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Securus Technologies’ Specialists Receive Certification From BICSI

Securus Technologies has continuously displayed its commitment to excellence by investing in people, products, features and services. The company announced that eleven of its field service specialists were issued with internationally recognized certification in September 2016. The professionals received the prestigious BICSI installer 1 certification. Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) is a renowned association that seeks to support the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry.

Danny de Hoyos, said that the certification by BICSI is the best match for the company’s training needs, advancing technology and complex requirements. He is the senior vice president in charge of operations at Securus Technologies. I believe that the support that they received from BICSI will help in boosting their performance levels. Danny added that the certified professionals would have an average tenure period of 15 years with Securus. The certification adds another layer of expertise in the company owing to its value.

Information and Communication Technology covers a wide range of aspects, namely data, voice, electronic safety and security, audio and video technologies and project management. It is my view that the staff of BICSI and credential holders engages in designing, installing, managing and maintaining targeted ICT projects. These ICT projects are spaces, optical fiber, pathways, wireless-based systems, distribution systems and infrastructure. The association serves over 23,000 specialists through conferences, training, credentials and publications in approximately 100 countries. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of criminal justice and civil technology solutions to correctional facilities. The American for-profit technology company was established in 1986 and is based in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies serves over 3,450 correctional facilities as well as more than 1,200,000 inmates across North America. The company’s talented team of experts is focused on delivering quality services through responding to emergencies, disseminating public information as well as enabling inmate self-service, communication, and biometric analysis. In July 2016, Securus announced that it had made an investment of over $600 million in technology. This information was originally published on Wikipedia.

Organo Gold: Successful while Making the World a Better Place

Organo Gold is a multilevel marketing company and was founded in 2008. The company sells products that contain Ganoderma lucidum, such as coffee, tea, oils and bathing soap. The company was started in Richmond, Canada and had less than five employees during its onset. Today, Organo has expanded to nearly 40 countries worldwide, and it’s still growing. The company has also grown to become affiliated with over a million distributors worldwide, another metric of its dominant success.

Organo has also been involved in charity and corporate social responsibility. It is the corporate sponsor of the OG Cares Foundation which empowers the lives of the youth. Organo Gold in just about 5 years has risen to become one of the top direct selling companies in the world, number 55 worldwide. The company has also bagged a number of awards at various awards including the “Direct Sales Company of The Year” five different times and was also recognized by the National Shoppers Choice as a top direct selling company in the food supplements category. And the man behind its success is none other than its founder and C.E.O., Bernardo Chua.

Bernardo Chua was born and bred in the Philippines according to his bio. It is from his Asian upbringing that he was first introduced to multilevel marketing and the Ganoderma herb for which most of his career has been based on. Prior to his involvement in Organo Gold, Bernard had previous experience in multilevel marketing and had been an integral member of Gano Excel. Gano Excel was a company that sold products that contained the beneficial herb, Ganoderma. He started out as an executive at the company and helped it to expand to other markets including Hong Kong and eventually the United States. He was promoted to a bigger role at the company when he became the president of the company in the U.S market.  Bernardo also has a presence on social media, through both Facebook and Twitter, where he frequently talks health and business.

From his experience at Gano, Bernardo Chua went on to found Organo Gold to fill in the niche for Ganoderma products in other markets. Mr. Chua has won a number of accolades as the head of the company such as the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Industry and Business in 2014.

Bernardo Chua has been privileged to work with two talented professionals at the helm of the company. Shane Morand, Organo Gold’s Global Master Distributor and Holton Buggs, the company’s Executive Vice President of International Sales who have helped to grow the company and have been involved with smoothening the relationship with the company’s distributors.

Andy Wirth – CEO of Squaw Valley Resort

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Resort. It’s one of the most sought after ski resorts in the area and is known for its beauty and facilities that are hard to beat. Wirth has been in the industry for many years, and has worked hard the last several years to make the resort into the promising place it is today. He is originally from Germany.

After graduating high school, he moved to the United States to attend college in Colorado. He attended the Colorado State University and after graduation moved to Steamboat to further his career. According to SteamBoatToday, Andy Wirth worked for a resort there, and worked his way up the ladder. He decided after working there for many years that he would moved to the Olympic Valley and run the beautiful resort. Wirth and his family have spent many years in the “outdoor” industry, so it certainly never was a foreign venture for him.

