuel Strauch is a business degree holder from Hofstra University, New York. He also pursued other courses at Harvard University and Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Mr. Samuel started as a banker before joining the real estate business run by his family in South Florida. In 2002, he founded his company that he runs to date.

Samuel Strauch integrates a platform of complementary businesses in acquisitions, equity sourcing, management, development, and brokerage in Latin America and South Florida. He is an active investor in various restaurant and internet businesses. He loves photography and art.

The idea of running a business came while in Miami, he noticed how real estate development was transforming the city from a previously vacation town to the present full-fledged metropolis. He embarked on a goal of putting together foreign investors and international clients to start the real estate business.

The key to the business is strengthening relationships with existing clients and meeting new people such as investors, brokers, and partners. This is the best way of forging new business partnerships, expanding client base, and sparking new ideas. Strauch finds it fun, and his experience enables him to establish new friendships with colleagues and partners.

To bring ideas to life, Mr. Samuel Strauch uses creativity. He carefully analyzes every business viability and idea. He always keeps an open mind to see the potential before putting resources and time into the idea. His business excels with excellent implementation, which is critical for any business.

Mr. Samuel Strauch finds delight in observing the generational transformation that is influencing many businesses across various industries. He enjoys meditation, which refreshes his mind and enables him to focus better in both professional and personal life.

He recollects his worst job of working in the operational department at a big company that he found to be boring. The work involved organizing reports and documents. He lives his life appreciating life and being grateful for every moment. Strauch cherishes having a curious and open mind. He sets goals he wants to fulfill in the day mentally. Having a positive attitude is critical to him as is appreciating the diversity of the people around including colleagues, investors, and partners.

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Dr. Scott Rocklage VC Fund Manager Says Don’t Be Afraid Of Measured Risk-Taking

Dr. Scott Rocklage is a 5AM Ventures manager that started in 2003 as a Venture Partner and slowly transitioned into a Managing Partner in 2004. Rocklage comes from an intriguing background as he was responsible for the leadership approval of three U.S New Drug Applications known as Omniscan, Teslascan, and Cubicin. His pharmaceutical influence originates from his PhD in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he researched with a former Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry named Richard R. Schrock. Dr. Scott Rocklage now focuses on life science-based venture capital where he can focus growing early stage startups in the life-science arena.


His days in the investment world are not typical or out of the ordinary. He encourages entrepreneurs in this field to do their best, take calculated risks, and continue to venture out into new areas in the life sciences category. What is amazing about Dr.Scott is his tremendous leadership experience and how he applies it to early stage investments he believes in. His discernment in picking the right investments mainly comes from his experience in both failures and successes.


As a former corporate executive and now a startup venture capitalist, the biggest key takeaways we can learn from Dr Rocklage is to take the courage to take calculated risks and learn from negative experiences and transform that energy into something positive. No matter what setbacks Dr Rocklage has done such as hiring the wrong people, or encountering setbacks, always continue to persevere forwards and do your research.

ClassDojo Raises Funds for an App to Replace Parent-Teacher Meetings

ClassDojo has managed to raise $21 million in a venture funding (Series B round) for a new application. The new technological communication platform will offer teachers, parents and students with a connection that will enable them to communicate in a consistent manner. It will enable these parties discuss about the student’s behavioral, social and activities development while at school. This ground-up change in communication will allow parents to be apprised of everything that occurs in school daily as opposed to getting surprised during the once in a semester parent-teacher meetings.

Co-founders’ Word

According to Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, ClassDojo’s founders, the company closed its round of funding back in 2015 and is looking at ways to grow the team as well as the features and content that will prove useful to parents who are expected to use the application not only in school but also at home. Chaudhary stated that the idea behind the app is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools as well as guiding the conversations held at home. Teachers will be able to use the app to update parents on a number of daily scheduled activities and send parents videos or snapshots of their children’s latest activities or work. The founders identified a gap in the education tech business, as they started the company in 2011. There were a number of other platforms creating digital curriculums, testing and grade books platforms. They saw that there was no app capable of creating community and culture between teachers, parents and students.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo refers to a classroom communication platform that creates a simple app to help teachers, parents and students to share on the daily occurrences in class through messages, videos and photos. It is based in San Francisco and is currently focused on distributing it to even more parents and teachers. The startup hopes to start generating revenue by creating premium content and features for parents to use but it will not sell off the user’s data due to its high privacy policies as there are children involved. The founders are considering inputting content like discussion guides, videos, custom yearbooks and lessons to use at home. There are transactional features within the app to help parents pay for lunches, field trips or supplies.

