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Varieties Of Beneful Dog Food And Combining Wet And Dry Foods

Choosing Dog Food

I used to have such a hard time figuring out what kind of dog food to get my dog. I love the little furry pup, so I wanted to make sure that the dog was getting the best food possible. I asked the pet store employees, and they would always tell me a bunch of different answers. I talked to a breeder, and they told me that I could make my own dog food. I do not feel like going through all that effort. I did my research by looking around online, and I found that Beneful has healthy options of dog foods for your pup, and they have them in all kinds of varieties. My dog likes the dry food a lot. I still get him wet food sometimes because I want him to have a variety. Choice is important. Choice on is what separates him from some stray dog that has to eat whatever they find on the ground. My dog feels pampered, and I want to keep it that way.

Dry Dog Food

Beneful makes a variety of different kinds of dry dog foods. The have a kind called Beneful Originals. That comes in a few different flavors. He seems to enjoy the kind that is called Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight. The flavor of that one is chicken. I try to give a cup of dry food in the morning. Then, I see how hungry he is at night. If he was extra active during the day, then I will feed him extra at night. I follow the instructions on the bag for how much he should eat at night. I trust the instructions because the food was tested by professionals.

Using Wet Food

My dog enjoys it when I mix wet food into his dry foods. I try to do this every time I feed him. I mix it up, too, so he has different varieties of flavors to look forward to. I fed him Beneful Chopped Blends with beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice last week. This week I’m feeding him Beneful Chopped Blends with chicken, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. Next week I think we’ll try the Beneful on purina Chopped Blends with salmon, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. I may gradually try switching his blend of dry food with another type of Beneful sometime soon.

Facebook Posts Can Hurt Your Career

When we are working, we are paid to become disconnected, for the most part, with our home and personal life. We are our boss’s end-effectors, an army of private means and ends. Facebook is a relatively new area to become aware of in our busy, fast-paced lives. It is the top social networking site in the world, originally developed in 2004 by a skinny college student at Harvard University, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg. It has become to go-to online site for discovering information about just about anyone and any institution.

The problem is that we make Facebook so much a part of our everyday lives that we reveal foibles and unfortunate events that we know our friends and family will tolerate. But, what about our employer or others taking a look at those same questionable memes? That is another story and one which has led to people losing their jobs. The other major problem at work is when a manager or supervisor discovers someone playing on Facebook when they should be doing work. For that reason, Status Labs highly recommends the two following moves to secure your future from prying eyes:
Consider building a separate Facebook page with a coded nickname for family and close friends
Do not ever sign on to Facebook while you are working, unless it is required for your job

This is just the most-obvious low hanging fruit of the privacy vineyard to Status Labs. They are a firm that can help you repair your reputation, whatever the cause. They are experts at helping you give your career a second chance by cleaning up your online image. They are both traditional PR doctors and expert digital PR fixers. They can help you play the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game to reduce the chances of any negative items about you being displayed.

Handy is a mobile cleaning service consumers can trust!

Handy is home maintenance uber.

As time goes by, more and more consumers are getting used to the idea of using their mobile phones to book services. These services come with mandated background checks on national and county levels followed by an on boarding process. Who’s looking to get you cleaned up? Handy!

What does it mean to have good home cleaning services? What should those services have? Well first, the company has to make the house cleaner and healthier than it ever has been. Extensive industry history of providing good products also helps. By making the house cleaner, it provides a safer environment. That is what every home cleaning services should aspire too.

Now, there s a market for booking services through mobile cleaning and home repair. A home cleaning services company – Handy – has taken the lead with already established bookings close to $1 million every week! Handy is an on demand service in an economy that has advanced technologically. So what s Handy really like? Having the Handy mobile app is like having an ATM machine in your pocket. For those cleaning professional services on utilizing and online, the wages are between $15 and $22 dollars per hour. Those on Handy are often able to pick their own hours and offers a healthy hourly wage.

