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The Influence of Negative Online Reviews and Reputation Management Strategies

When you consider the fact that twenty-five percent of a companies market value is directly related to its reputation, there is no surprise when we hear of businesses that have suffered loss or failed after a round of negative customer complaints. When disgruntled patrons can quickly take to the internet and share their views about a service or product, companies need to be keenly aware of the influence the digital customer has on their business. Consumer friendly companies realize their online reputation is just as important in shaping the customer’s perception of them, as do their product or service. One area often overlooked is reviews by third party forums that encourage a whistle blower mentally which can virtually make or break a companies image. So what is the alternative if a company is in crisis?

With the use of Online Reputation Management (ORM) strategies, offered by companies such as Status Labs, recognizing signs of impending disaster is important. For instance, if suddenly your competitor is getting more positive reviews while your company is facing increased negative reviews, dragging one’s proverbial feet in response can lead the company into decreased sales conversions and even loss of loyal customers. Today’s consumer savvy shopper will buy, or not buy, according to reviews or star ratings – whether it’s a fair assessment of a company or not.

Status Labs is a premiere digital image management service provider that works with individuals and corporations to protect them from reputation damage and to assist them in showing the most positive aspects of personal or professional achievements – in addition to getting that information to rank high on search engines with search engine management (SEM) strategies. They offer stellar advice on how to navigate the many avenues of digital press, from using social media as a networking tool to enlisting content marketing to create industry specific blogs that drive leads to your professional website and more. And if by chance, a business has suffered a round of negative press or bad reviews, Status Labs has breathed a second life into many of it’s thousands of clients by using multi-strategy techniques to absorb the blow.

About Sergio Cortes: MJ’s Impersonator

For one to be a successful impersonator, he/she must have specific features that are similar to the superstar being impersonated. Sergio Cortes has managed to impersonate the late Michael Jackson very successfully. His clothes, voice, walking style and the way he dance are very similar to what MJ used to do. Sergio Cortes has become very famous, especially after the death of Michael because he has managed to keep alive his legacy. Cortes is reported to be a highly talented singer, dancer and a composer.
According to Sergio, it is a privilege to look like MJ because it has earned him a career. Some people who watch him perform for the first time may think that the pop idol has emerged from the ashes. Sergio Cortes is a Spaniard born 44 years ago, is considered the best American singer impersonator who left us in 2009. Sergio recalls that his mother used to remind him about Michael Jackson when he was a child. This inspired Sergio and he began admiring the young singer who was part of the Jackson 5 group. He was the lead singer and also the youngest member of the group. Sergio Cortes watched with interests how Michael was singing, dancing, and how he acted in front of the press and his fans.
Sergio’s analysis of MJ, though he was still young later served with information he wanted to know about MJ. During his teenage years, a journalist requested him to dress like Michael and be photographed, and that was the time when everything changed in his life. After the pictures were posted they went viral, attracting thousands of fans across the globe. Entertainment firms took advantage of this opportunity and they sent invitations to Sergio Cortes to perform in their shows. It was through his passion that he was able to achieve his dreams.
Today, Sergio Cortes is regarded as the best impersonator of MJ, doing it perfectly that everybody in the entertainment industry. He has been performing in several countries where the late MJ’s fans are entertained and they appreciate him for that. Sergio’s Facebook page has over 16,000 followers and also on his Twitter. You will be able to chat with Sergio and also watch his videos and shows he has done. Fans can also propose new shows the Sergio on his social network accounts.

Source: noticias.r7

Financial Strategist at it’s Finest

When traders on Wall Street hear the name Brad Reifler, they pay attention. To date, this self-made financial wizard is the founder and CEO of several investment firms to include Forefront Capital, LLC. His determination and hunger for success has placed him in line as one of the most knowledgeable financial experts known to date.

At this point in time, Forefront Capital, LLC is the main focal point for Mr. Reifler. In addition to managing Forefront Advisory among other subsidiaries, Reifler works diligently to create diverse product offerings and plan.

As early as the 1980s, Mr. Reifler was making a name for himself in the world of finance.
With a career spanning over 30 years, Mr. Reifler is one of the most respected financial advisers to date. His wealth of knowledge within the financial advisement sector only continues to grow and he has managed multiple diverse projects and companies. Mr. Reifler knows that to only advising on use of funds is not the way to build a globally recognized corporation, but to create and structure packages that build an shape strategies for sales traders.

