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The Skout Social Revolution

You probably haven’t heard of Skout and that’s okay, because millions of other people are doing the job to get the word out. Skout is a social media application developed by the company of the same name for iOS device. Skout began working on their hallmark application back in 2007, initially as a web service, before making the transition to the mobile service in 2009. Now it seems like Skout is on the verge of doing something pretty impressive in the world of social media. Everybody is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so Skout has to bring something new. Here’s what they managed to do.

What Skout does differently than the aforementioned social networks is create an environment that is conducive to going out and meeting, connecting, and creating friendships with real people. On Facebook you rely on your pre-built social network. You add real life friends, connect with colleagues, and get to know other students. Skout focuses on your location on rather than your network of friends. To get into the Skout network all you have to do is download the app, which is free, and register. You fill out simple details: your username, where you are located, who you are interested in and then you add a profile picture.

After registration is complete you will be kicked to the home page which consists of row after row of profile pictures. These pictures represent users who are in your area and currently online in the app. So now you are able to communicate with people in a variety of different ways. Merely tap on the face of the person you want to interact with and then you’ll be presented with an array of options. These different interaction options will range from basic chatting all the way to sending virtual gifts or even ‘following’ their Skout activity. Sort of like a tamed down version of Facebook, Skout tries to keep the focus on being social rather than immersing the user base into loads of different features.

Of course Skout, like any other successful entrepreneur, decided to branch out in order to expand their market share. Christian Wiklund and Nik Lindstrom, the owners of Skout, made a move when they decided to pour some life into another app by the name of Fuse. Leveraging the popularity of Skout, which has connected 500 million people in over 180 different countries, Fuse is set to launch as a sort of Snapchat competitor. Let’s look at the basics of the app.

Fuse is set to be like an amalgam of Snapchat and Facebook chat, only it is meant for people that you connect with via telephone numbers. You can create one on one or group chats and set ‘fuses’ on the conversation. These fuses can be set to 3, 5, or 10 minutes. Once the time runs out on the fuse the messages will be deleted forever, thus creating privacy and a sense of urgency for those within the conversation. ID’s work via cell phones and this makes it a much more grounded program.

Skout’s Progress in the Online Dating Industry

The advancement in technology has pushed the growth of human socializing spectrum to whole new level if the latest development is anything to go by. Humans being the social beings they are have expressed the need for communicating and interacting among themselves. This has created the rising demand and usage of social media on and the internet as a whole. As a result, all aspects of human interactions have been influenced by this growth and dating has not been an exception to this. Online dating has been on the rise as many people take to the internet to look for love and romance.

To this effect, software developers have moved in to maximize on the opportunities presented by the growing internet use. As such, they have developed online dating applications to help people in finding soul mates online. Skout is one of the applications that have gained popularity in the online dating business. The application allows people looking for romantic relationships to locate their matches online through a very simple and easy match-making process. This app has been making great progress in the industry and the recent activities happen at Skout are a proof to this. The company has recorded a capital base of $22 million.

Going by the capital base recorded by the company, it is easy to see the how well the app has been doing in the online dating business. The Skout app has been in business for years now and its niche has been to connect adults looking for romantic relationships online. However, as the company realized, it has been missing out on other markets in the industry. While it only deals with connecting people to their soul mates, the industry is broad and can be maximized to offer other services to the demanding population. This is what led to Skout’s acquisition of the Nixter app.

The Nixter app is one of the most popular offline dating app that allows people to find out the latest party’s locations and the people expected to attend the party. It also allows people to access information about nightlife events online. Skout thought of using Nixter services to enhance its operating structure and to expand its own business niche. By acquiring the said app, Skout has increased its influence in the online dating industry become one of the biggest player in the industry. Skout anticipates the access of the real life event that has been made possible by its new acquisition to bring new experiences to its customers.

While Skout faces great competition from various other players in the industry, its deliberate efforts to make good of its opportunities has seen it overcome the pressure therein. The app has been growing in terms of usage and also in user continence and satisfaction ratings. As the demand for online dating and socializing continues to rise, the application is anticipated to continue being very successful in the near future and to remain highly profitable as well. Skout has been making remarkable progress and this trend is anticipated to continue.

The World Of A MJ Impersonator

Many would consider Michael Jackson as the most famous person on the planet. Michael Jackson fans are numbered to be in the billions, with these people being loyal to the man and his music. Michael Jackson is loved by so many and his death was a complete shock to the entire world. Almost everyone grieved for the King Of Pop and they took comfort in his music and his legacy. There are individuals in the entertainment industry that make a career out of impersonating Michael Jackson. With everything in this world, there are good exceptional Michael Jackson impersonators and bad Michael Jackson impersonators. Impersonators do their job solely because they want to pay tribute to the artist. While there are good and bad impersonators, they each have one thing in common – their admiration and love for Michael Jackson. With Michael Jackson no longer here, his fans look to the impersonators for inspiration and the ability to get closer to their favorite artist.