Handy services are vetted fully and their platform is like having a hoe remote control for cleaning needs. The future plan for Handy Services is to roll out service categories in a kind of “instant book” manner.

Both Handy on crunchbase and another cleaning service – Homejoy- both look t provide more than just home cleaning services. Even though the majority of revenue is coming from housecleaning, there are also other “handyman” services” and “plumbing services” that come with these mobile companies.

Currently active in 25 U.S. cities, as well as in Canada and London, and was created by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. Simply by tapping your phone, you can get handymen, home cleaners and plumbers. Out of New York, Handybook Services offer convenience for its customers. Cleaning agencies can represent a shady world, and customers should expect homes to be cleaned at the exact start time, with an accurate price quote, without worries of customers getting overcharged.

With Handy services, the company screens all freelancers. But for freelancers who get on board with Handy services, they can rely on pay that is dependable and a schedule that is flexible. It’s challenging to run a marketplace that is two sided – Handybook was started in 2012 at Harvard Business School.

For Handbook and Handy services, the entry point is cleaning. It’s magical and t happened regularly. Handy Services has built a brand that people can truly trust!

The Best Lawyers Money Can Buy

In Brazil, law is a matter that is taken extremely serious. That’s because the Brazilian citizens want to make sure that everyone is being treated properly and that the law is never being misused. In order to ensure that every citizen is represented accurately, Brazil is home of some of the top lawyers.

These lawyers come in with the mindframe that every individual is innocent until proven guilty. That means these lawyers will never push their personal agenda onto their clients. They will also never make their clients feel guilty for a crime they quite possibly didn’t commit.

Lawyers in Brazil are also very knowledgeable. After all, it takes a lot to be a lawyer in Brazil. First off, these individuals must go to years of schooling. From there, they must then act as an apprentice. In other words, these individuals must study under another lawyer who has been in this business for years.

Besides the knowledge factor, lawyers in Brazil must also have years of experience. When you choose a lawyer in Brazil, you want to feel that you are dealing with the best of the best. Remember, there is a lot that goes into the law and the last thing you want is to be left vulnerable into whatever lies ahead.

One Brazilian lawyer that is a hit with his clients and has a fabulous reputation is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. This Brazilian lawyer has been in the business for a long time. Essentially, he knows what needs to be done to make sure that you win your case. Plus, he has a way of dealing with his clients so that they always feel at ease, even in the toughest situations.

Today, it can be hard to find a lawyer in Brazil who offers as much as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho does. That’s why if you feel that you need the best help there is, you need to go to him. Not only does he have a real expertise in this field but he also has the wins to back it up. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a real treasure in the law field.

When living in Brazil, you want to make sure that if you need a lawyer, you end up with the best one that money can buy. Thankfully, that’s what you will get when you team up with Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and find him on his website.

Writings From Rio: Jaime Garcia Dias

Well written stories endure, and they often cross cultural lines. There are many in America who are familiar with Russian literature even though they don’t speak any Russian. The books were translated because their stories were so important, they had to be. But Russia isn’t the only trans-lingual marketplace out there. More and more, Brazilian literature is becoming prominent; and one of the reasons for that is Jaime Garcia Dias.

Jaime Garcia Dias is currently forty-five years of age, and to date has twenty novels under his belt. He has been an active writer for thirty years, beginning his craft at the tender age of fifteen. Dias’ father was a well-known journalist and writer in his own right, with a bevy of literature for young Dias to absorb as he matured into a man. Meanwhile, he’s said before on CrunchBase that Jaime Garcia Dias’ mother was an architect who gave him elements of structure he may or may not have consciously absorbed. Whatever the case, from the time Dias began writing until the age of thirty, ten different novels were published; earning him the White Crane award in 2001. The White Crane award is handed out to prolific, important, and influential writers in the Brazilian literary scene; and it makes sense that Dias should have acquired it. By 2001 he was already the vice president of a literary institution educating teenagers on professional writing. He had taught for five years there, and in the due course of time his suggestions for improvements fell on listening ears, and he was promoted. Currently, Dias is the president of this same institution, and helps to inspire students into creating some of the best literature that has ever come out of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro is an exceptionally diverse place, and so the subject matter and profundity of the writing naturally has as broad a scope. Dias grew up there, something that he often discusses on his blog, and the subject of his most recent book involves childhood experiences in Rio de Janeiro. It also involves ruminations on his father’s influence on his life, and how that mentor relationship truly helped Dias bloom into the literary giant he has become today.

