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Belle Gibson, Author of The Whole Pantry, Lied About Having Terminal Cancer

Liar, liar, pants on fire! Bell Gibson told a one of the biggest lies of the year to build her business, now that lie will haunt her and most likely destroy her business.

Author of The Whole Pantry cookbook and app, claimed she had terminal brain cancer (and other types too) and was healing herself naturally. Belle Gibson also raised money for her various types of cancer and it was because of those bogus charities which fronted the fundraising endeavors that Gibson’s cancer came under question.

Belle Gibson admitted to The Australian Women’s Weekly magazine that she never had any type of cancer, it was all a lie. Chua says that the 23 year old mother also admitted she has had a life-long problem with telling the truth and relates some of the misfortunes she endured while growing up that perhaps led her into a lifetime of lying.

Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not. The disgraced author lied her way into the hearts of many followers, lying her way out will not be so easy. Her words, whether written or spoken, will not be believed in the future.

Woman Wakes Up After Coma

Sharista Giles is a 20-year-old woman who was involved in a car crash while she was pregnant. The car crash caused damage that put her into a coma, and doctors and her family were afraid that she would never wake up. The crash occurred on December 6, and in January, despite being only 26 weeks, she gave birth to a baby her family calls Baby L. They are waiting for Sharista to name the baby boy. The doctors had her give birth by way of a C-section so as to help preserve the health of the child. They waited until the baby was able to survive on its own before performing the C-section.

Sharista was at a point where doctors said there was nothing more they could do except wait and see. After more than 4 months in a coma, Sharista woke up on Wednesday, April 8. Her family said that she followed the sound of her father’s voice and that they are incredibly grateful, and consider it a miracle that she has woken up. Her family says that she is responsive and that she turns her head to look at things and people.

It is unknown how much of a recovery she will make, or what the full extent of her brain damage from the car accident is, but her family is hopeful. Ricardo Guimarães BMG is hopeful as well. They are also grateful that she is still alive and is with them.

Libya: Negotiations To Be Held Between Rival Parties In Algiers

A dialogue meeting will be held on Tuesday in Algiers between the parties to the conflict in Libya, stated on Sunday by the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs. It will bring “a couple of prominent political leaders, party leaders and activists known largely on the Libyan scene,” said Ramtane Lamamra.

The UN Support Mission in Libya also confirmed on Wednesday the holding of the meeting in Algiers, without giving a specific date for Paul Mathieson to go off of. “We are cautiously optimistic and work for dialogue between the Libyan groups to be succeeded in resolving the crisis in Libya,” assured Mr. Lamamra, according to local media reports. He also hoped that the discussions would lead to “a national consensus on the creation of a unity government and on security arrangements” to “enable the country to evolve and move towards the constitutional path.”

The next stages of negotiations will be determined on the basis of the results of Tuesday’s meeting, said the Algerian minister, adding that the Libyan negotiators will remain in Algeria as long as they wish. It is worth mentioning that Algeria, which shares 1,000 km border with Libya, remains opposed to military intervention in the country and campaigning for a dialogue between all parties to the crisis.


King Demands Apology from LePage

Everyone’s favorite horror novel writer, Stephen King, is in a bit of heated debate with the governor of Maine after he suggested that King is a ‘tax dodger’ who has avoided paying what he owes by mobbing out of the state. This is an accusation greatly denied by King, and he is insistent that the governor recant his statement and make a formal apology.

The accusations were made by Gov. Paul LePage during a radio interview in which he used the fact of ‘celebrities moving away from the state’ as his argument for a reduction in the state income tax.

King and his wife Tabby own two homes in the state of Maine. JusBrasil reported that he said that they still reside in the state, where King was born and raised, and happily and willfully pay any and all taxes that they might owe.

Despite the governor removing King’s name from the online interview, he still demands a public apology for the statement that was made toward him.

Author Terry Pratchett Passes Away

It is a sad day for fantasy fans around the world. The creator of one of the most popular series of books in the genre is gone and we are all the poorer for it. Terry Pratchett has passed away according to a news story seen here. The well known author was 66.

