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Kabbalahwood: The Kabbalic Tradition’s Popularity In Hollywood

It is no secret that the Kabbalah, that is, the mystical and philosophical traditions based off of syncretic texts of both Judaic and Christian religious traditions, is highly popular in Hollywood. Cultural icons like Sammy Davis, Madonna, Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor and that 70s show actor Ashton Kutchner are all heavily involved practitioners of Kabbalah, many of whom are or were also members of the prestigious and well known Kabbalah Center. Though it is believed by many that the pop superstar Madonna, who is easily the most famous and beloved proponent of Kabbalah in America, was the primary popularizer of the spiritual movement. However, this is not quite true – while it is certainly true that Madonna is the most well known popularizer of the Kabbalic Traditions in Hollywood she was not the first, that honor belongs to the famous Rabbi Philip Berg, the founder of the Kabbalah Institute and a very well respected academic, philosopher and theologian.

Rabbi Berg first conceived of the idea for the Kabbalah institute due to his unwavering belief that the conservative traditionalist rabbis were wrong as they did not allow anyone who was not a male, religious Jew over 40 years of age to read the Zohar (the central text of the tradition) – Berg thought this was selfish and sought to bring his wisdom tradition to a wider audience, thus founding his institution which is now known the world over.

According to many of the previously mentioned Hollywood celebrities they were primarily drawn to the Kabbalah due to its intense focus on clarity of thought and order in one’s life. Given the nature of life as celebrity, constant interviews, photoshoots, travelling and media harassment, it is easy to understand how the Kabbalic traditions might have helped to quell the chaos in their lives and leave them with a better sense of peace and well being.

Alternative Loans Offered by Equities First Holdings

A lot has changed in the financial industry since the 2007-2008 economic meltdown. For instance, the banks have come up with stringent measures making it difficult to borrow money for the common person. To ensure that they only deal with people who can pay their loans back, banks have resulted to desperate measures such as tightening loan qualifications procedures while at the same time increasing their interests rates. They also require collateral and rates can even change. For conventional credit-based loans, they must be used for the purpose for which they were borrowed for. This has resulted to an individual being unable to fulfill his financial goals and obligations.

Where such rules prevail, innovation comes to the rescue of borrowers. A man named Al Christy established a company called Equities First Holding with the aim of offering loans that use stocks as collateral. With this type of loans, Equities First Holdings does not require prequalifications. They also have small and fixed interest’s rates. The loans acquired from Equities First Holdings can be used for whatever venture. The interest rate is as low as 4 percent compared to that of banks that scales at 13-15 percent. Another thing that is noticeable with stock-based loans is that they have a non-recourse feature. This feature means that the client can walk away from the loan without any further commitments.

Equities First Holding maintains transparency and integrity in an industry that is marked by bad deals. The customer is guaranteed that they will receive their stocks back upon the maturation of the deal. Since the year 2002, Equities first holding has made a revenue of over $1.4 billion from over 650 transactions. The company is still based in Indianapolis, Indiana but has offices elsewhere. For instance, Equities First Holdings Australia, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong, and Equities First Holdings London are some of the subsidiaries of the firm.


Looking Into The Ideologies That Jason Hope Has About Investment

A recent research that was published showed that the top seven richest men in the world put together were richer than 3.5 billion of the remaining people on the planet. These seven include the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and the others. While it is true that everyone dreams about establishing a business, being their own boss and even retiring early, very few people are actually able to turn this into reality.

One entrepreneur who has had massive success in the world of investing and believes that he has tips that can help others succeed in the world of technology is Jason Hope.

Where he got the inspiration to start his business
Jason states that when one studies anything that is related to finance, the society expects them to get into things like the financial markets. While he was pretty confident that he could succeed in that, he decided to try the world of technology instead. After looking for a way into technology, Jason Hope chose mobile technology. When he made a comparison between mobile and other forms of technology, he realized that close to 90 percent of the population was making use of their phones. He somehow knew that an information age that would be marked by the mobile device as a change catalyst was imminent and his bet was spot on.