Sergio Cortes is a Michael Jackson impersonator that started when he was young. Sergio Cortes is from Brazil and he grew up listening to Michael Jackson’s music and study his most famous dance moves. Sergio Cortes is a Michael Jackson impersonator that is very popular among Michael Jackson fans. Sergio has always be interested in the BAD era and watched and studied the dance moves from that video. His life as an impersonator started when a Spanish reporter asked him to take a photo as Michael Jackson. After that picture, Sergio Cortes became popular.

Currently, Sergio Cortes does numerous concerts as Michael Jackson for his fans to enjoy. Sergio gets replicas of MJ’s costumes and famous outfits and wears them on the stage. Sergio’s concerts generate a significant amount of Michael Jackson fans because they want to see if he moves and dances like MJ. Many impersonators go to great lengths to ensure that fans get the entire MJ experience. In addition to dressing like MJ and dancing like MJ, many impersonators do things to look like MJ. Many impersonators use makeup to look like the King of Pop, giving fans a more realistic experience.

All You Need To Know About Targeting Your SEO Keywords

The most vital element in your SEO strategy is having the right key words. They are the best tools in targeting the expected audience and classifying your business. It also sets a pace for the content of your web page. Over the years people have been using keyword stuffing. Key word stuffing is the stuffing of Meta description and titles.


You should always use the targeted keyword while focusing on the searchers you want to attract to your page. The keyword should be mentioned in the page title together with the Meta description. Within the page content ensure the keyword is repeated two to three times. You can also integrate your key words in the images. Make sure you do not repeat the key words too many times. Your users will easily relate if the keyword is mentioned within the title. You can add different keywords that can be incorporated into the content while still making sense.


Targeting your SEO keywords should start with a keyword research. The key words are meant to be relevant to the content. A number of online tools such as WordStream and Ubersuggest can be helpful in keyword research. The Google Trends is preferred by most people due to the way the insights are presented and classified into different interests and similar searches.


Another great tip is listing all the keywords and splitting them into groups. When you do this, every page will have its purpose and will match the category of the keyword. Your headlines and titles should have keywords included. Your search term should have variants and synonyms that can be used on the page content. It is important for the search engines to understand the variations without changing the intent.


White Shark Media is a digital marketing firm that offers online marketing solutions. Their cost effective Search Marketing has boosted the company’s reputation. Their online marketing solutions are made to fit medium and small sized businesses. The company was started in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs who wanted to conquer the SMB market in Latin America and the US. Andrew Lolk, Alexander Nygart and Gary Garth are the founders. The company has more than 150 employees with branches in three countries.


The reviews of the company show that they have worked hard and smart in the market to carve a niche for themselves. They have helped over a thousand companies all over America to expand their businesses.

Source: White Shark Blog

They Can’t Eat You Is Your Unorthodox Guide To Success


Marc Spark’s unorthodox guide to becoming a successful entrepreneur explores the new age definition of success when it comes to starting and running your own business without the need of what was once considered necessities for getting anywhere in the business world. This includes not requiring a college degree to start your own company and live a life of success, without any of the fluff that many other entrepreneur self-help books tend to include. The book also makes it a point that starting from a dead-end job, hoping to climb the short ladder of success, is not a necessity to getting to the top of the business world food chain of life. His inspiring guide to being your own boss revolves around no-nonsense methods, stripping away the unnecessary fillers that so many readers of entrepreneur works are used to seeing.

Many of the methods included in They Can’t Eat You – My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success can be applied to a person’s personal life, as well as what they are hoping to achieve as an aspiring (or even seasoned) entrepreneur or currently occupied professional hoping to improve their situation. The book begins by taking the reader through Mr. Sparks’ own personal business story. You are then taken through “50 Sparks” or 50 things that should be taken into account in order to improve yourself and your business. While these 50 things are being taken care of, you are also given extra things that can be worked on immediately in order to improve or start your business.

Marc Spark’s “They Can’t Eat You” is truly a tell-all, show-all book in which Sparks shares with the world, not only his greatest triumphs, but also his most disastrous mistakes. With sharing both the highs and lows of his long career as an entrepreneur, Sparks hopes to provide hopeful others with the knowledge they need to achieve their goals, without making the same hiccups that he may have along the way. Using this gritty method is a truly fresh take on how entrepreneurs can get around in life, while providing an insider’s look who has been involved with the scene for many years.

The author has been part of dozens of startups since his graduation from high school in 1975. Sparks has been involved in the entrepreneurial world for 34 years with over sixty complete startups on his repertoire. His guide covers his literal transition from rags to riches and back again with all the detailing a new business owner would need to take something important from his writings.

