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Amicus Therapeutics; The Present and Future of Biotechnology

Amicus Therapeutics is an uprising global biotechnology company working on therapies for rare diseases and orphan diseases. An orphan disease is a disease that effects less than 200,000 people throughout the nation. According to the information on LinkedIn, Amicus Therapeutics main concern is to focus on the needs of their patients with these rare or orphan diseases. They center their clinical programs, commercial aspects, and specified sciences on curing these diseases or making the symptoms easier on the patients they care so much about. The company has grown to employ between 201 and 500 employees since being founded in 2002. Their corporate headquarters are located in Cranbury, New Jersey; however, their international headquarters are in the United Kingdom. They also have facilities in Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and Spain, allowing them to be able to help people worldwide. In 2005, employees of Amicus Therapeutics came together and created a belief system that all employees have structured around the core values and goals for the company. View the market summary of Amicus Therapeutics at

Amicus Therapeutics has completed and ongoing clinical studies for many diseases, these include Epidermolysis Bullosa, Pompe Disease, and Fibry Disease. They’re working on a SD-101 cream for Epidermolysis Bullosa, Pharmacodynamics of Intravenous ATB200 with oral administrations, and more studies on Monotherapy Trial with Migalastat. As complex as these treatments are proving to be, their progress is astounding. They’re also working on Pre-clinical studies for Lysosomal storage disorders and CDKL5 deficiency. Information about these diseases can be found on their website. On their website, you can also see their success and care towards their patients through patient portraits and patient stories.


You can really see the care, attention, and effort that Amicus Therapeutics puts into the health and comfort of their patients. They’re an uprising company focused on progressing for the better of their main priorities; those affected by these diseases. Learn more about Amicus Therapeutics at Dial Dish.

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