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Amicus Therapeutics; The Present and Future of Biotechnology

Amicus Therapeutics is an uprising global biotechnology company working on therapies for rare diseases and orphan diseases. An orphan disease is a disease that effects less than 200,000 people throughout the nation. According to the information on LinkedIn, Amicus Therapeutics main concern is to focus on the needs of their patients with these rare or orphan diseases. They center their clinical programs, commercial aspects, and specified sciences on curing these diseases or making the symptoms easier on the patients they care so much about. The company has grown to employ between 201 and 500 employees since being founded in 2002. Their corporate headquarters are located in Cranbury, New Jersey; however, their international headquarters are in the United Kingdom. They also have facilities in Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and Spain, allowing them to be able to help people worldwide. In 2005, employees of Amicus Therapeutics came together and created a belief system that all employees have structured around the core values and goals for the company. View the market summary of Amicus Therapeutics at

Amicus Therapeutics has completed and ongoing clinical studies for many diseases, these include Epidermolysis Bullosa, Pompe Disease, and Fibry Disease. They’re working on a SD-101 cream for Epidermolysis Bullosa, Pharmacodynamics of Intravenous ATB200 with oral administrations, and more studies on Monotherapy Trial with Migalastat. As complex as these treatments are proving to be, their progress is astounding. They’re also working on Pre-clinical studies for Lysosomal storage disorders and CDKL5 deficiency. Information about these diseases can be found on their website. On their website, you can also see their success and care towards their patients through patient portraits and patient stories.


You can really see the care, attention, and effort that Amicus Therapeutics puts into the health and comfort of their patients. They’re an uprising company focused on progressing for the better of their main priorities; those affected by these diseases. Learn more about Amicus Therapeutics at Dial Dish.

Organo Gold Can Help you Live Longer

A USA Today article released in July describes two studies that show a positive correlation between drinking coffee and living a longer life. The studies were published by the Annals of Internal Medicine and they conclude that people who drink coffee have less risk of dying from many different diseases, including heart disease and stroke. One of the studies had over 185,000 Americans of different races, and it was found that both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee drinkers had a lower risk of death due to diabetes, cancer, stroke, kidney disease and heart disease. The lead author of this study explained that because there was a pattern across different populations, there is a stronger biological backing that coffee is good for anyone, whether they are African-American, Asian, Latino or white. The study reported that those who drank multiple cups of coffee per day had an 18% decreased chance of death compared to those who did not drink coffee. Watch this video on Youtube.

The second study surveyed 520,000 people in 10 different European countries and also found a decreased risk of death for those who drank coffee. They have still yet to pinpoint why coffee appears to have these health benefits.

Organo Gold is a global company specializing in premium coffee and teas that contain Ganoderma, a mushroom with significant health benefits. The company started in Richmong, B.C. Canada and their products are available in over 50 countries through Independent Distributors. Organo Gold currently offers five distinct coffee flavors to satisfy your taste buds that also contain key ingridients for a healthy lifestyle. Ganoderma lucidum, also known as the red Reishi mushroom, adds depth to the coffee while also offering its own benefits. Ganoderma muchrooms are ‘adaptogens’ and provide triterpenoids and amino acids. These mushrooms have been used in traditional Asian cultures for thousands of years and translate to “spiritual potency”.

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Organo Gold offers easy to mix instant coffee that is portable and easy to travel for any coffee lover. There are no added sugars of creamers so you can cater the flavor to your needs. Their flavors include: Black Coffee, King of Coffee, Café Latte, Café Mocha and Café Supreme. Visit to know more.

White Shark Media Is A Top Rated SEO Firm

White Shark Media is a search engine optimization and digital marketing company that is headquartered in Miami, Florida. It primarily serves small and medium sized enterprises with SEO services and other digital marketing services. Below is just a small example of the hundreds of satisfied clients and the small businesses that they represent that White Shark Media has served.

