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Jeremy Goldstein and Innovative Compensation

Performance-based incentive plans have become a hot-button issue for many businesses. In the past, this was the only way to make incentive payments to employees. It was so simple. If the company did well, then employees should be paid bonuses. If the company did poorly, then no bonuses would be paid out. However, now executive compensation committees are changing their focus and wondering if these are really the best ways for them to reward their employees.


The first argument of many opponents of the performance-based incentive payments is that executives have far too much power. They are able to alter results by simply changing the day-to-day operations of the company. For example, if a CEO wants a bigger bonus for three quarters of the year, he might just hold off on several large capital projects until the last quarter, earning himself a huge bonuses in quarter one, two, and three, and then no bonus in quarter four. If he hadn’t done this, he might have only earned a small bonus or no bonus in any quarters.


Another reason committees are rethinking their plans is that metrics used to pay out these bonuses are generally very short-term in scope. Companies use earnings per share, EBIT, and net income to determine what bonuses should be, and all of these metrics reset every year. Employees, while incentivized to make the year profitable, have no incentive to keep that progress up for the foreseeable future. This means that employees might be sacrificing future performance to get their bonuses today.
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Jeremy Goldstein, Partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates and an expert in compensation law, has come up with a unique and innovative perspective on this whole debate. He first says that companies should make sure that their executives are being held accountable for all actions. He is also saying that companies need to start thinking of alternative measurements of success and company growth to be paying out their employees rather than the short-term metrics they are currently using.


Jeremy Goldstein seems to know what he is talking about. He has been hailed as an expert in his field for years now, and he has helped hundreds of large companies with their corporate governance and compensation structures. He was even appointed to the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association. Jeremy Goldstein has made a name for himself in New York, and he continues to bring innovative and radical solutions to companies and employees that everyone can live with.


Dr. David Samadi: The Forefront of Robotic Surgery

The world of prostate cancer surgery is an ever-changing one. Several years ago it was believed that the best course of action for any removal of cancer was harsh chemotherapy and radiation. Now doctors are starting to reconsider their options. Mitt Romney, Utah Senator and previous Presidential candidate, recently went through one of the most cutting-edge prostate surgeries conceived. He went through a robotic surgery to remove a tumor that had been growing on his prostate. Recently diagnosed, the Senator did not know what his options were, but because of doctors like Dr. David Samadi, these new techniques are being deployed to save lives at a higher rate than ever before.

The real threat of cancer is that it spreads throughout the body and becomes inoperable, subjecting patients to radiation in order to flush out the cancer. Dr. Samadi works with surgery, however, to get rid of cancer in the earlier stages. If prostate cancer is caught early enough, it can be operated on to remove the threat, and almost 90 percent of patients with these operations survive, while only about 30 percent of individuals that undergo radiation survive another five years. Dr. David Samadi has become known as one of the most influential and talented surgeons for prostate cancer.

Before Dr. Samadi became the surgeon he is today, he had a very hard childhood. Born in a small Jewish community in Iran, Samadi and his brother were forced to flee their home during the Iranian Revolution of 1979. In the chaos, Samadi and his brother lost the rest of their family. Not knowing what to do, Samadi started to pursue his passion. He traveled throughout Europe and eventually found his way to the United States, where he began his education to become a doctor in earnest.

After going through several residencies and fellowships, David Samadi officially earned his doctoral degree and became one of the world’s best surgeons on prostate cancer. He has performed over 7,000 surgeries to remove prostate cancer from his patients, many of these were performed with robotics instead of normal tools. Based on his research, the Da Vinci robotic systems are able to perform these same surgeries with almost no blood loss, minimal incisions, and minimal effects on the sexual and bladder functions of patients.

Because of his success, Samadi has been awarded several honors and has written several articles appearing in such journals as the Journal of Robotic Surgery, the World Journal of Urology, and the Journal of the Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons. His success will continue as he continues to help his patients.

Jeffry Schneider’s Lessons on Leadership, Altruism and Self-Fulfillment

With nonprofit concepts like “Giving Tuesday” in vogue, Jeffry Schneider realizes that there is a paradigm shift happening in the business world. More and more, people want to be more morally and spiritually engaged in their local, national and global communities. Also, people want to disengage from consumer culture and lead more fulfilling lives. Jeffry Schneider is trying to lead this trend by divesting from the clutter culture and find fulfillment from the little things in life. One way he is approaching this is by sponsoring a volunteer who is using her medical knowledge to help the underprivileged in Latin American countries. Specifically, this volunteer is helping repair cleft lip throughout the Central American region. She also helped with relief work after the 2010 Haitian earthquake.