In regards to the multiple subsidiaries currently under the Forefront realm, Mr. Reifler has the ability to draw in numerous high-profile investors, top investment advisors and businesses leaders within the financial world. Within the Forefront Community, attracting highly influential and respected leaders is what Mr. Reifler does best. Paving Reifler has a 30-year track record of producing highly lucrative results on Wall Street. His extensive knowledge of hedge funds and financial management continues to place him among the top financial advisers on a global level. And even though he could easily sit back and allow others to do the work, Brad Reifler continues to roll up his sleeves and do what CEOs do best; actively participate in their companies from the ground up.

Mr. Reifler is a prime example of what hard work and dedication can do for one’s career. Never underestimating the fact that times can change in an instant, Reifler, never takes anything for granted, and this is why he is his winning in the financial world.

What Has Marcio Alaor Done?

Marcio Alaor, a man who was originally a shoe shiner for the executives of BMG bank, has risen his way up the corporate and banking ladder to reach the position of an executive at the same bank. He has worked hard and been dedicated to the job, no matter what it was.

In the beginning of his career, which wasn’t much, Marcio Alaor shined shoes for big moneymakers and executives of banks. One such executive that he shined shoes for turned out to later be his mentor. The man was interested in Marcio because he often saw him working much harder than the other shoe shiners. He saw a drive and dedication in the young man that he did not see in any of the other people who were shining shoes at the time. He knew that this young man was someone who was going to go far because of his drive.

After talking with him and having his shoes shined by him, the man offered Marcio Alaor a job with the BMG bank, one of the biggest banks in Brazil. This bank was big, but had not yet become the leader in banking in the country. It would, though, eventually. Marcio Alaor started out at BMG as an entry-level banker. He did not hold a high position, but he knew that it was better than the one that he had as a shoe shiner. He did not give up the drive that he had and remained dedicated to the job that he did in the banking world.

Through his hard work and determination, Marcio Alaor was able to provide the clients of the bank with the best service possible. He made sure that they always got exactly what they needed and that they were taken care of. He treated each client like they were royalty. He knew that if he did this and continued pushing to be better, he would get where he wanted to be. With the hard work and dedication that he exhibited, he was able to rise through the ranks of the banking world rather quickly.

Marcio Alaor now sits in a similar position as his once-mentor. He is the vice president of the bank and works to make major decisions about the bank, the clients and the direction of the business. He is sometimes responsible for hiring people. While he does hire people with experience, he likes to make sure that all of the new hires have a drive and determination. He knows how to recognize it because it is something that he has exhibited throughout his career. Even as the vice president, he never stops pushing to be the best and to move up.

Bernado Chua’s Journey Into Growing Organo Gold To Become An International Brand

A few months back, Organo Gold’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Bernado Chua opened the country’s Turkish office marking it as the 39th country the company had a presence that time. To many, the opening of the office was not a small operational feat keeping in mind that the office was made the headquarter of a very diverse region. In line with the company’s global market diversification initiatives, the office unites the African, European and Asian operations.

Keeping in mind the Turkish people’s love for coffee as a beverage, the company’s entrance in the country was seen as a natural measure. Going back to the history books, the country was the first ever to open a coffee house in the 15th century. Having the beverage firmly rooted in the country’s culture, what Organo needed to do was just to introduce better and healthier coffee varieties for the citizens.

In the Turkish market, the appetite for quality coffee continues to thrive. The country also has a very active lifestyle therefore being very perfect for the neutraceutical products market. The company was very positive that with the increased awareness at the time, it would open very warm doors for customers who wanted to make Organo Gold products a part of their active and healthy lifestyles.

Organo Gold’s coffee is well respected in the sense that it has Ganoderma, a healthy ancient Chinese mushroom herb that has medicinal properties. The company was the first one to incorporate the herb in coffee. Because of the nutritional and health benefits, the product became a favorite to the many who love coffee.

Organo Gold has been lucky to have a leader who is visionary and passionate about his job. Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines and for the largest part of his childhood, he was at a shrine learning how to become a monk. He carried that experience into the business world and managed to produce very good results.

At work, he treats everyone with equal respect despite being the CEO, and that concept really translates to Bernardo Chua’s speeches. He is a firm believer that everyone deserves fair and respectful treatment. During his many motivational speeches, he says time and again that everyone has the unique ability to drive change only that many lack the opportunity and platform to do so.

Despite his huge corporate and financial success, Bernardo has not changed his perception on Twitter about how people should be accorded respectful treatment. He is a perfect example of a professional who believes in others and out of that, manages to drive change in the international society in a very different manner.  Follow Bernardo on his Facebook to follow his career going forward.