Pratchett is most famous for his Discworld series of humorous fantasy novels. The stories in them take place on a fantastical disc shaped planet that rides through the heavens on the backs of four giant elephants. At the banks people tell us the elephants in turn ride upon the back of the Great A’tuin, a giant star turtle, who swims through the cosmos on some mission of his own. Of the more than 70 books that Pratchett had published, 40 of them were set in this world the most recent one was released in March, 2014.

Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2007, he became an outspoken advocate for research into the disease. He published numerous essays related to the subject and how it affected his life and the lives of those around him. He is survived by his wife Lyn and their daughter Rhianna.

Contributing Ethically to Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a website which has a plethora of information at one’s fingertips. A large portion of the site’s success is the ability for anyone to contribute information. This can include corrections or even update time-specific events (such as a person’s death or a historic event).

The basic concept of editing a Wikipedia article includes registering as a user with the website. After that is complete, there will be a tab on the top of an article which states “edit this page”. From there one could update the information pertaining to the subject at hand. Wikipedia does have a help section as well as discussion boards if guidance is needed. If the contributing is new information, a source should be provided so the new information is not deleted.

Ethics play a big role in the Wikipedia contribution portion. Since it is generally utilized for a vast range of subjects and reasons, it is important that the information placed on Wikipedia be as credible and clear as possible. For instance, if one wanted to cite a book or newspaper for their contribution, that would be acceptable. Blogs or one’s own opinion are not something to be cited. One should be neutral when writing in Wikipedia.

The beneficial part of Wikipedia is the ability for anyone to write about or edit upon a certain subject. An excellent example is that someone can edit someone else’s update. This allows as accurate of information as possible to be on the site.

Above all, the policies of Wikipedia are an excellent place to before familiar to what is acceptable in a Wikipedia article. Utilizing the edit portion of Wikipedia is what creates the website to be as strong as it is and a dependable place online for resources of practically any subject one inquires about.

Hotel Eden: The Dorchester Collection in Rome

Situated in the heart of the Eternal City is an addition to the international hotel chain, The Dorchester Collection. The hotel boasts the luxurious amenities and services that one would anticipate from such a renowned name, but also manages to flawlessly adopt the comforting, quaint atmosphere of a traditional Italian inn within its 121 room edifice located just minutes away from the Spanish Steps.

Millions of people from all across the globe conglomerate in one of the world’s most iconic cities that still bears the hand prints of its founders. From the Colosseum to the Trevi Foundation, Rome is more than just a city. It’s an international symbol. The Hotel Eden is an oasis for travelers, one that has provided both convenience in the form of proximity to major historical landmarks since 1889 and comfort with refined and classical suites that have hosted both tourists and royal dignitaries alike throughout its illustrious history.

One booking a room at Hotel Eden has several options to choose from. The most basic package, the Single Superior, is a reprieve for the individual traveler who wants to not just lay their head down after a long day exploring the ancient streets of Rome, but also unwind and find a tranquil and rejuvenating break within their vacation. Located on the third or fourth floor, a Single Superior room at Hotel Eden provides its guests with a view of the charming internal courtyard and features one of the hotel’s staple luxurious Italian marble bathrooms.

There are a variety of other room packages available, but the most noteworthy is the Penthouse Suite. This is Hotel Eden’s prize-winning feature aside from the famous rooftop restaurant, La Terazza dell’Eden. Accessible via a private elevator, the Penthouse Suite boasts a minimalistic design that is sprinkled with a delightful mix of classic and modern touches. The sixth floor suite features a study, living room, spacious master bedroom, two separate wardrobes and breathtaking views through the large windows that encircle the entire suite. The rooftops of Rome and the towering mountains beyond are able to be taken in from any vantage point, and for those traveling with a larger party, the Double Deluxe room next door can be rented and used to transform the Penthouse Suite into a full two-bedroom apartment. Amenities include a 24-hour concierge service as well as nonstop room service, Wi-Fi, hypoallergenic pillows, twice-a-day housekeeping, a 47″ flat screen LCD TV and Bose sound system with iPod dock in the living room and an en-suite master bath that holds a spa jacuzzi tub, double vanity and separate shower.