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Creation of multiple revenue streams
Jason says that the one thing that has helped him get the financial freedom that he is experiencing right now is the fact that he decided to invest in a variety of things. The first company that he created to deal with his mobile based developments is known as Jawa. The services that are offered by this company include provision of SEO services, information systems for computers and other businesses and also other types of interactive software. He firmly believes that the future is based on advances in technology and with his company; he is ready to combat any changes.

Time he took before becoming profitable
Jason admits that he was lucky because as soon as he started his investments, he started making profits. To expand his earning capacity, he decided to invest back the profits in other companies. Jason is truly an inspiration.

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The Importance of Trust For an Insurance Company

When it comes to business, one of the very important aspects of success is building trust. Part of building trust involves keeping the contract. It is also important to make sue the contract is understood by the other party so that there will be no confusion. In other words, one of the best things to do is to explain the terms in plain and simple language. It is also a good thing to avoid any jargon that could confuse the other party. However, there is one contract that has been breached, and that is the contract between the old owners of the Atlanta Hawks and AIG.

One of the members of the former group that owned the Atlanta Hawks is Bruce Levenson. He was one of the people that have looked over the contract in order to make sure that everything is understood. This also helps them figure out whether or not the contract is a good idea to sign or not. There is always the chance that something in the contract could work as a loophole. This is why Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson has made sure that his group has signed a contract that could benefit them so that they do not find themselves in an unfavorable circumstance in the case the contract has been breached.

AIG is not only going to have to pay a lot of expenses, but it is also going to have to work to regain the trust it has lost as a result of the lawsuit going public. This is definitely going to be something that is going to be hard to recover from for the insurance company.

For one thing, people don’t think about getting insurance for anything beyond cars, health, or even life insurance. Insurance policies are also good for mistakes that could cost money as well.



Comparative Law Professor Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is one of the most important and interesting aspects of the legal field. It focuses on the study of multiple legal systems of different countries. With comparative law, an individual can learn the legal system of multiple nations and then see how they compare to one another. Studying comparative law will allow a number of people to learn more about a nation’s legal system. They will be able to learn more about things such as the constitution, criminal justice system and also its regulations and policies concerning economic activities. Due to the nature of comparative law, a number of governments, businesses and legal professionals will greatly benefit by studying comparative law.

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While there are a number of individuals who study comparative law, there is one person who has become one of the leading experts on the subject. Sujit Choudhry is a leading scholar and educator in the legal field who as accumulated an in depth knowledge of comparative law. Over the course of his career, he has been able to learn about the many details of the subject and pass on his knowledge to others. When he first began his career, Sujit Choudhry worked as a clerk for the head of the Canadian Supreme Court. This gave him some valuable experience in terms of learning about the legal system of a given nation. Choudhry would go on to become an educator in the legal field where he served as a professor and assistant dean at the law school of the University of Toronto.  Check this link

After serving as a professor and assistant dean at the University of Toronto, Sujit Choudhry would join the University of California Berkeley. He would become a professor at the law school there as well. Along with being a professor, Sujit Choudhry would also become the dean at the school. This allowed him to become the first Indian American dean in the history of the law school. Choudhry would continue his studies of comparative law and look to use his knowledge to benefit other nations. He was able to help a number of other countries learn more about their legal system and find ways to improve it. To do this, Sujit assisted these nations in changing their constitution.


Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is one of the most prominent companies offering solutions in the use of stock-based loans. As a matter of fact, the company works to develop high-end solutions to their clients in need of fast working money during the harsh economic crisis. As a matter of fact, no one has a better understanding of how the company issues the money with the lowest interests. However, they are ignited to have most clients develop a higher sense of development in a manner that does not depict the actual nature of this industry. For this reason, you have more than you need through the company profile.

Equities First Holdings has its main headquarters in Indianapolis. However, the company wanted to enhance their presence to the international arena having known that the world is in need of fast working capital using stocks as collateral. For this reason, the company went on and founded offices in all parts of the world. As a matter of fact, every continent has Equities First Holdings in its arena. For this reason, their offices are situated in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Perth, Sydney, Singapore, and London. When the company developed high-end capabilities in these loans, they were associated with collateral.