Wirth is also very passionate and active in the environment and has taken great efforts involving community service organization in the Lake Tahoe area. His main focus has been to help prove the environment for those of all ages to be able to enjoy. He has always been active in outdoor activities as well, which includes a skydiving trip that landed him in the hospital for many months.

After recovery, Andy Wirth founded an Ironman team that he called “Wounded Warrior Support” because of the help he received during his injury. The foundation was built around the families of those who have served for our country. It is geared to help them when they return home and up to the following month.

Wirth continues to make positive changes and interactive strides that are a benefit to the public as well as the surrounding communities. He will also continue to make positive efforts towards the famous Squaw Valley Resort, and work with the near by sister resort to improve visitors experience.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa on Setting Up Ecotourism Businesses in Panama

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa touches briefly on the many beautiful places to visit in his 10 Facts About Panama article. Between elaborating on the Panama Canal and the Panama Railroad, he briefly mentions many places that would be perfect for setting up ecotourism businesses on If we delve into these locations more deeply, then we discover that these businesses are perfect for someone to build by relying on Adrian’s business knowledge and his love of sharing his knowledge with others.

Many people each year go on carefully planned vacations to reconnect with nature by birdwatching on Instagram. Panama is home to 970 species of birds. That is more unique species than Canada and the United States combined. Imagine being able to provide guests the opportunity to watch macaws take flight at the 1.2 million acre Darien National Park or allowing guests to stay in a traditional village while catching glimpses of the elusive Harpy Eagle. Of course, you could also help guests see birds at Sobernia National Park that has set world records for the most number of unique species seen in a 24 hour timeframe.

If birds are not your thing, then there are plenty of other opportunities. For example, consider giving people a place to stay in El Vallede Anton which is literally located in the center of a volcano. You could spend your days leading organized tours through the butterfly house, at the small zoo or through the orchid conservation program. Alternatively, you could set up horseback riding or cycling programs to view the petroglyphs located slightly west of town.

Alternatively, you could stay in Panama City and take people on tours of the city. As Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa points out, it is the only capitol in the world to have a jungle right inside the city. Help others explore this cosmopolitan city that boasts the Panama Canal just 10 short minutes away. You could help people explore the history in Casco Viejo, at the French Monuments or in the Indian villages. This is quickly becoming a wealthy city, so foodie and nightlife tours should do quite well here.

The vast majority of new businesses fail because they do not receive the right guidance. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa can provide that guidance from setting up your business plan to arranging with subcontractors to get the work done you need. With his help, running a business in Panama is exceedingly easy.

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Working Women Gives the Go Ahead on Wen Prouduct

More and more people are looking for products that get back to the basics. Many dermatologists are discovering the harsh long term effects of the many chemicals that can dry out your scalp and hair. Your natural oils are stripped, causing you to purchase an insane amount of product just to replace it. WEN hair as a solution: the all natural, all in one Cleansing Conditioner.
With zero sulfides, this naturally sourced lotion for your hair will provide all your hair needs for that shiny look. No matter what hair type you are, Wen claims they can help you with one simple product. Recently Bustle had one of their writers, Emily Mcclure, do a week long test drive to see how it fairs in the real world. She claims her thin and greasy hair has never been easy to manage, and is excited to try such a simple new regime.

On the first day, she was slightly amazed by the liberal amount you can put on your hair. Most women with greasy hair are conservative with the amount of conditioner, and this Sephora advertised product was suggesting at least 16 pumps of Conditioner! But the Cleansing Conditioner did not disappoint: within a few days she was getting compliments from her friends. Her biggest surprise was how quickly her hair felt fuller and shinier, she really felt like her hair was so much healthier after only one use.

If you are looking for an all in one tool to make your hair shiny and clean, check out Wen by Chaz Dean. They have 4 basic products that work towards naturally replenishing your hair’s natural homeostasis.For more info, visit the brand’s Wiki page.

