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Don Ressler’s JustFab – Where Fashion Meets Silicon Valley

Don Ressler serves as Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the Intelligent Beauty, Inc., as well as the Intemix Media. He spearheaded core ventures that enhanced shareholding values of the firms. He started his Internet career consulting with companies looking to benefit from the growing online space. Don has since generated over $1 billion in sales and has raised more than $100 million in capital for Internet companies making him a renowned brand-building business guru.

TechStyle was founded in the South Bay by accident. While deliberating business ideas with Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg in their living room in Manhattan Beach, they landed on Just Fabulous. The business was a success, and they needed to move from a couch and into a spacious office. El Segundo was the first place they searched. It was a perfect spot, near an international airport, close to the beach, and with ample room perfect for expansion. Today, the office sits on 128,000 square feet. Don and his partner Adam say they’re just as love-struck with the city as the first the day they moved in.

Don Ressler spent his entire life seeking how they could make their customers happy. When he founded JustFab, he set his mind to transform the way people shopped by delivering trendy fashion at a credible value. While staying faithful to that vision, the company changed into a powerful brand-building platform driven by personalization and data. The new corporate identity captured the core value of what JustFab transformed into – where Fashion meets Silicon Valley. And that’s how they came up with TechStyle as the new name.

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As the chief executive officer of Intelligent Beauty, Intermix, and FitnessHeaven, Don says it is critical to find a reliable like-minded partner to grow the business. He is committed to building and maintaining sustainable brands with the entrepreneurial spirit. Don Ressler’s first company FitnessHeaven, was later purchased by Intermix Media in 2001, a merger with COO, Mr. Adam Goldenberg’s Alena Media; an advertising agency which fetched millions of profits for the company.

With their knowledge and skills in the marketing field, Don Ressler gathered a team of former employees from Alena and facilitated a brainstorming session. Two weeks after the brainstorm session, Brand Ideas was conceived; it later became Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty launched a fashion an online retailer, JustFab. In 2011, JustFab received $33 million funding from Matrix Partners. And Goldenberg had over four million employees by April 2012. Under the leadership of Don Ressler, the company organized for another fundraiser, collecting $76 million from, Intelligent Beauty, the parent company Matrix Partners, Crossover Ventures, and Rho Ventures.


The Best Flavor and Beneficial Ingredients: Evolution of Smooth

Unfortunately when it comes to lip balm products, consumers will receive a product that’s either tasty, but lacks true ingredients or full of ingredients, but lacks taste. You’ll either get one or the other and this has been the blueprint for many years. Fortunately in the 21st Century, there is one brand that aim to give it’s customers healthy ingredients as well as plenty of energetic flavor. That brand just so happen to be Evolution of Smooth. Lip care isn’t really a science, but rather so common sense and Evolution of Smooth personifies this best.

Flavors: This is one of the main reasons for choosing a lip balm product. Yes, the health ingredients are the most needed, but many people won’t touch a product if it has no taste. You won’t have that problem here as EOS lip balm gives you the best and widest variety such as:

  • Coconut Milk
  • Lemon Twist
  • Watermelon
  • Black Nectar
  • Passion Fruit
  • Strawberry
  • Pomegranate Raspberry
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon Drop

Yep! Very tasty, but check out the oral benefits which are the most important. EOS lip balm gives you the softest, healthiest lips with consistent use. Lucky Vitamin consumers will get SPF-15 and SPF 30 for sun protection, jojoba oil, vitamin c and vitamin e. This is total protection that good for:

  1. Hydration
  2. UVA/UVB Protection
  3. PABA-Free
  4. Gluten-Free
  5. Nourishing Shea Butter

This is pure convenience so check out more of the company’s product line by clicking right here:

Evolution of Smooth is changing the game with it’s innovative products and if you want more information of the brand click:

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Man of the Year is Humble

This happens to be the year that the name Adam Milstein finds its way on to the Jerusalem Post’s 50 Most Influential Jewish leaders. This list names those individuals who have been crucial to the advancement of the Israeli state over the last year. It is a recognition of accomplishment. It also means the community expects even more good deeds to follow Adam from the people named. No one can tell the world how he feels about the situation better Adam himself.