Boraie Development Work with Elijah’s Promise

Boraie Development is a part of the advisory board for Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise is a non-profit organization that wants to harness the power of food, break the cycle of poverty and change lives. Elijah’s Promise primarily operates in New Brunswick, New Jersey. They run a soup kitchen in New Brunswick that provides delicious, fresh and nutritious meals for the hungry. It started as a volunteer ran kitchen, they are currently serving thousands meals every single year. Elijah’s Promise also provides the opportunity to learn the skills and tools they need to get a job in the culinary industry whether that is through an already established company or to create your own business. They run their own community cooking classes, allowing individuals to learn these skills, but they also have opportunities to take it to the next level by taking extensive culinary and baking programs within the organization. Elijah’s Promise believes in food enterprises that benefit consumers, workers, and society as a whole. They do this by changing the way people eat and work.

They accept volunteer work, this may include you helping prepping, serving and cooking the food that will go to the under privileged. Elijah’s Promise has been absolutely amazing in the New Brunswick, New Jersey area; they have substantially helped with the poverty and hungry in that area. The fact they are doing what they do in a non-profit way, is absolutely amazing. Many families have been affected because of this organization, whether it’s been due to having a nutritious yet delicious meal when times were tough, or they helped employ a parent that ended up finding a career due to their education programs. It has simply changed lives, you can get involved by helping financially or spending a few hours physically helping. Elijah’s Promise will continue to do these things will the help of the community.

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Thor Halvorssen, Profession and Human Rights Activism

Born in 1976 in Caracas, Venezuela (Born and raised there), Thor is an adept producer and actor who had made come up with famous movies like Uprising, Halo Stars and 2081. He is the owner of the Human Rights Foundation, HRF that is based in New York which he launched in 2005. His father who was a confidant of the Norwegian King had to relocate to Venezuela after the German invasion of his country. Thor suffered when the Venezuelan Government harassed his parents for uncovering the corruption there. This did not deter him but made him strong and fought for human rights for all after seeing the inequality in the Venezuelan communism.

Mr Thor Loves all people especially the vulnerable ones who are fighting against regimes for fair treatment of the citizen. He loves dissidents, defectors, and freedom fighters more who confidently stands against tyranny.

In his endeavor, striving for equality, he has been beaten up. In 2010 he and his cameraman were in Vietnam to talk with Thich Quang Do whose Buddhist Church had been banned and spent 28 years of house arrest. After winding up the interview he was confronted by the Vietnamese authorities, arrested and detained but they talked their way out of custody. He believes that we should roll up our sleeves and help those who are trying to fight for their rights, period. Click here to watch video.

Some say he is a critic of the leftist Latin American dictators and is given money from the right wing conservative foundations. He, however, rubbishes that notion and insists that he is a “Classical Liberal.” Thor dislikes the dictators because they discriminate. He works with any wing provided they are in opposition to the dictatorial regime. His mains aim and dreams are to cover various corners of the world and cushion those who are fighting for a good cause and freedom. He interacts with dissidents, political prisoners and lends them a megaphone.

Rising to the top of business leadership; Susan McGalla

One of the platforms that last year’s campaigns were based on was the fact that women wanted to break the glass ceiling and get the leadership positions that the men have been enjoying for the longest time. Well, that might not have happened as it was envisioned, but women have been winning for a while now. It is now a common thing for women to be CEOs, and leaders like the current president of Harvard and she do not like being referred to as the first woman president of Harvard, because she feels that it makes her job seem like an exception while in reality this should be the norm.

Susan McGalla is another woman who has achieved a lot in leadership. She grew u in a household that was full of boys and she feels that with two brothers and her Dad being a football coach, her path towards becoming a successful woman leader was already pre-determined. She states that unlike other situations where the girls are allowed to have it easier, her Dad really pushed her to succeed and this has paid off beautifully.

The first job that Susan held an administrative post was at the American Eagles Outfitters. She had been picked for a job there so that she could give a female point of view about many of the outfits that were on sale. However, her prowess as a leader came to the surface and before long, she had been appointed to the post of CMO. She worked really well in this position and within no time, she had earned herself an appointment to the post of company president.