Elizabeth had been spending her own hard-earned money for these trips, and Jeffry decided that helping an actual individual do good would be more meaningful than simply writing a check to a nonprofit so Jeffry is sponsoring Elizabeth’s past and future trips. Leadership in the sphere of altruism is one of the most fulfilling kinds one can pursue. And by enabling others to do positive and life-changing things, we can become more satisfied with our own reality. Jeffry’s example offers a particularly poignant way of creating a stronger community through altruistic leadership. The idea of a “Giving Tuesday” should not just be undertaken one day a year, or even every week, but every day that we try to become better leaders.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (or ESG) goals are also popular in the business community as of late. But how can we bring these tripartite values into our home lives? According to the Harvard Business Review, 65% of 195 global business leaders value high ethical and moral standards the most out of all leadership qualities. So, by giving selflessly in our personal lives, we are really investing in our own leadership potential. Mr. Schneider’s act of donating to someone who could use those funds for a social good was really an investment in himself. Those ESG principals Jeffry actively lives make him a better leader.


Altruistic leadership is one of the most important emerging values in the still-young twenty-first century. By taking advantage of the internet and our local networks, we can create wide nets of social support that enrich both individuals and collectives. Mr. Schneider’s experience was driven by a desire to do something more deeply connected to the Austin community, and so he proactively sought out an individual who he could assist. Through the simple act of giving, Jeffry enabled a woman to help countless people live better, more fulfilling lives.

The ESG and altruistic leadership values that Jeffry and others live out in their personal lives reverberate into our professional and spiritual lives as well. Leadership, altruism and self-fulfillment are deeply intertwined, and they reinforce each other. Mindfulness of our shared responsibility to others also makes us better leaders, and by helping fulfill the needs of others, we help to create a more just and fulfilled world.

Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky’s Digital Revolution

When it comes to health records, many automatically assume that keeping up with them is a task in itself. Whether you are going on a simple visit to a local physician for a checkup, or the unfortunate trip to the emergency room, most know there is a bit of a hassle involved in keeping up with the paper trail. Eric Lefkofsky experienced this, but on a very personal and life threatening level when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Knowing how difficult it would be to get the best treatment while dealing with an ailing wife, Eric realized that something was amiss when it came to data gathering.

After his wife Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer, Eric would take his skill and technical know-how and apply it in forming the start up Tempus. The company strived to streamline and utilize artificial intelligence where data mining and mass information involving healthcare was an issue. There were many instances where Eric realized that the current system just was not up to par and not on a level to match current technologies available today. Free text fields are difficult to analyze and Tempus developed software to solve these problems. Currently those same text fields are transferred into structured data and that is used to improve cancer care and treatment.

Considering the cost involved and education necessary to delve into the world of medical records, Eric Lefkofsky was perfect for the job. His background in the tech sector as well as his many advancements in tech companies, he has been able to drive down the price of genome mapping. A very important aspect of cancer treatment, the benefits are definitely appreciated by the community at large. A philanthropist at heart, Eric and his wife Liz have many charitable organizations that they donate to regularly while simultaneously advancing the health care movement.


Securus Technologies Brings in Consultants and Updates Its Wireless Containment System to Reduce Illegal Cell Phone Connections in Prison Facilities

Robert Johnson would never have guessed he would be dealing with a life and death situation overnight while at work. Nearly eight years ago, he intercepted contraband trying to find its way into a prison facility where he was working as a corrections officer. The owners of the contraband were not pleased with his actions and ordered a hit on his person. One week later at around 5:30 in the morning, he heard his house door kicked in and immediately realized his life was in danger. To minimize the number of casualties in the attack, he directed the intruder towards the house corridor, away from his sleeping wife. As fate would have it, he was shot six times in the stomach and chest. His doctors did not expect him to pull through the ordeal but he miraculously survived. Following recovery, he has since then made it his life mission to ensure inmates do not have access to cell phones.


Similar Cases


Having heard of other cases where hits on people and their families were also ordered by convicts within the prison system, he is working harder to ensure prison communication systems are monitored. In a recent case, a six-month old boy’s life was terminated in his mother’s arms after his uncle angered inmates in one of the country’s prison facilities. As can be expected, the order for the killing was made using an illegal cell phone in the prison facility. Together with Securus Technologies where he works as a paid consultant, Johnson is working on ensuring that such incidents to not occur in future.


Wiireless Containment System


Securus Technologies owns a Wireless Containment System geared at ensuring inmates do not get access to illegal cell phone connections from prison facilities. The system works as a phone network that detects all calls made to and from prison facilities. Once a call is detected, the system decides what to do with it. If the call is from an authorized number or if it is trying to reach 911, it is allowed to connect. However, if the call is from an unauthorized number, the call is dropped and not allowed to connect. This in effect contributes to increased public safety since the number of dangerous schemes cooked by inmates for people on the outside are reduced.