Writers often continue to produce astonishing works of art well into their later years, and hopefully this trend will likewise carry Dias into the twilight of his career. At the top of his game with twenty works of fictional quality on the table, one can only wonder what other realms Dias will pen into reality next, and he keeps teasing the new works on his YouTube Channel. If he keeps up at the same rate he’s been writing, by seventy-five he could have a forty novel lexicon establishing a profound bastion of Brazilian literature. Whatever ends up happening, his writings are worth the read.

Boost Your Online Presence With Status Labs

Online reputation management is a growing necessity in today’s business world. The reputation of your business is priceless and there is no faster way for the word to spread than over the internet. The online presence of you and your company is your most valuable asset, potentially reaching billions in a short amount of time.

Status Labs is the leading online reputation management company, offering a broad spectrum of protection against negative impact, building an online presence and creating strategies to combat reputation crisis’s before they appear.

Building a reputation online requires a public relations manager that understands your company and your needs and also has a working relationship with the media. Engaging audiences and infiltrating news feeds with compelling content is important to reach customers and build a relationship with them. Status Labs’ team can work with your needs to build a digital media footprint, manage your image while running for office or simply help with build excitement for a new product.

Social media marketing and content marketing are two of the easiest ways to reach your target audience and initiate communication or build trust between a company and potential customers. The team at Status Labs is familiar with social media outlets as well as what it takes to create quality custom content for a successful campaign.

Should the occasion arise, Status Labs has a professional team that is capable of tackling sticky situations and controlling the fallout after devastating news hits. Traditional media is only the start to preventing collateral damage after such event, our society lives and breathes on the internet. Whether it is after a crisis or a plan of action for what to do in the event of a crisis, Status Labs is fully capable of handling both small and large scale business needs.

Another innovative service offered by Status Labs is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization helps by pushing negative news and feedback further down the results list on a search, and promoting accurate information to the head of the results. Combining these tactics with search engine optimization, which controls the first impression many of your clients see, is key to augmenting traffic to your company and sales. Status Labs will help your company with keywords and traffic and provide you with monthly updates on progress while making your look your professional best in online search results.

Crisis prevention and management services can be helpful before or after a crisis, and online reputation management can greatly improve your online presence. Status Labs is an established, well-trusted company capable of handling any size business needs.

Expert Advice for Online Reputations

Let’s assume you are a highly accomplished individual whom 20 years ago you were recorded muttering unprintable words in a state drunkenness. Or you are a thriving online business enjoying significant growth, and then one customer posts a less than flattering review. In both such cases, you brand recognition goes to the grave. It can mean an end to both such promising careers. It has ended many careers and will continue to wreak havoc.

Darius Fisher is the man behind online reputation Management. The entrepreneur four years ago founded a company that seeks to clean up an online reputation. It serves over 1500 clients in 35 countries in the entire world. It recently opened offices in New York and Sao Paolo. The growth of the company can be attributed to the outstanding work it does and the efficiency it does. It seeks to brand and promote the brand of any individual through a multi-pronged attack method. Their method of choice depends on whether they are doing a proactive approach or crisis management. Mr Fisher advises individuals to exercise high levels of privacy online and seek to control their narrative. This dynamic approach means you have a personal website and another context that paint you in your most appropriate way. He can use such information to drive your page high on search results.

The company based in Austin Texas has gotten rave reviews for this simple yet effective service. It uses proprietary technology and industry leading SEO methods to deliver. It has some of the best-trained SEO engineers in the world. Mr Darius Fisher was recently named among the 50 young innovators in PR and Digital advertising. He has also appeared in several high profile magazines including The New York times.