He left the world of employment to start her company, the p3 consultants. The company acts as an advisor to the major corporations. She has worked as a Trustee at the Pittsburg University and a board member of many other institutions.

With Jose Auriemo Neto at JHSF, the Company Continues to Fly High in the Brazilian Property Market

JHSF Participações S.A is an internationally celebrated real estate company that operates in major Brazilian cities, such as Salvador, Manaus, and Sao Paulo. The company was founded in 1972 and has since managed to establish itself as an industry leader. JHSF is identified with its innovative designs when undertaking high-end projects, such as shopping malls, townhouses, commercial towers, airports, and world-class hotels.

JHSF’s Shopping Malls

Some of the shopping malls that were constructed and are managed by JHSF include Shopping Bela Vista in Salvador, Shopping Cidade Jardim in Sao Paulo, and Manaus-based Shopping Ponta Negra. All these shopping malls are uniquely sophisticated regarding their architectural designs. Despite being in different cities, all of them have a few things in common- they are all the places to be for leisure and entertainment.

JHSF’s Corporate Centers

Just like its malls, corporate centers developed by JHSF are equally as sophisticated. Benedito Lapin and City Garden Corporate Center are among the many incorporations under JHSF. For Benedito Lapin, its apartments are spacious and luxurious with the smallest having a floor space of 123m2 and the largest being 163m2. Garden City Corporate Center, on the other hand, has three towers with a total leasable area of nearly 2,000m2. Being at the heart of Sao Paulo, the towers are multipurpose and can be used either for holding events or for business. To add onto that, each of the three towers has a helipad for convenience.

JHSF’s Townhouses

JHSF is currently developing eight townhouses under the Cidade Jardim project. The project is situated along Avenida Alberto Penteado in Sao Paulo, a stone-throw away from Shopping Cidade Jardim. Once complete, the townhouses will have floor spaces of between 433m2 and 468m2.

Auriemo Neto

Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian entrepreneur and real estate maestro. He currently serves as the executive president and chairman of the board of directors at JHSF. He is the son to Fabio Auriemo, the former president of JHSF.

Between September 2015 and January 2016, Auriemo was living in New York, U.S. to keep an eye on the construction process of a JHSF hotel in the city. As a good family man, he had carried on his wife and children and even took the children to study in American schools over that period.

End Citizens United; Fighting Unlimited and Undisclosed Elections Funding

End Citizens United (ECU) refers to a Political Action Agency that is financed by grassroots donors and is committed to opposing the catastrophic effects of Citizen United as well as revolutionizing the US campaign finance system. ECU wax founded in 2015 after the 2010 Supreme Court’s decision that altered the American Elections by permitting unlimited and undisclosed elections spending.


On April 21, 2017, ECU endorsed Rob Quist for Congress since he was vying to represent Montana. Tiffany Muller, an Executive Director at ECU, reported that Quist was the best candidate to represent Montana in Congress since he was a grassroots champion who opposed the special interests and billionaires who were buying elections for their selfish gains. Rob was a man of the people who fought people’s rights in matters of access to public lands and ensuring transparent elections. Meanwhile, millionaire challenger had petitioned to sell off public lands and undermined Montana’s good governance and campaign finance laws since he was receiving money from some secretive special interest groups. For this reason, ECU is proud to support Rob and not his opponent.


In a statement, Rob Quist illuminated that many of the politicians supported the interests of the few individuals that financed their election campaign instead of working for the people they are supposed to represent. He was, therefore, pleased to collaborate with ECU who had supported hardworking individuals and countered the organisations that bought elections. ECU has thousands of supporters in Montana, and it will work with them to ensure that Quist has all the resources to win.


Article 2

Taking Charge of Financial Collections


End Citizens United has managed to raise its money. Currently, it has collected over $ 4 million from January 2017 to March 2017. The committee plans to raise approximately $35 million before the 2018 midterm elections for Congress. This will be deemed a milestone since the $25 million the Political Action Committee (PAC) took in during the 2016 election, the committee’s first election cycle in operation.


Tiffany Muller revealed that over 100,000 individuals contributed to the PAC in its first quarter with over 40,000 people being first-time donors. According to Muller, most of the donors are individuals who feel that system is rigged against them with donors having the biggest say. As a result, they fight back by supporting campaign-finance reform champions. Recently, PAC has urged its supporters to contribute $ 500,000 to support Jon Ossoff, a first-time political candidate in Georgia. Jon stunned the agency after he raised approximately $ 4 million for the April 18 special election.