Equities First Holdings has acquired a client-based in the world of alternative sources of fast working capital. As a matter of fact, the company has become one of the most sought alternative sources of fast working capital during the harsh economic climate. During this time, banks have their loan qualification criteria tightened. For this reason, they end up working for better results through a working capability. As a matter of fact, the company has grown to become a major entity in that capacity. For you to develop high-end needs in this development. Fast working capital has grown to become a major source of development during the harsh economic season.

Alexei Beltyukov’s Business Ventures And Career

Update For Feb. 8th 2017: Just found a great article on Alexei Beltyukov’s strategies for the Russian economy. He’s got some really good ideas I think could work perfectly to help revitalize the economy. Find the post here:
How to bring back the boom to the Russian economy, according to Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Beltukov has founded and worked on dozens on ventures both in Russia and abroad. Here is a list and description of some of Alexei’s business achievements.

One of Alexei Beltyukov‘s financial ventures is Endemic Capital which he established in 2013. This investment company specializes in investing in new startup companies and businesses in Alexei’s home country of Russia. Another financial company that Mr. Beltukov created is A Ventures Ltd. This company has a strong philanthropic side to its operations. A Ventures Ltd is focused on providing funding to cash strapped businesses in Russia that cannot find a way to raise capital to continue operations.

Philanthropic efforts undertaken by Alexei Beltyukov include giving one Russian student a full scholarship to INSEAD College in France, where Alexei studied and graduated from with a masters of business administration degree. Mr. Beltyukov himself was a full scholarship recipient at the college and he now wants to give fellow Russian students with the drive and motivation to succeed in business a chance that he was given.

Alexei Beltyukov is also a key member of the Skolkovo Foundation. Serving as vice president at the Skolkovo Foundation, Alexei helps the Russian government on economic policy and development issues as well as providing key insight from his own entrepreneurial experiences. The Skolkovo Foundation, which Alexei helps leads provides grants to Russian IT companies and other assistance to help them thrive. The foundation also provides assistance to entrepreneurs throughout Russia who wish to expand or grow their companies. Alexei’s insight into this matter is invaluable to the Skolkovo Foundation.

Besides financial ventures and philanthropic efforts, Mr. Beltyukov is also involved with an educational program called SOLVY. It is an online, highly interactive learning platform designed for school age students. Alexei Beltyukov helped to develop and launch SOLVY in 2015. The program is different than other online learning platforms out there because it does not only accept one way of arriving at a solution. Rather it accepts multiple ways of solving a problem.

SOLVY also requires students to prove and show how they arrived at a solution, cutting down on cheating. If a student tries to solve a problem, they will be given hints, tips and explanations to help them in solving the equations. Alexei Beltyukov believes that SOLVY has great potential and can change the online learning experience for both teachers and students in mathematics.  Read more about him on CrunchBase.

The Lung Institute Is An Organization That Is Dedicated To Healing Lung Defects

There are some people who suffer from the effects of respiratory illnesses. These illnesses are no joke and they can seriously degrade a person’s quality of life. People who suffer from these types of diseases often includes individuals that have been diagnosed with pulmonary diseases including fibrosis and interstitial lung diseases.

These conditions (and many more) have the ability to make a person to suffer in life.

The Lung Institute is a highly rated medical organization that specializes in stem cell treatments for lung related issues. This organization was founded years ago by a group of medical professionals who wanted to help end the suffering that most lung disease patients experience.

Lung Institute provide stem cell treatment therapies to help improve a person’s health system. This in turn will boost their body’s ability to fight against the condition that is impacting their lungs. Stem Cells are taken directly from a person’s system. This means that no foreign materials are entering into a person’s body that could also harm or complicate their function.

Jack Coleman, Jr. is the Medical Director for this organization. Sreedevi Marakatham is a leading physician at the instate who hails from India. These are just two of the many experienced physicians who are on staff within this Cedars-Sinai treatment facility.