Investment and Legal Expert Tabar Invests in THINX

Sam Tabar, an expert in investments, knows what products and companies are worthwhile to invest in. As a result he has decided to support a start-up company with a vision, THINX. Not only does THINX have a great business model, which attracted Tabar, but it helps women in other countries. THINX designs undergarments that help deal with menstruation and incontinence. Every purchase goes to provide women in Africa with the means to control menstruation allowing them to go about their work or school lives. Tabar decided to invest after meeting the founders of the company through mutual friends. THINX got started through crowdfunding campaigns such as kickstarted. Although Tabar was not looking to invest, the business model caught his attention, and the rest is history. THINX will do well to have Tabar involved in the business to encourage other investors to get involved.  Sam has also learned from their charitable business model, and has opened up his own GoFundMe page as well.

THINX is lucky to have Tabar as an investor with his expertise in law and business. Educated at Oxford University and Columbia, Tabar began his career at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates. As an attorney with the law firm he mostly worked in financial and corporate law dealing with hedge fund structure and formation and investment agreements. After five years with the firm, Tabar went to Sparx Group/PMA to become the co-head of business development.

With his expertise in law and business, Tabar’s move to Merrill Lynch was a no-brainer. At Merrill Lynch, Tabar was the director and head of capital strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. The legal field called to him once again in 2013 when he became a senior associate with Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, but a year later he left the firm to take up personal consulting offering advice to corporations on investments and other business areas. In 2015 he joined FullCycleFund as chief operating officer where he has put his investing and legal expertise to good use. Companies and individuals come to Tabar for advice on investing and corporate law because of his years of experience and expertise.  Follow Sam Tabar on Instagram to continue following his career, and daily life.

In High Demand

When looking to rejuvenate your face and body it is standard above all else to work with an impeccable doctor that can help you make the right choices for your plastic surgery. Exclusive doctors are not found in the yellow pages but from those closest to you, and those that run in the same social circles. Since 2012 1.6 million cosmetic surgeries have been performed, and that increases daily. The top requests for plastic surgery are; breast augmentations, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, liposuction and face-lifts. The need to look younger has never been more present than in todays day and age.

Texas plastic surgeons are in high demand. One of the most prominent surgeons is Doctor Jennifer L. Walden from Austin. She was named one of the best 24 surgeons in the US by Harper’s Bazaar. She is an award winning leading expert in her industry. Her portfolio boasts training with some of the best cosmetic surgeons in New York City. She had a longstanding practice in New York City before she decided to return to Austin, Texas her hometown, where she later opened up her very prominent practice.

Jennifer Walden was one of the only female surgeons to have served on the board of directors for ASAPS the Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is a published author who manages her life with great success as a mother and doctor. Her expertise continues to land her in prominent media publications and television shows. She has a long waiting list for patients. Dr. Jennifer Walden is also one of the doctors that provides labiaplasty alongside other face and body plastic surgeries.

Another great Texas surgeon and contender is Doctor Rod. J. Rohrich from Dallas Texas. His work is renowned for its subtle and elegant changes. Doctor Paul Vitenas is another doctor in the Texas area known for his natural results in patients. Texas continues to be a popular area for patients seeking youth attaining surgeries. Texas brings incredible experts. Texas doctors are renown and continue to make an impact on their patients.

How German Holds The Key To The Euro Crisis According To George Soros

Germany has finally achieved hegemony and its time it stepped up its responsibilities. Germany under Merkel has been viewed as the saviour to Europe’s migrant crisis. It comes after the vast country finally stamped its authority with the Greek debt crisis.

George Soros, the world’s richest hedge fund billionaire, says on FX Street Merkel holds the key to solving the current crisis. Soros has prepared a list of things Europe needs to do to avert the current crisis and retain the union. George is of the opinion that if mishandled; the European Union will collapse.

Soros says the European countries need to create a centralised asylum centre to handle the incoming refugees. It will be a big break from the current patchwork of 14 centres that are distributed all over the country. European countries also need to provide refugees with a safe travel network that will make sure death in the sea is a thing of the past. They have already gone through a traumatic experience and don’t need to be reminded of their failures anymore.

George Soros says the Eurozone needs to be ready to accept 1 million refugees every year for the foreseeable future. The current war in Syria was in part caused by European attack of the Arab country and should be ready to pay for its actions. It should set aside around $ 17000 per refugees for fundamental personal requirements. The money can be raised through an issuance of long-term bonds that are rated AAA.They are a fool prove way to raise funds for European countries.

George Soros also reminds us that there are currently 5 million refugees in Turkey and Lebanon. They are a significant strain on the countries and will need the world assistance. Soros suggests asking the UN to help all citizens of the world take some responsibility.

George Soros is against the current policy in Europe in which countries have adopted a nationalist approach to the crisis. Hungary has already released its 6-point comprehensive programme that seeks to keep Muslims out of its borders. It is this policy that threatens to divide the very existence of the Eurozone. Each country is intent on protecting its self-interest.