ECU functions as a conventional PAC and allows a maximum contribution of $ 5,000 from a single donor. Regardless of that donation cap, it’s fundraising in 2016 topped the Democratic-aligned group’s expenditure in the recent elections.


The CEO Behind USHealth’s Success Receives a Golden Award for His Dedication

Every American that is interested in the healthcare industry has already heard the famous name of the USHealth Group and their success at providing innovative health treatments that are award-winning and some of the best treatment methods in the market.

The triumph of USHealth would not be possible without the exceptional leadership of Troy McQuagge, the CEO of the company, who has been accompanying the group through their downfalls and successes for more than six years.

The inspiring leadership of Troy McQuagge was recognized this year when the executive received the Gold award as CEO of the year in the very prestigious One Planet Awards, a system that rewards entrepreneurs and company leaders with dedication and expertise at their areas.

Troy McQuagge is also the President of the USHealth Group and a member of the Board of Directors of the company. Before joining the central sector, he began his career with the group in 2010 as President & CEO of the USHealth Advisory office. The impressive work that he did at the firm earned him the spot in the central administration office that he has today.

The One Planet Awards are prestigious as many executives of the world are annually submitting their biographies and participating in the contest. The nominations are very competitive, and the Gold position shows the extreme passion that Mr. McQuagge has for his job in the USHealth firm.

Troy joined the team, and his first mission was to organize everything to set the company at its best working rate. By dedicating his time and effort in administrating the staff, educating the employees of the company and, more importantly, putting the customer above everything else, the CEO of the company has turned the slowly-growing company into a group that skyrocketed in reputation.

Positive feedback from clients of USHealh Group are usually complimenting the top notch treatments that are offered, but they also praise the administration staff for the impressive work that the team has put in updating the procedures in order to make them as customer-friendly as possible.

Troy McQuagge stated that he was incredibly honored in receiving the golden position of the One Planet Awards, and it meant a lot to the extreme dedication that he puts in delivering the best service, not only to the patients, who already know the man by heart but also in assisting the employees that also have extreme dedication in making everything work as optimally as possible.

One of the employees of USHealth spoke about his relationship with Troy and the administration team. According to him, Troy is always smiley and excited to talk to his employees at any given time. Without him, the company would not be as functional nor as exciting to work for.

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Eric Lefkofsky Turns His Talents to Fighting Cancer

Recently Eric Lefkofsky, one of the co-founders of Groupon, had a personal experience that has motivated him to start another company dedicated to providing data to doctors who are fighting the battle against cancer. After his wife received a diagnosed for breast cancer, he soon realized that data regarding this disease was not readily available. Mr. Eric stated it seemed to him that many times truck drivers had more data available about how to do their jobs than was available to oncologists.

The new startup is Tempus and Eric is the CEO. There is lots of data out there; the problem is doctors need data about several things, Tempus is going to combine data about both genomic information with therapeutic data. Eric notes, gathering molecular data is fine, but the physician also has to have clinical data, as well as therapeutic and outcome response data. Besides knowing about a patient’s DNA and RNA makeup, clinicians should have information about what treatments the patient is on and how well they are responding to current treatment.

As an example, Eric explains, when a researcher is studying a group of breast cancer patients taking Herceptin, why are some of the group experiencing a much higher success rate than others. Questions like, are they diabetics? Or what other medications are they taking? Rather than spend months and a lot of money responding to these issues Tempus is designed to provide this information between researchers, physicians, and others quickly. This data is used to develop a treatment plan for each patient that will lead to better results.

Eric Lefkofsky is perhaps best known as the co-founder of Groupon, but he has also launched several other highly successful companies. Eric is a founding partner in Lightbank, a fund investing in disruptive technologies, Echo Global Logistics, transportation, and logistics outsourcing firm, and InnerWorkings, a worldwide provider of print and promotional solutions, to mention only a few.

Eric studied at the University of Michigan; he received a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. Besides his well-known business accomplishments, Eric Lefkofsky is very involved in initiatives that better the lives of people living in the communities served. In 2006 Eric and his wife Liz founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, he is a trustee on several organizations that serve the Chicago area, including The Museum of Science and Industry.