Milstein is 39 on the list for being co-founder and chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He is also being recognized for his philanthropy, activism and ROLE model qualities in the Jewish organizations and the community. These organizations include StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships, Birthright Israel, StandByMe and the AIPac national Council. “I am grateful to my wife Gila, to the IAC and to the many organizations in the Jewish world that we are privileged to partner with to make a difference. This award is a testament to the historic accomplishments of the Israeli-American community in recent years.” Milstein acknowledges.

Other notable names on the list are Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US Senator Charles Schumer and Sarah Silverman. Clearly Milstein understands the gravity of the situation. “I am humbled and honored to be selected by the Jerusalem Post for this list, alongside so many remarkable leaders of the Jewish people.“ Milstein emotes.

The foundation for which he is being hailed bears his name. The Milstein Family Foundation works around two pillars. These pillars are to strengthen the Jewish people and their homeland the state of Israel. One of the ways the foundation does this is by providing Israel-friendly Americans with information and diplomatic techniques for Israeli advocacy. “By embracing the principles of active Philanthropy, funding of foundations with an eye to their life path impact and looking to build synergies between organizations, the Milstein Family Foundation will continue our work to strengthen the Jewish people and the state of Israel.”, Milstein resolves.

WEN Cleansing Conditioners Offers Quick Results

WEN hair cleansing conditioners are a high quality, all natural product that was formulated and produced by Chaz Dean, a high profile hair stylist that has an extensive portfolio in the industry. WEN products are completely natural and free from sulfates or any other cleaning chemicals for the hair. Also, because of the special 5-in-1 formula that went into WEN’s creation, it is capable of being used in place of other shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, and more, freeing up a lot of space in the bathroom. These natural ingredients provide for a very deep clean that is capable of removing build up from other products as well, while creating a barrier for the scalp and hair’s natural moisture. Over the years, WEN has managed to build a strong following of customers that have achieved great results.

There are many good reviews and testimonials out there about WEN cleansing conditioners, which go over how the product works on different kinds of hair. A relatively recent review that was done about WEN came in from Emily McClure, a writer for, who had great things to say about how the product performed on her fine hair. She even showed it off through photos, showing the before and after. For Emily, and many other women as well, results some quickly, sometimes as fast as a few days. All women can use this product as well, since it is compatible with all hair types, and it is gentle enough to be used every day.

Chaz Dean spent a lot of time perfecting his product, to ensure women all over the world could use it and find the results they dreamed of. This is also why the product is only $40 or less, as he wanted all women to be able to afford quality results, and they can do so in the comfort of their own bathroom. Available from eBay, Sephora and Amazon, WEN cleansing conditioners are a must try for women who are avid about hair care. Visit the brand’s Wikipedia page to learn more.

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10 Makeup Hacks from YouTuber Wengie

The YouTube beauty guru Wengie compiled a video list often makeup hacks everyone can use for her YouTube channel. She said that all of these hacks are great ones she has discovered and she encourages her followers to comment on the video any beauty hacks that they use.


Beauty Hack One: Primer

Primer is the best product you can use for your makeup game. It keeps your makeup long-lasting and in place all day long.


Beauty Hack Two: Foundation Tricks

It can be helpful to apply foundation if you want a sheer look. Applying foundation in a downward motion looks a bit more natural for some. A moist foundation sponge can help you blend and makeup a small amount of product go a long way on your face.


Beauty Hack Three: Concealer

Use a lighter hue concealer in your under eye corner and a slightly darker concealer for on your under eye bags. That way it will look more natural.


Beauty Hack Four: Powder

Only use it if you need it. If you do use powder, apply it where you have oil and use a brush.


Beauty Hack Five: Eye shadow

You can use a matte eye shadow as an eye primer. It creates a perfect base for you lids.


Beauty Hack Six: Brows

Highlight your brow under your brow arch. Ensure you draw in the brow’s carefully and with strength. Don’t over draw them though.


Beauty Hack Seven: Eye liner

Lift your chin up and gently push your skin by the corner of your eye slightly up. This gives you a clear look at your upper lash line and makes it easier to see where you need to draw your eye liner.


Beauty Hack Eight: Mascara

If you jam you mascara wand right up close to your eye lash roots, this will lift your lashes up higher and make the mascara go on fully.