The organization not only helps patients with getting rid of various issues that impacts their lungs; they also conduct research in this area as well. The Lung Institute is thoroughly dedicated with helping people to live the best life possible regardless of their condition. For more info, visit the Lung Institute’s website.

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George Soros Business Insider Recap

Scores of citizens from all over the world believe recently selected United States President, Donald Trump, is in reality a fraud and a tyrant. One such citizen who holds this conviction is Mr. George Soros. George Soros has observed such tyrants rise to power before, men with no intention of aiding the public at large and who instead create pandemonium. Mr. George Soros immigrated from war plagued and Nazi-occupied Hungary. George escaped the Holocaust and he knows personally how immoral men can achieve power over a nation and extend their destructive attitude amongst the population.

Mr. George Soros, and those who are accustomed to doing business with Donald Trump, recognize that Trump had no intentions of winning the Presidency and actually was attempting to manufacture worldwide interest on Forbes to his corporation’s brand. However, now that Donald Trump is all of a sudden President, nobody can be confident of exactly what Trump might do. This is because Trump is known for not thinking things through to rational conclusions, and frequently rambles over and over again, seemingly from an array of cluttered thoughts.

George has a significant history of liberal humanitarian deeds on Snopes. Mr. George Soros has provided charity to billions, to uphold industries that were needy, not counting individual people that he has also aided in their time of need. Mr. George Soros is, for the most part, driven towards establishing financial assistance to folks longing to escape injustice, on advancing social fairness, and to safeguard people’s liberation whilst combating prejudice. Mr. George Soros is vehemently against the “War on Drugs” campaigns, as he has seen first hand how cannabis has helped people manage various crippling diseases.

If truth be told, Mr. George Soros is celebrated worldwide as a supporter of beneficial cannabis use. George compassionately gave immeasurable donations on Investopedia, in the amounts of millions, for the intention of helping Hillary Clinton for the duration of her presidential bid. Before this enterprise, he endorsed a generous $1 million to assist Obama’s reelection. Mr. George Soros is far and wide accepted as a supporter for LGBT privileges and is universally acknowledged as a sponsor of same-sex relations.

George’s history is for the most part the inspiring reason for his reputation for assisting the general members of the public who make a stand against prejudice. Mr. Soros is personally conscious of how dangerous small-minded people can behave from his years in Hungary, during wartime.

George Soros is well-known for providing support for the complex tasks carried out by attorneys, has helped to liberate thousands of unlawfully imprisoned citizens, and is dedicated to supporting students who desire an education, people who may otherwise have no educational opportunity from their lack of ability to fund their schooling.

ClassDojo Is Raising Capital Funding And Planning Optional Premium Features

ClassDojo has become quite a hit in the education arena, a little app that’s done many big things. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don started this app with not a lot of resources at the beginning, but they did have a lot of ideas from teachers on what they would like to see happen with social media and their classrooms. So Chaudhary and Don decided to build an app that would let teachers reward good behavior for their students through a point system, but they soon discovered they could do a lot more than that.


According to ClassDojo has become a full communication platform with a Facebook-like interface and complimentary learning videos that go along with it. Teachers can take photos of students doing activities throughout the day, and parents now have a better idea of what goes on the classroom. It’s opened up more conversations at home between parents and their children, but it’s also allowed teachers to instantly show student progress on a daily basis. Because of the revolutionary way that teachers can show their classrooms to parents, many schools have been able to cut down or eliminate parent-teacher meetings altogether. The app itself needs no administrator permission to download, and its had security features upgraded to protect user privacy.


Chaudhary and Don have saved money for their company by not spending any venture capital on advertising costs, but simply using the old fashioned word-of-mouth marketing, click here. They plan to always keep the app free to download, but they do have some plans to add optional premium content to enhance the user experience with the app. Such content will include some curriculum material and learning tools, and even access to more student growth videos. The app has received over $30 million in venture capital funding, and investors aren’t in any particular hurry to get a return on that investment.

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