Linda R. owns a small printing business in Washington state and says that after working with White Shark Media, her earnings have increased substantially. She said that staff at White Shark Media were very knowledgeable on promotions and did a fantastic job with her account.

Sean G. from Connecticut also praised White Shark Media after he used the firm’s services for his car and limousine service company. He says that the team is highly professional and friendly at the same time. The company was flexible and able to meet his needs he added. The results for his business prove how good White Shark Media is. Metrics such as search engine rankings and PPC has increased substantially for this Connecticut limo and car service business.

Bethany who represents an automotive shop in Idaho said that White Shark Media was instrumental in turning around her company’s Google Adwords campaign. She also said that White Shark Media takes the time to respond and call small business clients such as herself and not ignore them. Bethany also said that the company provided her with solid data to help her see her current metrics and how they were being impacted by changes made by White Shark Media.

The Scalpel-wielding Genius of Texas

Jennifer Lee Walden, popularly known as Dr. Jennifer Walden was born in Austin, Texas. After successfully graduating from Anderson High School, Dr. Jennifer Walden went on to join the University of Texas where she obtained an Undergraduate Degree in Biology. She proceeded to University of Texas, where she received her MD. After completing her studies at the University Of Texas, Dr. Walden was invited to work at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Despite completing her studies, she continued to stay and work in New York for seven and a half years. During her stay in New York, she was an essential member of the clinical trials that led to the reintroduction of silicone breast implants. In late 2011, Dr. Walden returned to her hometown and opened her own private hospital. Three years later, she opened a second branch for her practice elsewhere in Texas and more

Dr. Walden is a practitioner of plastic and cosmetic surgery, having received formal training and mentorship in both fields. Through her hospital, she offers surgical procedures that minimize the visible effects of aging on the face, such as wrinkles. She also offers non-surgical skincare services with the assistance of aesthetics working under her. Dr. Walden also offers hair restoration services to people experiencing hair loss. Laser technology services are also offered by the doctor. The laser technology is used to eliminate unwanted scars, wrinkles and acne among other things. Dr. Walden is also renowned for her prowess in skin and muscle toning procedures such as liposuction. Besides skin and muscle toning, Dr. Walden is also a specialist in rejuvenation procedures of the genitalia. She uses her surgical know-how to improve the appearance of the genitalia, and relieve any discomfort.

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Enhancing Organizational Success through Cloud Technology Solutions

Cloud technologies are becoming popular among the contemporary manufacturing organizations. They are seen as an enhancement to organizational success in these businesses. Some manufacturers are still using the on-premises identity management, but there are several challenges associated with manufacturing organizations as of now. Inefficiency within the chain of supply has brought lost productivity and lost competitive advantage as a result of using old and systems and tools. Manufacturers handle sensitive data, and this makes them prone to compromise and breaches. As a result, they are seeking to ensure access to sensitive data is done through secure apps. Manufacturing organizations are a composition of different parts, and as such, problems like the overly complex identity management system, disparate directories, and complicated app rollout often come up.

Solution to the Challenges

The Cloud-Based Identity and Access Management can deal with the challenges mentioned above. OneLogin offers a wide range of services that include sign-on, multi-factor authentication and active real-time directory integration. It has a pre-integration of 5000 apps that include G Suite, Oracle, SAP and Office 365. OneLogin guarantees to increase user productivity through Single Sign-On Portal which centralizes every employee’s apps in a single location. This ensures easy access and a password that is secure. User onboarding and off-boarding is also streamlined. OneLogin’s HR-System smoothens the process of hiring new employees.

OneLogin also guarantees the Adaptive Authentication that is meant to prevent access to corporate data through personal devices of employees outside the company’s firewall. It also helps in simplifying the process of moving away from legacy infrastructure through OneLogin Web Access Management. It integrates with your web servers and connects to the OneLogin Cloud Directory that contains every feature of Cloud IAM.

OneLogin Inc.