Beauty Hack Nine: Lips

When you have dry lips, you likely constantly apply on lip balm. It can look better to remove the lip balm, then apply a lip color. Put your lip balm product on over the lip color for a barrier to protect from dryness.


Beauty Hack Ten: Blush

Be careful how you apply your blush. It can really change how your face looks when you apply blush, so ensure you are doing so properly for your face shape. Wengie says that with short faces like her’s, you need to apply it high on the cheeks. This makes the face look more oval. Wengie has a full list of the best ways to apply blush on her blog.

Keith Mann: On The Lookout For Future Leaders

There are a lot of talented children and young adults out there with a lot to offer the world right now and well into the future. However, sometimes they need someone to encourage them, believe in them, and tell them that what they want is possible. That individual is Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners. In fact, I believe he sees a lot of himself in these young children. They are filled with ideas and they can’t wait to get them out into the world. It is great when the youth is excited about something and they are excited about something that is positive.


Too often, when we watch the news, we hear bad stories about children that have gone bad. They might have gotten hooked up the wrong crowd and fallen down a dangerous path. That is why they need school because it keeps them out of trouble and it also sets up the future with wonderful leaders. Keith Mann recently made news for teaming up with Uncommon Schools to put together the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, which is meant to award future business leaders with wonderful and innovative ideas. Uncommon Schools is something that you probably hear a lot about when it comes to Keith Mann.


He is incredibly passionate about it and it means a great deal to him. One graduating senior will receive this award each year from a school in the Uncommon Schools district. This is a great stamp of approval that they are doing something right and they are on the right path. It sets them up in the future to do wonderful things and possibly be the next Keith Mann. This is not something that Keith Mann needs to do or is forced to do. When talking about Keith Mann, everything is real with him. He truly cares about these children and he cares about their future. If there is anything he can do to help the process and make it a little bit easier, so they can get ahead in life, he is going to do it and do it the right way.

The Predictions and Questionable Business Decisions of Kyle Bass


Kyle Bass, founder and ICO of Hayman Capital Management, got rich off of predicting the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis in the United States. In 2016, Bass has made another bold prediction that he is wagering on: a currency devaluation in China. Bass blames China’s lending binges for causing a bubble, and he expects a three trillion dollar loss when that bubble bursts. Bass then stated that with this burst “We’re starting to see the beginning of the Chinese machine literally breaking down.” Kyle Bass had a discussion with Grant Williams, author and co-founder of Real Vision TV, over this very topic. Besides from discussing China, Bass also talked about investing in gold.

UsefulStooges reports that Kyle Bass’s prediction back in 2008 about the subprime mortgage crisis is likely the only reason why his prediction about China’s devaluation of currency is even being discussed in the media. After his prediction in 2008 proved to be correct, he was hailed as some sort of genius, but in the later years it was realized that the term “genius” was a bit too generous of a description for Kyle Bass. Some look at Bass a greedy crook who is willing to do just about anything for a dollar. One of his most questionable business decisions was with Erich Spangenberg, a business partner, when they tried to short-sell the stocks of certain pharmaceutical companies and then challenge the patents of those companies.

They did this with the hope that once the patents went under review, stock prices would go down, prices would go up, and the two would profit off the sufferings of the people who needed the pharmaceuticals to deal with their illnesses and suffering. Their plan, which was simple and at the same time evil, did not work because the Patent Trial and Appeal Board denied Bass’s two patent challenges. Some say that Bass’s shady deals stem from losses from his hedge fund, which was reported to have lost 30% back in 2014.

Securus Technologies’ Specialists Receive Certification From BICSI

Securus Technologies has continuously displayed its commitment to excellence by investing in people, products, features and services. The company announced that eleven of its field service specialists were issued with internationally recognized certification in September 2016. The professionals received the prestigious BICSI installer 1 certification. Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) is a renowned association that seeks to support the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry.

Danny de Hoyos, said that the certification by BICSI is the best match for the company’s training needs, advancing technology and complex requirements. He is the senior vice president in charge of operations at Securus Technologies. I believe that the support that they received from BICSI will help in boosting their performance levels. Danny added that the certified professionals would have an average tenure period of 15 years with Securus. The certification adds another layer of expertise in the company owing to its value.