Updates to the System


In August 2017, an article in PRNewswire reported that Securus Technologies was undertaking updates and developments on its Wireless Containment System. These undertakings were put in place to ensure the system is a better solution for ensuring illegal phone calls to and from prison facilities are stopped. The updated system works by ensuring illegal networks are prevented from intercepting prison networks, reducing the number of illegal calls made to or from prison the outside world by prisoners. The system has been important in upholding public safety and helping prison facilities control contraband within their walls.


These Are the Industries That Will See the Most Success In 2018 and Beyond, According to Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has an outstanding track record in the financial market. He has made one successful investment after another. This has nothing to do with luck. It is not magic. Paul has been able to pull this off because of the extensive research that he has done on trends in the marketplace. This helps him find investment opportunities that will be successful.

Paul Mampilly spends a lot of time researching his recommended stocks. He then spends hours just writing them down. No decision is made without extensive research on both sides of the issue.

Recently, Paul Mampilly made some recommendations about which stocks to invest in during the year 2018. Paul Mampilly believes that the food delivery industry is something that will continue to grow. Millennials are becoming more and more interested in services that deliver meal kits and healthy food. Plated and Blue Apron are just two examples. Millennials are not so excited about the big companies, like Coca Cola and General Mills. They are not so excited about large supermarkets and fast food, either. Instead, they just want healthy food. They are very well educated, so they know that unhealthy food is a bad choice. Food delivery services are convenient to them than shopping in large grocery stores.

Another prediction that Paul Mampilly has made is that there will be an iPhone moment in the car industry. An iPhone moment is a way of describing the way the cell phone industry was impacted by the release of the iPhone. Everyone has smartphones now, and nobody wants to buy a dumb phone. With the release of the Tesla Model 3, there will be an iPhone moment. You should stop investing in traditional cars such as Ford and Chrysler, and you should start investing in Tesla and other electric car stocks. He believes that the Tesla Model 3 will be a lot more popular than the Ford Model T was when it came out, especially since you can now use the internet to purchase your car. The Tesla Model 3 will be more convenient and will require less to maintain than a regular car.

Paul Mampilly explains that he follows a strategy that helps him even during market swings. It is based on solid buying and selling patterns. He shares his strategies to his subscribers through his Profits Unlimited newsletter.

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Sussex Healthcare And The Audiology Services It Offers

There are so many articles today that you can write about Sussex Healthcare. But, the articles today could probably not give you the answers you need, so that’s why we will address that in this write-up. In this article, we will give you a glimpse of what Sussex Audiology Services are doing recently, and we will offer you something that can provide you with great value but at the same time will not enervate you with unnecessary details.

The Sussex Services

It may be easy to start this article by telling you some of the serviecs that Sussex Audiology impressively offers. One of the services that Sussex Audiology try to offer is assistance in hearing loss repair. In U.K. today, there is about one in every six people that suffer from a variety of hearing loss. Most of these people are older and are gradually losing their hearing as a natural part of the aging process. In fact, 70 percent of the 70-year-olds today have some slight hearing loss that’s hard to deal with if not addressed.


Where The Clinics Are Located

You should know that SHC Audiology offers their services in their Berkshire, Surrey and Sussex branches. These are prime locations that have a lot of following and that are easy to access. With these clinics, you may be able to get the right assistance at the easiest time possible. Sure, you may be able to get other services in other clinics, but there’s just a few out there that can compare with how Sussex Audiology services can execute their work.

Patients’ Feedback
It shold be noted here that there are already written testimonials out there that can vouch and verify the quality of the services offered by Sussex Healthcare Audiology. Most of the patients would say that the highly trained staff in Sussex Audiology are helpful, friendly and are always doing their best to make it easy for the patients to deal with the treatment and post-treatment process.

That said, you should know that it is also the mission and vision of Sussex to always deliver the best treatment procedures to their patients, regardless of their status and age.

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Meet the President of TDL Ventures: Todd Lubar

The only way we can make it in the entrepreneurship world as the young businessperson is through reading about the investors who began before us. By so doing we can know what to expect and how to deal with challenges when they swing in at the worst time possible. We also learn that they were not extraordinary individuals but perseverant and diligent persons who could not give up.

Todd Lubar is the President of TDL Ventures. Todd was triggered to begin his business by his compassion to help people. This is why he began a program that ensures that there is nothing blocking individuals from getting loans. He explains that he earns by being able to identify the people who are willing to actualize their dreams.

Lubar’s journey has not been easy. It has been filled with multiple challenges. He says that they are a time he double guessed his validity in the investment field. This was after one major deal failed and he had to begin again from scratch. Todd Lubar says that the mistake that many investors do is dwelling so much on the downfall. It is only wise to get up and approach the issue from a different angle. When he had to start over again, he simply woke up the following day and bounced back to business with more energy.