The company was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing identity access management and selling to organizations and businesses. OneLogin is a cloud-based company that uses IAM to cut on the IT time on user Onboarding and Off-boarding as well as securing access to applications and devices. They also seek to use single sign-on to increase the productivity of the end user.


Goettl High Desert Mechanical is helping your save with these easy tips

If you live in a warm climate, or dread warm weather, you know that it can feel like torture if you don’t prepare. Before you know it you are swimming in a sea of your own sweat. Yuck! Here are some clever tips and tricks from the experts at Goettl how to keep your home cool without going into major energy bill debt.

It’s the little things that count. Having your thermostat or HVAC unit in direct sunlight will heat them up, making them work harder to cool your home. This will increase your energy bill. You can also put window tint on your windows to keep out the sunlight, thus keeping your home cooler.

Maintenance is a vital part to keeping your unit working optimally. Having a professional tune up your heating and cooling unit once or twice a year is a good way to keep your unit humming and can potentially avoid bigger problems in the future. It is also important to change you air filter every 30 days to make sure the air flows properly and does not get jammed up. If all else fails and your heating and cooling unit if from the stone age, replace it. It may cost you more each month to run your current AC unit, rather than replacing it with a new, more efficient model.

A couple more tips from Goettl experts. Use radiant barriers in your attic to keep your home more insulated, buy a programmable thermostat to keep that energy bill low, and turn up the temperature on your unit. Why? For every degree you go below 78 degrees, your energy bill increases a whopping 8 percent! Check out Glassdoor to see more.

Goettl High Desert Mechanical are the heating and cooling specialist know what their doing. They have been operating since 1926 when three brothers moved out west to start anew. It was during the Great Depression that Adam, John, and Bill started their very own heating and air conditioning business in Phoenix, Arizona. You can visit their page

They have become so popular that they received international attention and even had over 100 patents on the market. They offer an array of services that include heating and cooling, geothermal, duct sealing, financing, maintenance plans, and even plumbing services to boot. You can visit their Facebook page.

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Desiree Perez Is The Rock in ROC Nation

Des Perez, as she is widely referred, is the chief operations officer at ROC Nation, a post she has held since 2009,she is involved with ROC Nations publishing and labeling operations, as well as management of its activities. She has been the right hand man for Jay Z,ROC Nations head and is known to be a tough negotiator reputed to drive hard bargains for her boss and the Roc nation entity.

Samsung Deal with Rihanna on her Anti album.

She has recently been involved in closing the deal for Rihanna’s 2016 album,Anti, with technology giant company Samsung, a deal worth $25 million and will have the company pay for Rihanna’s upcoming tour to promote the album, which was certified platinum within 14 hours of it being released for online download. The deal has also had Samsung do a lot of commercial advertising to promote the album, include a dedicated website.

Live Nation and ROC Nation 360 deal

Back in 2008, Universal music group signed a ten year deal with ROC Nations head Jay Z, worth $150 million. The deal is due to expire next year andcan trigger a buy-sell option which will have either ROC Nation or the universal music group subsidiary buy a stake into or entirely buy out the others business. Sources say Perez and Jay Z met with UMG chairman and chief executive officer, Sir. Graingein his California offices; which has fueled speculation of UMG buying a stake into ROC Nation. and more information click here


If it beomes a reality, the deal will give Jay Z more resources with which to nurture new artists, it would also mean that UMG own a larger stake of the ROC Nations artists, though insider sources have said Live Nation is not interested in buying recorded music. Perez is said to have had UMG sign a music distribution deal with ROC Nation. and Follow him

Crime prevention by the Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a privately-owned company in the United States. Its genesis was stimulated by the urge of preventing crime and offering solutions to situations in the Jails. Securus has a wide array of benefits that have been enjoyed by the various customers who have subscribed to it. Securus offers an opportunity to the family fraternities of the inmates through phone services and video visits. The operation is characterized by strict adherence to the traditional way of making calls as every communication is monitored. This gives room for the prison staff to flag some information for future investigation purposes. There is a strong dependence on the grouping of fraternities that have engaged themselves in the criminal justice system.