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Kenneth Goodgame and the True Value Renewed Pricing Strategy

Out with the old and in with the new in Denver for True Value. Kenneth has initiated a new pricing plan for builders hardware items. This novel approach was revealed to the Chicago group during the General Session, a pricing gathering last year. Simplification of the price points was the main theme for the True Value line for builders. Kenneth Goodgame recognized that the opening price point is null in effect on retailers and wholesalers over any product line. “No one makes money,” on those he stated as the senior VP for True Value merchandising chief officer.

Kenneth Goodgame beliefs are firmly rooted in the variety scheme as he feels strongly that displays of a product line will thrive with a wider range of mid-point prices and a wider range of price points at the top of the line. The existence of these price points offers clues as to where the real value and quality lies in a product. This way there is greater value “for our customers,” resulting in a win win situation where “our retailers gross margin dollars,” increase as well.

Another great effect of the new strategy on price points is to create more awareness of value in assortments while injecting energy into increased levels of manufacturing of products. A new tool has been deployed to measure this for regional buyers to learn about price points and productivity. The tool is called the Geo-Demographic Analysis tool. True Value has been studying the results of this data called ‘trade=area dynamics.’

According to Kenneth Goodgame, replacing the ideas of large, medium and small categories in product assortment choices for pricing, more assortment categories that suit the regional geo metrics of a buyers’ area, have been added for target specificity of their customers, who are essentially our customers. One such specific product assortment is referred to as the ‘Pro Pack.’

There will be a category for each type of customer and this approach has already made for vast improvements in price point differentiation giving a much more relevant shopping experience for all types of customers who shop in their local True Value store.

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Seattle Genetics Nearly Crosses The $100 Million Mark with the help of Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics is a company that creates cancer medications, and it is led by the man who created those medications. Clay Siegall turned his work with antibody based drugs in a large company that has nearly crossed the $100 million mark in sales. Their company recently recently their sales call with their executives, and it was shown that they are already over $90 million in sales in a year. They are approaching a major milestone, and they are a very good company to work with because doctors trust them.

Doctors trust Seattle Genetics because the company has been doing so well with their clients, and doctors are certain that they can get better results using drugs created by Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics has Clay Siegall at the helm, but he is also doing other things in the medical industry that he believes will be helpful. He is looking around at the rest of the industry noticing that there are too many forms of cancer to keep up, and he wants to create new cancer drugs from patients who have different types of cancer.

He wants to be able to address as many different kinds of cancer he can find, and he wants to be able to help people who are not dealing with the lymphoma and breast cancer he has created drugs for, and he is serving on the boards of other companies that are treating other kinds of cancers with their own medications. He believes that he has to be as involved as possible to help the people who are fighting cancer, and that is why he wants to be sure that he can help patients who are in need. Seattle Genetics is crossing milestones, and it is still looking to be sure that it can expand to help more people.

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Cancer Treatment Advancements at Clay Siegall’s Seattle Genetics.

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company whose foundation is based on rigorous research, scientific innovations, and drug development practices. The company has a passion for providing help to patients from its developed clinical and preclinical products. Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 and has over the years showed its commitment towards developing cancer treatment options.

Seattle Genetics Co-Founder Appointed to Board of Directors for Mirna Therapeutics Inc.

Clay Siegall co-founded the company and serves in the capacity of President, CEO, as well as Board Chairman. Siegall is a scientist, and one of his areas of focus include cancer therapies. He has been able to guide Seattle Genetics to its current position as a leader in developing antibody-based therapies for patients. In January 2013, he was appointed as a Board member to Mirna Therapeutics, a biotechnology company with its focus on microRNA therapeutics and cancer research.

Seattle Genetics has created the antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology, which significantly reduces the toxic effects associated with chemotherapy. The technology also prevents the development of any tumors in cancer patients. It involves different ADC programs including SGN-CD19A and SGN-CD33A. The SGN-CD33A program is applied for patients with acute myeloid leukemia while the latter is for non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients.

The company has also developed a complementary technology known as the Sugar-engineered antibody (SEA). This technology can be used to increase the effectiveness of monoclonal antibodies and can be used for solid tumors. Seattle Genetics is traded on Nasdaq Stock Market. Its current headquarters is in Bothell Washington.