Online Hygiene is critical for any determined individual. Mr Fisher Predicts a future filled with 40-year-senior citizens changing their identity based on mistakes they made in their youth. Videos of 10-year-old sex tapes aren’t new. These have the ability to damage careers and brands. Mr Fisher claims Status Lab can fix such problems. It has a crisis management team that can help clean up such acts. It seeks to drive the negative search results to the three third google pages. A recent research showed that 90% of people don’t search beyond the 1st page. Now you are in the know. Stay safe.

Feeding Dogs With Beneful

Dogs are loved by everyone. When it comes to dogs, individuals go to great lengths to ensure they have what they need. One of the most important things for dog owners is ensuring that their canine companions are healthy and well taken care of. They want to ensure that their dogs get the nutrition that they need so they can be active and live productive lives. A active dog is a happy dog and the first step to ensuring that dogs are healthy and happy is through their diet. There are many companies in the United States and internationally that sell dog food of all varieties. Many of these dog food companies promise to provide food that is nourishing for dogs and allows dogs to maintain healthy, active lifestyle. While many companies make promises, there is one company that delivers on those promises. That company is called Beneful.

Beneful was founded in 2001 by Nestle Purina Pet Care. Beneful is a premier pet food company that features dry dog food, wet dog food and dog treats. Beneful was the fourth most popular dog food brand in the United States in 2012. The dog food brand generated $1.5 billion in revenue that year. The first dog meals released under the Beneful name were beef pieces and stews. Overall, the dog food brand was marketed under the basis of being nutritious and having a good appearance. A Nestle Purina Pet Care representative stated that Beneful means full of goodness. Nestle Purina Pet Care made history by spending $34 million dollars on a Beneful ad campaign in the early 2000s. In 2006, Beneful generated $300 million in revenue. Also in 2006, the parent company of Beneful decided to upgrade their facilities in St. Joseph, Missouri. In 2010, Beneful wanted to change the way they did things in terms of the make up of their dog food. The company came out with a new dog food name Incredibites. Incredibites was a new dog food that was placed in stay fresh packages and the size of the kibble was smaller than their usual kibble.

Beneful states that their dog food is made with wholesome ingredients. These ingredients feature chicken, beef, pork and lamb. They also feature ingredients such as barley, rice, carrots and green beans. The sizes of the dog food are convenient for the dog and the dog owner. In addition to Incredibites, Beneful has dog food with names such as Prepared Meals, Medleys, Hearty Roasters and Chopped Blends. Their dog treats are baked in their facility, ensuring that they are always fresh. The ingredients in the dog treats include beef, bacon, cheese and peanut butter. Some of the dog treats include crackers and shortbread cookies. Beneful’s wet and dry food provide complete and balanced nutrition. The wet and dry food also have ingredients that are antioxidant and omega rich.

Beneful is a great option for every type of breed of dog. The dog brand provides an excellent source of nutrition and it allows dogs to be healthy and active. Beneful has so many dog food choices that dogs will never get tired of their food. With a well-balanced meal, dogs can live happier, longer lives.

Kyle Bass: Cooking up his Next Scheme

Just two years before the recession of 2008, Kyle Bass was perhaps the only analyst to predict the downfall of stock markets. When Kyle founded Hayman Capital Management in 2006, no one knew him in the financial investment industry. He got instant fame as his predictions unfolded his predictions unfolded during the recession. At the time, Kyle Bass was frequently labelled as a genius.

However, experts at are beginning to question Kyle’s knowledge as he continues to make wrong and impractical moves destroying the net worth of his investment portfolio. Some experts even think that Kyle is supporting his funds by making media appearances to break-even. For instance, his portfolio recorded negative 30 percent returns after 2010. In the last year, the fund continued to tumble downwards as total returns were negative 2 percent. In contrast, media appearances of Kyla Bass has increased at the same rate. Kyle never seems to turn down an invitation from media channels wanting to create buzz by offering yet another mind-boggling prediction.