The facility offers a user-friendly interface to a tune of 1.2 million inmates across the United States of America. Securus liaises with the state and government in discharging duties of correcting delinquents in the surrounding. Securus establishes and maintains phone systems to the state and government at minimal or no cost. Securus gives back the profits and the offers enormous commissions to its clients.The platform is secure since every activity that is undertaken is taken is recorded for purposes of convenience especially to the Criminal Justice Department.


The database available in the system is securely stored for future retrieval and use and it is made accessible specifically to authorized personnel. Securus provides relevant material for the investigation to the authorities and hence aid curbing criminal activities. The facilities help the prison staff detect and arrest any case of misconduct and harassment in the system. The services have helped nab criminal elements engaging in money laundering and drug trafficking within the correction facilities. It has been vital in conducting emergency responses.


Drew Madden’s Significant Impact in Healthcare

Drew Madden is a renowned healthcare IT expert with over fifteen years’ experience in the field. Innovation and hard work are some of the skills that define him. He has succeeded in being a sought out consultant to provide solutions to healthcare IT problems. He has not only provided growth to various companies he has worked with, but has also launched his own consultancy company that implements electronic healthcare applications.

Madden graduated with a BSE in industrial engineering at Iowa university. He was a student advisor at the university a role that may have shaped his future in consulting. He started his career at Cerner Corporation as an Integration Consultant. He showed his expertise by implementing healthcare applications at two hospitals in Chicago while working at the company. This was a starting point for his future success in healthcare systems development and implementation.

Drew Madden paid much attention to the transformation of healthcare with a vision of ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in business management. His career grew after leaving Cerner due to his innovative nature and commitment to propelling his career forward. He worked as a senior epic consultant at Healthia consulting which he joined in 2006.

Madden had put much focus in adoption of epic systems in healthcare record systems. He specialized in Epid inpatient application and certified to use other applications such as EpicRx. He was able to improve his skills greatly, which enabled him join Ingenix Consulting as a regional sales director. Madden was experiencing incredible growth in his career in IT which encouraged him to make greater contributions in the positions he held.

Madden witnessed his major career success at Nordic Consulting Partners. He joined the company in 2010 and served as an executive vice president for one year. He later became the company’s president in 2011 leading it to great growth for five years. He initiated change and enabled the company achieve excellent performance. It was able to grow in numbers and gain top ranking in epic consultancy. His tenure at the company recorded significant growth in the company’s revenue and number of employees.

Seek Retirement Advice from David Giertz

In an interview, David Giertz gives a peek into the significance of smart saving for retirement, with the approaches to gain control over the future. David recognizes that most people just retire without assistance on how to go about the pension smoothly. A high percentage starts to plan when already in retirement. David echoes that planning failure automatically leads to failure. Therefore, people need to strategize what to do after retirement long before they retire.

David notes that it is difficult for one to save for retirement however huge the monthly salary. The reason is that one cannot ascertain the amount needed to cater for the whole retirement because one spends more than the income. Therefore, one needs to plan well for their retirement by investing more. David Giertz says that investing can make one obtain extra income during retirement. Traditionally, one has to save more than six times of their annual salary before turning 50 years, and more than ten sets before 60 years. One also has to look for the best retirement plan that is flexible.

David Giertz observes that the best way to secure one’s retirement finances is to link a brokerage account to the savings account. The strategy gives one reliable accessibility to stocks, bond markets, and currencies where an individual can purchase and sell the products for profits. The brokerage accounts offer flexibility.

David Giertz is among the most experienced financial advisors in the US. He has certification as a business coach and an arbiter. Giertz is operating from Columbus. He works with Nationwide Investment Services Corporation.

David Giertz is a broker with 31 years of experience in the financial field. He works for other larger brokerage institutions. The firm’s work is to buy and sell securities including bonds, stocks, and mutual funds. Because the law requires financial advisors to register in the states where they conduct business, David holds an active registration in Ohio and Dublin.