How Doe Deere Quietly Accelerated in the Cosmetics Industry

The veterans in the cosmetics industry may have a lot of regular customers because there is a keen sense of brand loyalty connected to certain brands. In the makeup world most people are going to just stay with whatever works best for them. They are not going to try anything new unless they have to. There is a younger generation, however, that is going to hop on the bandwagon and try something that they have not tried before because they are looking for change. They want to discover new things. This is why the social media world is so hot right now. It keeps people abreast of what is trending. It lets the consumer know when there is something new and noteworthy that one can keep track of. This is what Doe Deere realized, and this is how she has made a name for herself.

In the cosmetics world there is a lot of buzz about Doe Deere and her Lime Crime makeup. She doesn’t have any commercials though. She also has no visual presence in the print ad world. She doesn’t appear to need one though because people are still finding out about what she has dubbed “Unicorn Makeup.” The bold and exciting colors have people on Twitter talking about the novelty act that has become Doe Deere.

In the entertainment industry there is a common cliché that states that “any press is good press.” This essentially translates into any time in the spotlight is better than no time in the spotlight at all even if people are trying to tarnish your reputation. Doe Deere has created as many adversaries as she has created fans, but she has really used this to her benefit. She realizes that the ride to the top of the corporate ladder isn’t always a smooth one. Somehow it appears that Doe Deere has even take a liking to the bumpy uphill climb that she has faced. It is a testament to her character, and it is showing that she is serious about dominating in this field. It lets people know that nothing is going to stop her. She is a force.

The cosmetics industry has been able to transcend and gain attention because there is a shining star that is changing the game. For a long time the cosmetics industry has sort of just rolled along without anything new and exciting. It was like having a car that was never modified year after year. People would continue to ride on the cosmetics train, but it wasn’t letting passengers off on any new stops. It would take Doe Deere to rattle the rails of the track and change the direction. She has become very successful in creating a line of lip gloss, eyeliner, lipstick and eye shadow that specifically targets a younger generation. She also puts together some very unique colors that are unlike what consumers are seeing every day. She has gone against the grain and won. This is a rare accomplishment in cosmetics.

Ricardo Tosto and the Supreme Law of Brazil

The Supreme Law
There is indeed a principal of supremacy in Brazil. This supremacy must follow the Brazilian Constitution of 1988. The entire land is to abide by this supreme law. This includes every public actor as well as each state department. All of the powers are under this supreme law.

Brazil Legal System is Based on European Codes
Every country has a fundamental structure that attorneys are to completely understand and follow. The Brazilian civil law system is based on civil codes. These are European civil codes. This is quite different from some countries that are based on various traditions. There is a high importance placed on codified law in Brazil.

A Lawyer in Brazil Involved in the Discovery
A judge in Brazil is a leader in the investigation of all facts. The judge will also lead in litigations. Each witness and all the facts are examined very carefully. There may be experts appointed in the questioning phase. The lawyer in Brazil will need to bring evidence for the discovery aspect of the process. The lawyer must bring the evidence to light within the case. It must be clearly presented in the complete discovery process of any legal conflict. Questions must be asked and clearly answered. The attorney will request materials and ask the needed questions. Legal counsel is provided by the lawyer all through this discovery phase of a legal conflict in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto a Prominent Leader in Brazil Law
Ricardo Tosto has been called the Latin Lawyer. He has also proven himself to be a highly prominent and respected leader within the Brazil law. Mr. Tosto is a founding partner of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. He has 22 years of exceptional experience in the business law area in Brazil. He is known to have his specialty areas of the law. These specialty areas include the following:
*credit recovery
*civil and commercial litigation
*M&A, banking
*international law and electoral law
*corporate restructuring
Mr. Tosto is a highly trusted attorney within the legal system in Brazil. He has a reputation that has earned the trust of many in this country.

Bruce Levenson Hits it Big with the Hawks’ Sale

NBA teams are characterized by buys and sells. The role of the owners is always kept in the minimum as long as they are satisfied with the performance of the teams and continue receiving the intended benefits. A good number of the owners purchase the teams as a potential source of publicity, an issue that can boost their other business. The NBA in America is the most common sport, and many people adore the game. At the professional level, the game attracts millions of dollars, thus the serious way it is run.

Upon Bruce Levenson selling, the new owners were seen to be very optimistic that they would get substantial profits by running the business. Due to the lack of basketball management experience, they have a team of managers and coaches that play a key role in organizing and running team operations. In the Hawks case, Tony Ressler, the new owners, did not bother with changing management. The CEO and Coach continue to serve in their normal positions for the team to guarantee results and avoid the shock that could be sent to the players. Changing the coach would adjust the atmosphere and some players would need time to adjust to the demands of the new coach. On the same note, the coach would equally need time to understand the players’ personal abilities, for him to form his formidable team. The case could not be handled as the team was already preparing for another match in the bid to win the championship.