George Soros seems worried about the amount of influence Putin holds in Europe. He says Putin took advantage of the Syrian crisis to make Obama look weak. Soros also says Putin is using fellow Slavs, Hungarian and Polish president, to attack Merkel.It is a possibility given how radical their ideas are.

George Soros is against the Brexit. According to him, it is against the country’s economic and political interest and the British public is being misled. George says he has spoken to numerous British business leaders, and they all concur.

George Soros is a pioneer in the hedge fund. He retired from his company, Soros Fund Management and currently runs Open Society Foundations.

A Cut Above For Assisted Living; The Manse On The Marsh

Experience is what develops excellence. Excellence is why the Manse on the Marsh is highly recommended by both employees and residents. The owner of the facility has been in control for 15 years. He has also been very active in aiding other facilities to open their doors, and has been recognized by a number of different community leaders for his compassion and adherence to exceptional care.

The team of employees are dedicated to maintaining the dignity of every resident. These are caring and compassionate individuals who are dedicated to making your family members’ golden years their best years. Every resident is offered the best in care and attention. Reviews point out that nurses truly want to alleviate pain and suffering and help each individual to maintain their best health.

The residents also applaud the comfortable setting, the many activities and the attention that they are given. The medical staff sets forth a unique care plan for every resident. This includes meals and activities as well as medical care and attention. These plans are periodically reviewed to make sure that each individual gets the unique are and attention that they need.

Activities are also a large part of what make the Manse on the Marsh different. These activities are planned not only around the time of year that it is, but also around resident interests and medical needs. Travel is provided in comfortable transports so every resident is encouraged to take part ad have fun.

Meals are also unique and well prepared at Manse on the Marsh. The menu includes a wide variety of options, snacks, and even an outdoor bistro for those who desire it. Every effort is made to ensure quality of life and happiness of every resident. Sit in the elegantly designed and decorated dining area, or choose to sit under the sun in the outdoor area, and the climate is perfect for outdoor life.

The Manse on the Marsh also encourages residents to keep close ties with their families. Family members are strongly encouraged to visit and even join in on festivities and can even stay the night with their loved one. Ample parking and an open atmosphere encourages family ties to be strengthened and maintained even with the family member staying at the Marsh.

The campus includes a movie theater and two restaurants, as well as an atrium and wide open visiting areas. One will also find gym equipment, and even activities rooms where yoga, dancing, and even special activities take place. This assisted living facility is like a four star hotel that allows the residents to have personal living quarters right on site. The best in assisted living at an affordable cost, the Manse on the Marsh is the premier facility for all your loved ones’ needs.  Follow them on Twitter for the most recent updates about the facility.

Flavio Maluf Highlights of Brazilian Industries Worst Nightmare

Brazil economy is among the largest in the world. It’s also an important trading partner and manufacturing giant. Until recently, the economy was growing favorably giving an advantage to investors. The geographical location of the country favors it’s in the trade as compared to its neighbors. When the growth in industries is indicating favorable economy, the current financial crises that have hit the South American nation have devastating effects across all the main sectors of the economy.

In an interview with the industrial reference magazine, the president of Eucatex and business mogul Flavio Maluf pinpointed industry challenges. The investment guru is the founder of the country’s first environmental company. Flavio is an experienced mechanical engineer. From his point of view, the problems affecting the Brazilian economy are far from over. The industrial sector is facing new challenges emerging daily in management stages. Flavio has more than a three-decade experience of work with crisis affected companies.  He’s also well versed in running a family business, which is totally different.

Despite being well positioned geographically, the company has not fully tapped the opportunities that arise from its location. The government has done little to address the challenges faced by investors like obtaining credit and high taxation. Citing an example, Flavio indicated that is a company in the forest sector requires high working capital that is difficult to get. Other aspiring entrepreneurs may not start such a business due to financing challenges. He notes that his company has to lease land and harvesting can be ready in every six years.

In his extensive experience, the Eucatex president notes that such barriers are the major hindrance for business people. The economic crises are the worst since they cut across major industrial sectors. With such obstacles, the industry is meant to struggle in trading. Flavio describes the definition in a dynamic economy as one that encourages professionalism for investors to choose best opportunities. To make the situation worse, the crises makes the working of such a system model unlikely and hard to achieve.

In conclusion, Flavio predicts difficult times for investors in the year 2016. The ended the year of 2015 wasn’t good; there are only a few exceptions and the solutions are more investments. Flavio advises the entrepreneurs to consider waiting for a market improvement before moving to more prospective sectors.  In fact, he’s released several movies about the subject to help prospective investors.  The other important aspect to consider is more entrepreneurship and cost analysis before proceeding to any sector.