Interestingly, Kyle has been making such predictions for three to four years. His most popular prediction is the impending demise of Japanese economy. In 2010, he made his first prediction about Japan, which Kyle Bass continues to claim to this day. Actually, prediction of Japanese economy may not be as impractical as Kyle’s praise for the Argentinian prime minister, Christina Kirchner. Under Kirchner term, Argentina has already defaulted twice, yet Kyle continues to boast that the Argentinian economy is going to rebound miraculously in the short-run.

In fact, Kyle Bass is known to blame individuals for mishaps that were caused by inept governments and large companies. For instance, he was the first person to ridicule new York judge Thomas Griesa who ruled in favor of creditors instead of the Argentinian government. Furthermore, he spoke against the dead victims of GM even when the court ordered the company to reimburse victims due to faulty GM airbags and power steering. It seems evident that Kyle would do anything to protect his investment decision in companies that he loves.

Lately, Kyle is also associated with Erich Spangenberg. Both of them are known to invest in pharmaceutical companies, only to challenge their patents using Coalition for Affordable Drugs. If the patent is put on hold, Kyle and Erich would sell their stocks in the company to make huge profits. Recently, Patent Trial and Appeal Board has denied Kyle’s patent challenges. If the trend continues, Bass may need to prey for the downfall of Japan. If nothing happens, he can always move to Buenos Aires.

Bruce Levenson: So Much More Than the NBA

Bruce Levenson is probably most well known for his co-ownership of Atlanta Hawks, LLC, the company that manages and owns Philips Arena and the Atlanta Hawks NBA team. His career on the business side of sports allowed Levenson to serve as the team’s Governor on the NBA’s Board of Governors and afforded him influence and fame. What you may not know is that Bruce Levenson’s contributions and career outside of the NBA are equally impressive.

Born in Washington D.C. in 1949, Bruce Levenson grew to attend Washington University and later earned a law degree from American University. He wasted no time beginning to achieve. Bruce attended law school classes in the evenings while beginning his career in journalism at the Washington Star during the day. This work ethic and skill set developed during his youth gave him the abilities and experience he needed to co-found United Communications Group in 1977. UCG is a independent communications company specializing in data analysis and news regarding things that effect us tremendously. From analyzing financial information in mortgage banking to reporting on changes in healthcare policy, UCG has been crucial in the public’s receipt of information regarding industry and development. Levenson and Ed Peskowitz founded UCG out of Levenson’s apartment. The company has now obtained and absorbed other newletters and launched new databases.

His professional achievments are undeniable, but they are far from the most impressive thing about Bruce Levenson. In truth, it is his charitable contributions that make him truly remarkable. Levenson has spent not only a tremendous amount of money, but has dedicated an incredible amount of time to philanthropic causes and organizations. He sat as the President of the Washinton chaper of I Have a Dream Foundation, which dedicates time and money to making it possible for children without the means to pursue higher education. This is not the only contribution Levenson has made in an educational capacity. Bruce and his wife were greatly responsible for the development of Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. Levenson contributed the initial seed money the institution needed in order to educate students toward the goal of starting and developing nonprofit organizations and encouraging charitable contributions.

Bruce Levenson’s contributions to humanity don’t stop with education. He has been a phenominal contributor and advocate for the Jewish community. Being Jewish himself and his mother having survived the Holocaust, Levenson is closely tied to his heritage. He donated a portion of the funds needed to found the U.S. Holocaust Museum and continues to fund a program that teaches inner city kids the lessons of the Holocaust called Bringing the Lessons Home. He has made extremely significant donations to a number of philanthropic Jewish organizations and has supported and contributed to a number of youth based organizations in the Jewish community.

Bruce Levenson is a successful man. A prestigeous professional without a doubt. But he was also on of 100 important Jewish Americans asked to write the Israeli Prime Minister to help encourage peace and cooperation. In light of his philanthropy, it seems to me that his career is the least of his achievements.