Todd Lubar says that the secret behind his company’s success is his ability to monitor everything that happens at every level of his business. This helps him avoid minor setbacks and make informed decisions concerning the firm. Check out to see more.

The best moments of Todd Lubar is when he satisfies the need of his clients, and they leave his firm happy. However, his greatest joy is when he can help individuals build their dream ventures from scratch and see them thriving in their industries. It is this joy that motivates him to keep doing his job every day. Check out Medium to see more.

Todd Lubar says that the toughest decision he has had to make in his career is on time management. This is in incidences when he has to choose between going to a business trip and spending time with his loved ones. Todd says both are vital and one has to balance their time to attend to them.


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Nick Vertucci Understands All Kinds of Real Estate Investments

Do you have a strong thirst for knowledge that involves real estate investing in any way? You can always turn to the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy in magnificent Santa Ana, California. This is an educational institution that’s 100 percent true to its name. It’s operated by a real investment aficionado by the name of Nick Vertucci. His primary objective is to make learning about investing in the real estate world easy, effective and stress-free for people all over the place. He achieves this goal every day he shows up at work, too.

Who exactly is this Nick Vertucci mystery, anyway? He’s a prominent real estate investor and educator. He’s a person who is highly familiar with all of the trials and tribulations that are so common in this life. He’s also someone who simply refuses to take no for an answer. That’s why he’s such a role model to the many students who set foot inside of his modern, welcoming and supportive real estate academy. Vertucci knows that bad experiences in no way, shape or form have the ability to control the positive tomorrows that can come your way. His access to money was rather limited when he was younger. He adored his family to bits. Things were pretty tough on them in the financial department, though.

Nick Vertucci has set up a real estate investment educational system that works like a charm. This system is tried and tested as well. It’s the reason he’s been able to soar financially for so long. It’s the reason he doesn’t have to live in fear of money. Students can learn a lot at this real estate academy. This school delves into all matters that involve the flipping of contracts. It teaches students how to wholesale contracts the right way. It gives them access to invaluable information regarding asset defense, 401K investments, IRA (individual retirement account) matters, commercial investments and more. People who want to learn about how to purchase properties that can boost cash acquisition regularly sign up for courses at this academy. People who want to learn about how to effectively hold properties of all kinds do the same thing.

If you’re equipped with valuable assets that mean a lot to you and to the people in your life, this real estate investment school can get you on the right track. It can help you sleep a lot more comfortably as well.

OSI Group President David Mcdonald

David Mcdonald is the well-known personality in food processing industry. He is the President of OSI group.OSI Group produces and supplies customizable products to leading food services and world’s top food retailers.OSI Group has the speciality to the source, produce, develop and distribute custom food solutions anywhere in the world.
OSI is privately held food processing company with offices in over 17 countries. They have total of 60 branches.OSI Group has won plenty of awards over the years including awards for safety risk management, health management to name a few.David Mcdonald is one of the key people behind the success of OSI Group.

David Mcdonald’s visionary leadership has led OSI to expand across the globe.Because of his ethics, integrity and passion for work the OSI company maintains the good will among both consumers and retailers. David Mcdonald joined OSI group after graduating in Animal Science in 1987. He graduated from Iowa State University.
After joining the company, he worked his way up in the company to become the president of OSI Group LLC.Before taking the presidency, he has worked across all the department in Group from past 30 years.OSI Group’s global project includes processing plants for frozen food in India, beef processing plant in Poland.

Those projects are just tip of the iceberg.

David McDonald has the vision to capture the Chinese food processing market. He facilitated an opportunity for OSI group in 2011 to enter the Chinese market.Currently, OSI Group aiming to become China’s largest poultry products producer.They are successfully providing meat supply to popular fast food chains like Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza.David Mcdonald has been guiding OSI group ever since and expanding its operation globally.

His key strategy is to acquire an establishing company. Why reinvent the wheel?

David Mcdonald vision to expand OSI Group across globe continuous. The OSI has successfully acquired Netherland’s Boho Food producing company. The Baho Food has 5 subsidiaries under it with processing plants in Netherlands and Germany.David McDonald says, “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe,” His generosity shows up where he promised to keep the current employees of Baho Food.He further adds, “The company’s (Baho Food) portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.”

Recently under the leadership of David McDonald, OSI Group acquired the Chicago based food processing company Tyson Foods.David McDonald also enjoys the great family life with 6 children and one loving wife.He takes an active part in social events. His love for his state shows up in his commitment to providing lifelong support to Iowa State University.

He also provides scholarship funding to supports his fraternity and Alpha Gamma Rho.David McDonald has both tremendous professional and personal qualities one would dream. It shows up in his integrity, commitment and vision.

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