Information and Communication Technology covers a wide range of aspects, namely data, voice, electronic safety and security, audio and video technologies and project management. It is my view that the staff of BICSI and credential holders engages in designing, installing, managing and maintaining targeted ICT projects. These ICT projects are spaces, optical fiber, pathways, wireless-based systems, distribution systems and infrastructure. The association serves over 23,000 specialists through conferences, training, credentials and publications in approximately 100 countries. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of criminal justice and civil technology solutions to correctional facilities. The American for-profit technology company was established in 1986 and is based in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies serves over 3,450 correctional facilities as well as more than 1,200,000 inmates across North America. The company’s talented team of experts is focused on delivering quality services through responding to emergencies, disseminating public information as well as enabling inmate self-service, communication, and biometric analysis. In July 2016, Securus announced that it had made an investment of over $600 million in technology. This information was originally published on Wikipedia.

Organo Gold: Successful while Making the World a Better Place

Organo Gold is a multilevel marketing company and was founded in 2008. The company sells products that contain Ganoderma lucidum, such as coffee, tea, oils and bathing soap. The company was started in Richmond, Canada and had less than five employees during its onset. Today, Organo has expanded to nearly 40 countries worldwide, and it’s still growing. The company has also grown to become affiliated with over a million distributors worldwide, another metric of its dominant success.

Organo has also been involved in charity and corporate social responsibility. It is the corporate sponsor of the OG Cares Foundation which empowers the lives of the youth. Organo Gold in just about 5 years has risen to become one of the top direct selling companies in the world, number 55 worldwide. The company has also bagged a number of awards at various awards including the “Direct Sales Company of The Year” five different times and was also recognized by the National Shoppers Choice as a top direct selling company in the food supplements category. And the man behind its success is none other than its founder and C.E.O., Bernardo Chua.

Bernardo Chua was born and bred in the Philippines according to his bio. It is from his Asian upbringing that he was first introduced to multilevel marketing and the Ganoderma herb for which most of his career has been based on. Prior to his involvement in Organo Gold, Bernard had previous experience in multilevel marketing and had been an integral member of Gano Excel. Gano Excel was a company that sold products that contained the beneficial herb, Ganoderma. He started out as an executive at the company and helped it to expand to other markets including Hong Kong and eventually the United States. He was promoted to a bigger role at the company when he became the president of the company in the U.S market.  Bernardo also has a presence on social media, through both Facebook and Twitter, where he frequently talks health and business.

From his experience at Gano, Bernardo Chua went on to found Organo Gold to fill in the niche for Ganoderma products in other markets. Mr. Chua has won a number of accolades as the head of the company such as the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Industry and Business in 2014.

Bernardo Chua has been privileged to work with two talented professionals at the helm of the company. Shane Morand, Organo Gold’s Global Master Distributor and Holton Buggs, the company’s Executive Vice President of International Sales who have helped to grow the company and have been involved with smoothening the relationship with the company’s distributors.

Andy Wirth – CEO of Squaw Valley Resort

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Resort. It’s one of the most sought after ski resorts in the area and is known for its beauty and facilities that are hard to beat. Wirth has been in the industry for many years, and has worked hard the last several years to make the resort into the promising place it is today. He is originally from Germany.

After graduating high school, he moved to the United States to attend college in Colorado. He attended the Colorado State University and after graduation moved to Steamboat to further his career. According to SteamBoatToday, Andy Wirth worked for a resort there, and worked his way up the ladder. He decided after working there for many years that he would moved to the Olympic Valley and run the beautiful resort. Wirth and his family have spent many years in the “outdoor” industry, so it certainly never was a foreign venture for him.

Wirth is also very passionate and active in the environment and has taken great efforts involving community service organization in the Lake Tahoe area. His main focus has been to help prove the environment for those of all ages to be able to enjoy. He has always been active in outdoor activities as well, which includes a skydiving trip that landed him in the hospital for many months.

After recovery, Andy Wirth founded an Ironman team that he called “Wounded Warrior Support” because of the help he received during his injury. The foundation was built around the families of those who have served for our country. It is geared to help them when they return home and up to the following month.

Wirth continues to make positive changes and interactive strides that are a benefit to the public as well as the surrounding communities. He will also continue to make positive efforts towards the famous Squaw Valley Resort, and work with the near by sister resort to improve visitors experience.