The billionaires have made buying and selling of clubs a game that makes them big money. In fact, money is the ultimate goal, and if it makes money, then it makes sense. For a typical billionaire, acquiring a club in the NBA is not much hassle, but it should be evaluated and debated by the board before a decision to buy or sell is rolled into play. The role of the board should not be underrated as it is what helps the billionaire from panic buying or selling. One may decide to sell off the club for the reason that would later reveal nothing serious. Therefore, by having a board that runs major decisions, the billionaire is safe from the chances of losing millions or even billions in a short period.

Bruce Levenson is a typical billionaire that has owned several clubs over the years. His appetite for clubs grew at a young age and when he put his hands on money, he went for the Atlanta Hawks, the Thrashers and the playground, Philips Arena. It was a good investment as the whole value of purchase for the three was $250,000. Back then in 2004, it was a fair sum as the clubs were not very successful as it is today. The club was later sold for $730 million, an amount that analysts term real money. Levenson’s role in the NBA is easy to see and he has built a name for himself and the Atlanta Hawks. He has inspired and offered all the support the team needed to succeed.

Slyce A New Image Recognition Startup

Slyce is a new start-up that specializes in image recognition technology. Certainly, just about every person that uses a computer or mobile device, is familiar with some form of image technology. The fact is that image technology is changing the way that the customer interacts with the buyer. Technology has made it possible for people to shop on the go. Markets embrace image technology because it boosts sales among mobile users. Customers love image technology and product recognition because it provides a sleek and convenient way to purchase products via computer or mobile device without much hassle. Slyce technology is also a big hit with the young crowd and older shopper looking for convenience.

How Slyce Technology Works
In the past, the shopper would have to go through numerous steps to make a purchase online. Now, Slyce has simplified that task. Here is the way the Slyce technology works. The consumer discovers a product that they would love to purchase. They take a picture of the product with their mobile device. A piece of software on the mobile device helps the consumer perform a picture based search for websites selling the product. They are able to make that purchase immediately through the mobile device.

Seamless Purchase
Slyce realized that something was missing in the retail market. There were plenty of platforms that would allow a person to perform a picture search for a product. However, something was missing. None of those platforms provided a way for the consumer to purchase the product without going through a lot of steps. Slyce made searching and purchasing a seamless effort. Slyce is a very innovative company that recognizes the needs of the consumer and the marketer. They combined this need into one product that fulfills both wishes. Slyce is not resting on that one successful discovery. Their development team is continually working on new projects directed at the consumer and retailers online.

The Historical Competition In Professional Basketball That Led To Present Day NBA

The formation of the National Basketball Association, or NBA, has a rich history. That rich history has helped to form the globe’s most elite men’s basketball association filled with the highest paid athletes in the United States and the world. Today the National Basketball Association is a monolithic entity filled with insanely wealthy athletes, owners living a playboy lifestyle and it is stocked full of historic business deals that have happened since its inception that continue on and happen yearly despite most of the public and even the most hardcore fans being blissfully unaware. The National Basketball Association has come a long way since it was formed from the Basketball Association of America and the its merger with its competition known as the National Basketball League. It now thrives as an international powerhouse centralized in Olympic Tower in New York, New York and Secaucus, New Jersey. The teams’ location and names are routinely changing because new owners are part of the present dynamic in the NBA, but the history of the National Basketball Association saw just as much, if not more, of an evolving dynamic. Some things never change.

Although the NBA recognizes the Basketball Association of America as its official predecessor due to its aggressive and ambitious promoting like performing in large arenas despite having quality on par with its rival the American Basketball League, the BAA still had competition before its merger. As stated before, the quality of other independent leagues and independent teams like the world famous Harlem Globetrotters was just as good as the BAA. For Example, a finalist team known as the Baltimore Bullets in the 1948 finals in the American Basketball league went to the BAA and won the championship the very same year. The winner of the National Basketball League’s 1948 championship, the Minneapolis Lakers, went on to win another championship in 1949 in the BAA.

Honestly, it must have been a great time to be a fan. The National Basketball Association centralized and controlled most of the top ball clubs after the big merger, and they essentially monopolized basketball. Fans were probably very happy before and after the merger. Imagine a fan being able to watch their favorite team come so close, fall just barely short of being a champion and then going to a different league and stomping the competition. Better yet, imagine being a Minneapolis Lakers fan and watching the Lakers win and dominate in one league, and then move on to a different league, and they dominate there the very next year proving they were best no matter where they went.

There is just as much excitement today for fans too. Team owners like Bruce Levenson of time that use to own the Atlanta Hawks and the rights to the arena that they called their home stadium left many in suspense. The end result saw a business savvy Bruce walk away with the biggest profit any owner had ever seen which goes to show the NBA is still a business first and foremost at its heart, but it’s an entertaining one.