Siegall has a passion for unmet medical needs especially in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. He has a doctorate in Genetics and a Bachelor in Zoology. His leadership has seen the company enter into several strategic licenses with different global companies including Addvie, Pfizer, Genentech (Roche), and GlaxoSmithKline. These licenses were for its ADC technology, which has generated over $300million for the company.

He has earned several awards for his exceptional performance including the Alumnus of the Year from the University of Maryland. Before co-founding Seattle Genetics, Siegall held different positions at the National Institute of Health, the Pharmaceutical Research Institute (Bristol-Myers Squibb), and the National Cancer Institute. He has demonstrated his leadership at Seattle by helping the company secure over $675 million in funding from the public as well as private organizations.

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Get Back The Luster In Your Lips With Evolution Of Smooth

Your lips can go through a lot because of the effects of the elements and the signs of aging. Many women rely on surgery or expensive lip Botox treatments that leave them feeling a lot of discomfort. Taking control of your lips has never been easier than with Evolution of Smooth. They go on easy and doesn’t affect your daily routine. You can eat and drink throughout the course of the day without having to apply lip balm several times a day. Evolution of Smooth is designed to give you all day coverage. Take care of your lips with a product trusted by thousand of men and women all over the world.

Evolution of Smooth can easily be ordered online for a fraction of the cost of their competitors. Pick which brand and flavor that works best for you and have your products conveniently shipped to your door. You get a product that is backed by the FDA as safe for you to use. Men and women alike can appreciate the benefits of Evolution of Smooth. You can find many lip care products for under $20 on or your local Walmart supermarket. You’re invited to visit their official website for more product descriptions and details.

Evolution of Smooth Brands

– Mint kisser


– Pucker Peach

– Raspberry

and much more…

There are so many choices from Evolution of Smooth that you can have a different selection for every day of the week. Find a perfect match to highlight your lipstick or to use every day. Evolution of Smooth is committed to healthy lips and a high standard in customer service excellency. They are happy when they know their customers are satisfied. They listen to the consumers and bring them products that work well for them for a fraction of the cost of other advertised lip balm therapy.





Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Are Fabulous For All Women

In the 44 million dollar leisure clothing market, Adam Goldenberg revealed in an interview with Yahoo Finance’s Seana Smith recorded in an online video on Youtube that the movement to be more comfortable and still outrageously attractive, is driving sales.

Co-Founder Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson’s active-wear brand Fabletics is off to a fast start and rocketing head of other come-latelies who want to capitalize on this fashion trend. The company had already sold 10 million products of apparel before ever opening the first retail store, giving Fabletics an amazing lead in capturing the public’s devotion. Their initial 58 percent brand recognition is now a confident 99%. The main attraction that is holding the public within the Fabletics family is value and cost. They consistently offer high value without a high price tag, and their styles and colors are addictive for women who want to be attractive and comfortable at the same time.

Expansion While Innovating

Fabletics became an online success and then realized the need to have retail stores so the customers can see, feel and examine outfits before going home and buying them online. Kate Hudson’s championing the products has been excellent advertising, as she is known to actually live in these products and enjoys them herself.

Current plans of expansion include swimwear and swim accessories, and the emergence of a man’s athletic Fabletics line of apparel. Promoting the male line of attractive and cost friendly apparel will be Oliver Hudson, Kate’s older brother and fellow actor.

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Success Undaunted by Competition

The line of Fabletics has already made inroads into competitor’s clientele, and there appears to be no bumps in the road for this amazingly fast growth of a consumer oriented company. It would appear that so long as they do not veer from their mission of providing attractive, comfortable, fashionable clothes that can go from the board room to the surfing board and beyond, all with reasonable price and product durability, Fabletics will continue to be the star of the industry.

The product line’s subscription policy may continue or be innovated; however, the trendy nature of that selling tool has serve Fabletics very well in its first years of marketing.

META Description: Article updating public about the expansion and growth of Fabletics and how the company keeps its customers purchasing more and more Fabletics leisure and casual apparel, making them the fastest growing new business breaking through the internet and brick and mortar industries at the same time.

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