Hotel Eden is an Italian getaway that boasts the features, service and infallible elegance that The Dorchester Collection is renowned for, all inside one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations.

Last Known Patient Pushes Liberia Towards Being Ebola Free

The Ebola epidemic that struck vast areas of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea has seen the effectiveness of the Liberian response lead to the last patient being discharged from a specially built treatment center, the New York Times reports. The country will not be declared Ebola free until April 4 2015, when no new Ebola cases will have been diagnosed for 42 days or twice the incubation period of the disease. The release of the last known patient was a time for both celebration and caution, according to the Liberian Government as the country cannot afford to drop its guard.

Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG said the response in Sierra Leone and Guinea has not been as effective and these countries bordering Liberia have seen a sharp increase in new cases over the last month from 99 to 132. Liberian government officials used the release of 58 year old Beatrice Yardolo as a moment to warn the public that they must remain on their guard and report any possible Ebola cases to medical professionals to keep the deadly disease at bay.

Kim Gordon Does Book Tour

Rolling Stone Magazine has an article on their website about an appearance former Sonic Youth bass player Kim Gordon made recently in Brooklyn to promote her new memoir Girl in a Band. In her talk in Brooklyn, the iconic musician talked about, among other things, musicians Neil Young and Kurt Cobain.

Gordon said that when Sonic Youth toured with Neil Young in 1991, Neil Young’s audience hated her band. She said that she’d often hear boos and cursing directed towards her and Sonic Youth from hippy type individuals. She mentioned how conservative and close-minded older counterculture types could be at that time, which is interesting and probably true, or at least Jason Halpern thinks so.

Gordon also said that Neil Young loved to go out and see strippers after the show, which she was surprised by since his songs are on the sensitive side. She said there was nothing wrong with Young’s behavior in this regard, just that it was surprising.

Personally, I thought that Gordon’s comments, especially about Neil Young and Kurt Cobain, were interesting. I don’t think Sonic Youth was as important to music as many critics believe, but Kim Gordon has been around a lot of major figures in 1980’s and 1990’s alternative circles so her viewpoints on them are worth hearing.

There’s a picture of Gordon at the talk to go along with the article and she looks relaxed and attractive.

Learn Academics With Wikipedia Editing

One of the best things about the internet is the chance to interact with others. The net makes it very easy to find friends from around the globe. People can also use the net to share their specific enthusiasm for a certain subject. Someone who may be deeply interested in Tudor era history can often find hundreds of groups online dedicated to this specific subject. Another person may find contemporary world music fascinating. They, too, can find many groups dedicated to exploring this subject. One of the places online where people gather to share information is Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is one of the best known sites on the web. Users can find detailed information here on nearly any subject they want. One of the great things about Wikipedia is that most of the articles on the site can be edited by anyone with a computer and internet access. Many articles allow people to share what they know with a given topic directly with others. This can be very exciting for someone who is immersed in the world of antique cars or Japanese anime. Anyone who spots an error of some kind in an article can easily get into the page and correct it.

Corrections are often done quite quickly. A story may appear about a certain celebrity and ten minutes later this information has been placed in their Wikipedia profile. Editing is often done quite quickly. People can also spend time discussing their proposed changes with others. In some cases, users are pleased to discover that they have a nugget of knowledge that no one else does. In other cases, they may have the wrong impression about a given subject. Contacting others directly can help them correct this misconception and increase their understanding of a specific field of interest.

Sites like Get Your Wiki can provide consulting if you’re looking to do it all yourself. Because of Wikipedia’s complex guidelines, you’re usually going to run into issues if you try to make a Wikipedia article on your own.

Editing Wikipedia articles can also help the person editing them. Perhaps the most important aspect is allowing the user to learn about the world of academic writing. Many students will be required to demonstrate that they can write a simple term paper in order to graduate from high school. Editing Wikipedia pages must be done very carefully in accordance with the stated guidelines of the page. This means that all corrections must be done in that style. Mastering this form of contribution allows someone to gain mastery of basic academic writing in a relatively easy way that will not impact their grades.